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Terror Before Brazil Air Crash: ‘Slow Down!’, ‘I Can’t!’

Firemen at the Airbus crash site A Brazilian congressional inquiry on Brazil's deadliest air accident last month, which left 199 people dead, believes that there was no human error in the TAM airline crash. For the congressmen in charge of the probe the pilots tried but were not able to brake the airplane and they didn't attempt to take off again as was speculated previously.

The acting president of the inquiry, representative Eduardo Cunha, after having heard the dialogue from the cockpit's voice recorder, which registered the last minutes of the flight before the Airbus burst into flames, said today that's obvious that there was an equipment failure.

"It's clear that they were not able to brake nor did they try to take off again. The equipment failure was bigger and more preponderant for the accident than the human error".

Before reading a transcription of the conversation between the pilots, Cunha warned the congressmen that the recorded dialogue was horrifying. "The picture here is very shocking, especially in the final part, when the pilots recognized that they couldn't do anything else."

Representative Miguel Martini, who is a flight controller, explained that usually a plane has four kinds of brakes: two aerodynamic ones which are  the spoiler and the flaps, plus the mechanical brake and the thrust reverser. The recording shows that the spoiler was not working. As for the thrust reverses, only the one on the left side was operational.

The final dialogue between the pilots of Flight 3052 show the pilots checking the aircraft speed. In the transcription, we can hear one of the pilots saying: "spoiler, nothing."

At 6:43 pm the Airbus commander reminds the co-pilot that they only have one thrust reverser: "Remember that we only have one reverser." To which the co-pilots replies: "Yes, we only have the left one".

At 6:47 pm, the tower tells the Airbus pilots that they have permission to land and once again reminds them that the tarmac is "wet and slippery."

At 6:48 pm, after the commander took control for the landing procedure, we can hear one of the pilots screaming: "Slow down, slow down, slow down." "I can't, I can't, I can't" is the reply.

Somebody says then: "Oh my God! Oh, my God! Turn, turn." A male voice stil says: "Oh, no!" Screams are heard, a female voice screams and then there is the crash sound.


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  • Ric

    The airplane crashed because the computers have the last word. Computers are basically stupÀƒ­d. And they donÀ‚´t care if they crash and burn themselves. Re-engineer the Airbus to allow the pilot to operate the plane instead of being second-guessed by seven computers

  • João da Silva

    [quote]how many more will it be before some one does the job they are paid for doing not paid for not doining there job [/quote]

    I am afraid that there are going to be many more.I am getting this bad premonition,the way the authorities are passing the buck to the dead pilots and the Airbus.

    btw, I read in some newspaper that the Pilots are afraid of losing their jobs and therefore forced to do whatever their bosses tell them to do. Remember, both the Pilot and the Co Pilot of TAM 3504 were in their 50À‚´s . My friend ,at their age it is difficult to get another job, considering that there are just two large Airline Companies in this country. The policy of life time employment for the pilots was over when Varig and Trasbrasil went bankrupt.

  • forrest Brown

    I cant think of a single pilot or copilot in the US , France , England ,Germany
    that would fly a plane with that many major insident reports written on it .
    much less the airline company letting the plane out of the hanger much less puting it
    on line to haul people

    pilot error yes there was several cases i can see

    1 knowing the plane had a reverse thurster out .
    2 no spoiler flaps to slow the plane
    3 trying to land on a wet runway that was reported to them it was slipery

    3 seprate crew errors killed 199 people
    TAMS greed killed 199 people
    the goverment of brasil by not having people enforce the laws written down
    killed 199 people

    how many more will it be before some one does the job they are paid for doing not paid for not doining there job

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