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Brazil’s Embraer Opens Center in Singapore to Train Asian Pilots

Brazil Embraer's flight simulator Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, officially inaugurated Tuesday, August 31, its jet pilot training center in Changi Airport, in Singapore. The center where the service will be offered belongs to Alteon, a Boeing subsidiary that operates in training in the aerial sector. The information was disclosed in a company press statement.

The inauguration is part of the company's expansion plan in the region, which forecasts total investment of US$ 40 million. Embraer will have conditions to supply 300 pilots a year at the center and will have as its main training tool a complete flight simulator. Next year, the service capacity will be increased as Embraer also intends to offer operational training to stewards.

The training will be done on a simulator and also on ground. The simulator was designed to produce all kinds of flight situations and has a broad visual and interactive library of animated simulations of airports in the whole of Asia and the Pacific.

"Being able to offer local training to the crews is very important to us," stated the Embraer Asia and Pacific Marketing and Sales director for Commercial Aviation, Orlando José Ferreira Neto.

The operation will be run by the Embraer offices in Singapore. "Apart from housing our regional headquarters, Singapore is the ideal place as it is one of the main flight hubs and as it is close to important trade centers in the region," said Neto, in a statement published by Embraer.

Before the beginning of training in Singapore, the company clients in the region trained in Zurich, Switzerland. The center in Asia offers basic and advanced training.

Despite just having been officially inaugurated, the center has already trained pilots from Mandarin Airlines, a company that recently started operating with eight Embraer jets, around Taiwan.

In the near future, companies from Australia, India, China and Japan should also start using the Embraer training center. Embraer is the world leader in the production of commercial jets for up to 120 passengers and is headquartered in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo.


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  • Ryan Gann

    Oh yeah
    Seeing how I currently work on 170-175-190’s in Embraers Nashville Facility, I will tell you that the aircraft are safe, but there still new, just comming in for there first heavy checks. Embraer Brazil is pushing these babbies out hard and fast. And the thrust reverser problem…the CMC will give a NO DISPATCH message on EICAS, the thrust reverser is a check list item for t/o. But I have seen the GE CFM34A come back from a test flight with a reverser problem. Dont blame Embraer for a GE engine problem. Either way, that situation is probably loaded into the simulator anyway, so pilots should be able to compensate for the lack of reverser…fricton brakes will slow her down. Just not fast….

  • Shelly

    don’t be so ignorant
    Embraer has sold many jets to America dear, currently JetBlue uses quite a few of them. They are a serious company, Thomson Training Simulation (UK) used to purchase flight simulators from them, my husband has over 25 years in the simulation industry and Embraer has high reputation as being one of the best jet companies. Get a life! Be negative when there is something to warrant, FOOL!

  • ch.c.

    And teach to Asian pilots…..
    ….that planes are safe to fly….when one or two reversers……dont work !!!!

    Not a so great idea, in my view !

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