Returning Cuban Boxers Who Defected in Brazil Promised Leniency by Castro

Fidel Castro Cuban leader Fidel Castro says two Cuban boxers who have returned home after apparently defecting during the Pan American Games in Brazil will be treated fairly and not arrested.

Mr. Castro said in an article Sunday in a state newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, that the men will be given decent tasks for future work.

Olympic boxing champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and Erislandy Lara were found Thursday in a beach resort town near Rio de Janeiro after failing to appear for matches last month at the Pan American games in Brazil.

State media say the two arrived back in Cuba early Sunday.

Media reports say the boxers signed contracts with German boxing promoters, but apparently changed their minds and agreed to return to Cuba after being detained by Brazilian police for overstaying their visas.

Mr. Castro has blamed American money for the defections.



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  • forrest Brown

    police fedral should be very proud of themselves
    what brasil does not have political asalum .
    HO that right they had no money
    like the grate train rober did from england
    just box them up and send them off to the cain feilds Bin lula could have used them there bt Chaves
    and castro cried and he bent over and 2 men will pay for a long time
    lets see if they show up in the next olimp games

  • Ric

    ItÀ‚´s Okay
    Saddam Hussein promised his son-in-law that if he came back to Iraq, all would be forgiven.

  • Brazilian Dude

    has been going downhill ever since the soviets went broke and stopped tossing twenty million dollars a day down Castro’s toilet. The only thing that stops Cuba from absolute famine nowadays is Chavez’s money.
    Still, the rethoric goes on! If an asteroid happened to fall on Cube, the old coot would blame the U.S.
    And our Bin Lula is his admirer… UGH!

  • bo

    [quote]Media reports say the boxers signed contracts with German boxing promoters[/quote]

    [quote]Mr. Castro has blamed American money for the defections.[/quote]

    Huh?? Thought they used Euro’s in Germany?

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