Hundreds of Desperate Haitians Have Been Entering Brazil Illegally

Haiti kids in Brazil Haitians have been entering Brazil illegally from Bolivia and Peru. Somehow they are traveling from the Caribbean to the other side of South America and then somehow making their way hundreds of kilometers inland in order to come into Brazil through Acre, the country’s most western state.

Therefore it is not surprising that the Acre secretary of Justice and Human Rights, Nilson Mourão, says most of them arrive exhausted and psychologically wrecked by the long voyage.

Mourão says the Haitians are being exploited (physically, financially and even sexually) in Bolivia and Peru by the people responsible for this illegal underground railroad (known as coyotes – “coiotes”).

The secretary says he has documented evidence of abuses but can do nothing as it happens in another country. Reportedly the Haitians pay between US$ 1,000 and US$ 1,500 to be taken to the border with Acre. Most of them arrive in the Bolivian city of Cobija and cross into the Brazilian city of Brasileia.

At the moment there are officially 1,250 illegal Haitians in the border town of Brasileia.

“Psychologically they arrive as basket cases,” says secretary Mourão, “and many are sick with disease, as well.”

The state simply does not have the necessary resources to deal with so many people with such dire problems, says the secretary. Mourão observes slyly that there are now more illegal Haitians in his state than there are Brazilian soldiers in Haiti as part of the UN stabilization mission.

Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake two years ago, January 2010. Just another setback in a very long tragic history that made it into the history books with the arrival of Columbus in 1492.

Within 25 years the native Taino Amerindian population had been decimated. In 1697, the Spanish ceded the French the western third of the island of Hispaniola that later became Haiti.

With an economy based exclusively on slave labor and mindless exploitation of natural resources, Haiti became the richest colony in history, producing half the world’s coffee and a third of its sugar.

But this was possible only by harshly exploiting human resources as well, as the planter-rulers preferred to work their slaves to death (which happened in ten to fifteen years) and buy new ones as it was cheaper.

The result was history’s largest slave rebellion beginning in 1791 and finally ending in Haitian independence in 1804. At a terrible price.

Haiti had to fight to stay independent three times: first, against the planter-rulers and French soldiers, armed by the United States, where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, president and secretary of state, respectively, and both slave-owners, were appalled by the slave revolution.

Second, against the British who were trying to take advantage of momentary French disadvantage to gain control of the rich colony, its fertile lands and slave labor force; finally, the Haitians faced Napoleon, eager to recapture the colony and restore slavery.

Gaining independence cost Haiti around half of its population – many died, of course, but many fled the country as well – and left the economy (fields, mills and towns) in ruins.

The United States and the European powers were deeply disturbed by the successful slave revolt in Haiti. The specter of free slaves haunted them so much that the United States only recognized Haiti in 1854.

Before that, in 1825, the French made the Haitians pay for the freedom they had won on the battlefield: payments that for years gobbled up close to 30% of the new government’s revenues.

It is not surprising that the 200 years of Haitian independence have been marked by violence, with most governments operating on the principle of military force. And so it is not surprising that some Haitians are so desperate they are arriving in Brazil via Acre.



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  • george is in washington

    a good chicken feet soup should b e prepared for these illegal haitians as they are no doubt going to brazil hungry for boiled chicken feet soup their national favorite they may be longing for a good long toenail on a chicken foot ….not sure what they desire to wash it down with though .perhaps brazil could provide free translators for these economic refugees and even free health care and housing and free food stamps for their kids until they are 18 years .. perhaps they are interested in doing jobs lazy fat full of them seves selfish racist brazilians won,t do …lets stay tuned on this one i think i see a chinese junk sailig into salvador loaded with chinese food restaurant workers with containers of fried rice and weird looking spare ribs coming ashore..

  • george is in washington

    kind of a different and new favela .
    since brazil is so adept and knowledgeable in the alien trafficking and smuggling business they should turn their talents or criminal cliques into smuggling illegal aliens into brazil from china, india,russia,somalia ,iranians,argentineans,equadorians ,nicaraguans,el salvadorans ,colombians and of course cubans, pakistan, east european kosovans,yugoslavics, venezuelans,haitians,guatamalans and mexicans….a real socialist/marxist utopia of harmonius diversity .

  • george is in washington

    monkee see monkee do …but we,re going to catch you .
    apparently the illegal haitians learned how to island hop in the carribean by boat or plane from the brazilians using the mexican routes illegal brazilian nationals used to enter the usa using criminal traffickers or smugglers and once mexico caught the brazilians landing in mexico city with little or no luggage then they were banned.. what smucks !,it is said brazilians then had to use a puerto rico carribean route once their international criminal pipeline to the usa was exposed and all but shut down . reports are now even puerto rico is aware of brazilian nationals landing there to intentionally enter the usa illegaly and join the other illegal brazilian nationals and their criminal cabals in southeast florida, Pompano/deerfield beach ,north miami,or connecticutt,new york,and massachusetts .illegally of course either via illegal border crossers with no passports or through “tourist visas issued in brazil by corrupted visas issuers.and once here inthe united states its on to the counterfeit document dealer and fraudelent identitys and drivers licensce..really up standing citizens are these that any first world country would find really welcome and delighted at their presence and contribution kind like the guest that never left and never was invited and the they stick you with the bill.

  • cassio

    my friend, i think you are in the wrong site… you probably were looking for and came to brazzilmag by mistake.

  • americanos numero uno

    hahahahaha !!!…
    good !! now see how you like it brazil!!! let in millions from russia ,china,india ,pakistan,venezuela,colombia guatamala,mexico,vietnam,east europe,west africa,nepal… brazil has illegal brazilian nationals in the usa and britain and spain and does nothing to stop the illegal brazilians or even call them home …hahahaha..sink in your own hypocrisy brazil!!!..

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