Haiti Getting Candy and Water from Brazil

Sugar mill owners and business leaders in the states of Paraí­ba and Pernambuco, Brazil, have donated five tons of hard brown sugar bars (rapadura, a favorite Brazilian candy) and 124,000 liters of mineral water to Haiti. The goods will be distributed by Brazilian soldiers there who are part of the UN Transition Mission.

The candy and mineral water is being shipped together with donated clothing and a group of Brazilian marines on a ship, the Matoso Maia, which should dock in the capital of Haiti, Port-au- Prince, in eight days.

Earlier this year, Brazil’s Ministry of Health sent medical supplies to Haiti to assist the victims of hurricane Jeanne. The supplies were contained in two large kits with enough medicine for 600 people for a period of three months.

The kits, weighing 765 kilos, contain medicines used in the government’s Family Health program. Each contains 23 different drugs and serums, along with equipment and instruments.

Lula’s Appeal

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took advantage of the Rio Group summit earlier this month to call on the international community once again to help the people of Haiti.

"This is a grave crisis that tests our regional solidarity," he declared.

Lula went on to summon the 19 members of the Rio Group to join him in a worldwide compaign to fight hunger and misery. Pointing out that peace and development were the best ways to do that, Lula declared: "Diplomacy and dialogue are valuable instruments that should be used for promoting peace and sustainable development."




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