Egypt Wants to Know What Makes Brazil’s Zero Hunger Tick

Brazil's Zero Hunger program Ali El-Sayed Al-Moselhi, the Egyptian minister of Social Solidarity, is in Brazil to get more closely acquainted with the social programs implemented in the country. Al-Moselhi will follow, during the week, a schedule in the Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia and in the southeastern state of São Paulo.

In the federal capital, where he will stay until Tuesday, the Egyptian leader will be received by the minister of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, Patrus Ananias.

In São Paulo, Al-Moselhi will get to know the actions of Zero Hunger, a social program by the government of Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, carried out in the municipality of Guarulhos, which adjoins the capital of São Paulo.

According to the commercial consul of Egypt to São Paulo, Mohamed Bakri Agami, who is helping to organize the minister's schedule in Brazil, Al-Moselhi's trip is the result of an invitation by Ananias. The Brazilian minister participated, in May this year, in a meeting for ministers in the social field in the Arab and South American countries, held in the Egyptian city of Cairo.

On the occasion, Ananias presented the Zero Hunger program. In the meeting in Brasí­lia, the two ministers should resume the topic. "The minister wants to know the Brazilian social programs," Bakri sums it up. During his stay in São Paulo, from Tuesday to Friday, Al-Moselhi will also be received by leaders at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

In Guarulhos, the Egyptian will meet the local mayor, Elói Pietá, and will become acquainted with locally developed social actions. According to information supplied by the City Hall press office, Al-Moselhi will be taken to places such as popular priced restaurants, where meals are served for 1 Brazilian real (US$ 0.47) for the low-income population, and the Solidary Shed ("Galpão Solidário") program, where foods and clothes are stored that have been raised for distribution to the impoverished population.

The clothes are collected in campaigns to gather clothes, and the foods are permanently collected in campaigns promoted by the City Hall, alongside organizations, businessmen, and associations in the municipality of Guarulhos.

The city is regarded as a nationwide reference in the execution of the Bolsa Famí­lia (Family Voucher), an income distribution program that is part of the Zero Hunger. In Guarulhos, the Bolsa Famí­lia distributes funds to more than 45,000 impoverished families.

Each family receives from 15 reais (US$ 7.20) to 95 reais (US$ 45.7) per month, depending on the number of children they have, as an income complement. In the popular priced restaurants implemented by the Guarulhos City Hall, more than 997,000 meals have already been served since they started being distributed, in December 2001.

Currently, there are two units, and a third one is under construction. The customers are mainly comprised of people who live on the streets, paper collectors, low-income families, students, office boys, and the elderly.

Al-Moselhi is accompanied by three technicians in his Ministry, two representatives of the United Nations World Food program, a technician of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and a representative of the Dutch Embassy in Cairo.

The mission will be received today in Brasí­lia by the special adviser to the Zero Hunger program, Adriana Aranha, and by the head of the International Advisory to the Ministry of Social Development, Silas Leite. On Tuesday, the meeting with minister Ananias will be held.

The minister Al-Moselhi holds bachelor's degrees in Engineering and Military Engineering. He also took a masters' course in Circuit Design, and masters and doctorate courses in Computer Engineering in France. Even before being a minister, the Egyptian had occupied other positions, among them president at the board of directors at the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO).

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  • João da Silva

    Guns of Navaronne, Me red Long Time Ago
    Me too,a long time ago. Saw the movie also. I dont know if you remember,one of the actors, Anthony Queen was here in Brazil in 1998 (I Think) to make a movie on Italian immigration to this country.

  • Brazilian Dude

    The operational…
    concept is reconnaissance by fire.Cut off the money spigots and see which guys scream first.They will be the ones prone to …persuasion.

  • Brazilian Dude

    Remember, war is logistics. Cut off the OpFor’s supply line and they’re toast.
    “Armies fight on their stomachs” – Napoleon Bonaparte.He was so serious about it he offered a 10,000-Franc prize to the one that came up with a way of his army carrying all the food it needed witout its being subject to deterioration.
    The guy (can’t remember his name…) who won came up with no less than canning!
    We can have yummy spam today thanks to Napoleon!
    Hitler got proper Rogered (that is Brit-speak for fuucked up the ass) when he forgot logistics and climate and stretched his supply lines over thousands of kilometers of frozen Russian territory.
    If foreign investment dried up, the resulting crisis would hit hard on the most sensitive part of the anatomy of our politicians… their pockets.They would be willing to give in to much needed action if the risk to their cash cow (not to mention their power) were real.They would lose a lot of the support they have from their “currais”, which would also take the brunt of the economic slowdown.
    That is when voices like ours might – just might… be heard.
    Otherwise, no chance.
    We need some tragedy to act. Its the Brazilian way.(E.G. Tam accident)
    Only in tribulation will we grow and mature.
    So I repeat: “Quanto pior, melhor!”
    And if while the economy went to the crapper, we were to be invaded and stuck in a war, all the better.But I think Chavez won’t comply.He sounds mental, but he’s not ready to brave cruise missiles.Never will be.

  • Ric

    Of the Fictions, Guns of Navaronne, Me red Long Time Ago
    The only brit that sounds that bad is Ali G.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Great, great, I too am double up. Of more interesting comments there is not.

    You becoming Shakespeare Bisneto,Ric? You are sounding like a Brit.Reading too many fictions by Alistair McLean (late lamented one, though)?

  • Ric

    Great, great, I too am double up. Of more interesting comments there is not.

  • João da Silva

    Brazilian Dude
    [quote]If the cash stops coming in, we(the minority of straight laced honest suckers) will have more of a chance of doing something.[/quote]

    That is a thought provoking comment you made,Col. Turn off the tap and see the results.It does make sense.I apologise if I didnt catch up with your reasoning earlier.

  • Brazilian Dude

    My point is,JoÀƒ£o…
    If the cash stops coming in, we(the minority of straight laced honest suckers) will have more of a chance of doing something. “quanto pior, melhor”, get it?
    BTW, anybody got pictures of the Roamdeep? If the jarhead ain’t found her yet, we should keep up the vigil. Maybe we can help him manage to introduce the boat’s new “owners” to that gentle old lady, Ma Deuce…

  • João da Silva

    Brazilian Dude
    [quote]Patrus Ananias has a long history of meaningful contributions, such as the law creating the “dia do saci prerÀƒª”, and attempts at restricting the use of english language words by the media, like “jeans”… [/quote]

    Thanks for reminding me the accomplishments of Patrus. He should be tried for treason for passing on our state secrets about “Fome Zero” to the Egyptians.

    [quote]Just read Forrest’s whole story.Holy shiit.Any sign on the boat? Did the Rio tip pan out?

    No further developments as far as I know. But, please do pass on this story to your contacts too, as I did.

    [quote]Christ, when I say for the love of God boycott this country, that’s what I’m talking about.

    I differ from you in this aspect. By bringing into lime light such incidents, it does encourages honest Brazilians to speak out. If we want to be considered as a “Super Tanker” (borrowed this term from AES),we need to follow the international R.O.EÀ‚´s on trade,diplomacy,etc; By being boycotted, we will end up being alienated further.

  • ch.c.

    great Bo, Great Bo……I am double up !!!!!!! 😀 😉 😉

  • Brazilian Dude

    Patrus Ananias has a long history of meaningful contributions, such as the law creating the “dia do saci prerÀƒª”, and attempts at restricting the use of english language words by the media, like “jeans”…

  • Brazilian Dude

    Forrest and JoÀƒ£o…
    Just read Forrest’s whole story.Holy shiit.Any sign on the boat? Did the Rio tip pan out?
    Christ, when I say for the love of God boycott this country, that’s what I’m talking about.
    We who don’t do that kinda crap are actually looked down upon by the others, and are isolated, and hated… but feared.
    You gotta play hardball.
    “faca na caveira e nada na carteira” is a typical derogatory comment.
    As for the fome zero, the only ticking I hear is the one of the time bomb Bin Lula is setting up by avoiding the cause of hunger and just mitigating its effects.
    Fuuck the fire, just turn off the alarm…

  • bo

    For those that survive via Fome Zero….
    [b]À¢€˜OperaÀƒ§Àƒ£o roloÀ¢€™[/b]



  • Ric

    What Makes BrazilÀ‚´s Zero Hunger Tick
    Good question, I heard it wasnÀ‚´t really a tick at all. Maybe a parasite. Malaria, which is caused by a mosquito, can also give one Zero Hunger.

    Nothing like a puzzled Egyptian to get things moving.

  • João da Silva

    Ah, I forgot to metion that your message about Binlu was received loud and clear.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]she is puting on a few kilos and looks very good [/quote]

    I am glad that you learnt the difference between Kilos and Pounds with Fatima.She looks good,eh, you old lecher 😉

  • forrest Brown

    secret to a good cook is to starve the guest
    in lulas case just pull the box of dry goods in front of a few
    news papers people and add a woman with more kids than should be allowed
    crying and saying it is a good thing not to have to tell the children
    if you are hungry go to sleep and you wont be hungry any more .

    you know like in the movie two children of fransico whitch was the best brasilian movie i have seen ,
    shows more about brasil than what lula would have wanted i bet

    well fatima and i are going to set here and have prime rib and baked taters as we texans say
    and a very large salad , ice tea . and watch the sun set over the secpit tank hahahaha
    dirty part of the river as i call it

    she is puting on a few kilos and looks very good

  • João da Silva

    You guys got too excited with this info. Probably, Hosni Mubarak sent in his Lackeys to Brasilia to savour the Sexual Tourism. If I were you, I wouldnt get too rattled over the visit of the distinguished visitors from Egypt.

  • ch.c.

    simple maths !
    8 billion Reals budget for the Bolsa Familia program for 45 millions people…..
    EQUALS 0,50 Reais…….PER DAY !!!!!

    Ohhhhhh and Lula sings like a chicken of how proud he is to provide 3 DECENT MEALS PER DAY to 45 million people !

    Doubtful you could feed people with such an amount except if your provide them with bagasse, chaff and soyameal !!!!

  • Joseph

    doesnt work
    I was under the assumption that the program was not working and wasting only a lot of money in most cases and had only very limited success in 2 or 3 places. Why would anyone want to study a failed program? .

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