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Brazil’s Land Reform Is Spurring Amazon Deforestation, Greenpeace Claims

Brazilian Amazon Brazil's government has promised to investigate allegations that its policy of settling landless communities in the Amazon is encouraging deforestation. Greenpeace has claimed that some of these areas are being exploited by logging companies, after what it says was an eight-month investigation.

Brazil's environment ministry says deforestation in those areas is falling but it will investigate the claims. The Lula administration, which has been praised for several programs to combat poverty and eliminate hunger, says that land distribution to the poor is an important objective.

But Greenpeace says the implementation of the policy is encouraging uncontrolled logging and deforestation in some parts of the Amazon.

Greenpeace claims the government's land reform agency, Incra, is setting aside areas for land settlement that are of great value to the timber industry, instead of placing people on land that has already been cleared.

Greenpeace says links are then encouraged between the logging companies and unregulated groups representing the settlers, which only facilitates what it calls "gross exploitation" of the newly formed settlement.

The investigation focused on an area in the state of Pará, where more than 30,000 families were said to have been settled in 2006 alone. The allegation comes at a time when the government is celebrating news that deforestation in the Amazon in the 12 months to July 2006 fell by 25%.

Environment Minister Marina da Silva has promised the claims will be fully investigated, but the government says satellite images show deforestation in settlement areas has been falling, not rising.



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  • Ric

    The government is right
    The report is correct in that deflorestation is sharply reduced. There are several reasons for this.

  • ch.c.

    But Brazil is going to……..
    …..cheat and lie….as usual !
    Nothing new….in the article !

  • Shelly

    More on the accusation (which is probably true)

  • Shelly

    Brazil launces inquiry into illegal logging claims

  • Shelly

    From The Independent (U.K.)
    Here we are, in English!

  • Shelly

    Brazil accused of selling the Amazon

    The article speaks for itself! Sorry, guys I wish I could find it in English.

  • Shelly

    Greenpeace gimme a break!
    Please, I have said this before. I have a family member that worked in the area for IBAMA and had the Indians point a gun, they intimidate people doing their jobs. Also, the illegal logging IS well known in Brazil, and the government has done ZERO do curb this problem. SIVAM, was/is a big waste of money and it does little to help forest managers on the ground. Two Americans were killed by “garimpeiros” and a Dutch scientist was kidnapped not long ago. Greenpeace needs to get a little reality check and realize that The Amazon forest is a “[b]Terra de Malboro”.[/b] I don’t believe in anything will be done, in Brazil, [b]O CRIME COMPENSA![/b]

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