Immigration Sting in the US Nabs Dozens of Illegal Brazilians

Framingham For more than a year a US immigration agent posed as a corrupt official willing to help illegal Brazilians living in the United States to get their documents including a green card, for a price. For dozens of them however all they got for their money was an order of arrest and sure deportation.

The sting, which was started in July of last year was revealed by Globo TV's Sunday variety program "Fantástico." The immigration plot counted on an agent infiltrated inside the Brazilian community in Boston and rumors spread by the American authorities themselves that a bad cop was willing to deliver the goods.

One of the Brazilians caught in the scheme told about his experience: "The guy said that he was an immigration agent  and that the only thing he was doing wrong was to get the documents outside the immigration department."

The 27 Brazilians implicated in the case were promised legal papers, which would allow them not only to work and to live in the US without fearing deportation but also visit Brazil as many times as they wished.

At the end of the negotiations the illegals got inside a bus for what they thought would be a trip to get their green card. Instead they received their papers inside the vehicle as soon as they gave the last part of the payment.

At that moment about 20 immigration agents who were hiding inside a postal service truck parked nearby entered the bus and started handcuffing the Brazilians. From there they were all taken to the police station.

The ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents didn't make things easy or cheap to those Brazilian willing to illegally obtain their papers. Each was asked to pay a total of US$ 13,000 in three installments: US$ 2,000 as down payment, US$ 4,000 to get their work permit and finally US$ 7,000 for the green card.

Many more Brazilians than those arrested were drawn to the scheme but ended up quitting during the process.

Among those entrapped was Wirlei Gonçalves Dias, 31, who had emigrated from Minas Gerais state. He was living illegally for more than a decade in the US and had worked as a cook and in construction. Dias had just started his own painting business where his brother Walace, another illegal, was also working.

Peter Krupp, the lawyer who is defending the Brazilians criticized the immigration agents for what he called  "entrapment," but said he doesn't intend to challenge the ICE for that. Instead he plans to plead guilty and try to get their clients as soon as possible back in Brazil far form the American justice.

Some Brazilians are in jail awaiting deportation. A few have paid US$ 14,000 in bail and will be able to wait for their trial in liberty.


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  • jim

    pissed off american
    i will take my 1st admendment right to freedom of speech.
    you have people comming to the united states the so called land of the free and home of the brave.
    i am american citizen and think it sucks.
    ice and law enforcement seems can do anything they want with no conscience.
    olie north knew long ago about terriosts and the dumb ass politionions in washington just wanted to get olie they didnt listen to what he was saying ………………wake up pople if no one immigrated to america your ass wouldnt be here now. most of our realtives was immigrants THINK ABOUT IT US GOVERNMENT

  • Chenoa

    I know a lot of guys from Brazil and a lot of other countries. I have never met nicer people!!! They are here because they want to make money to take care of their family. So what if they “broke the law” it is a stupid law anyway. They don’t come here and sell drugs. They are here doing honest jobs like you and me. They are not taking anything from us. I am sure they would rather wake up everyday with their family in Brazil instead of being in a country alone with people that won’t even take the time to try to understand what they are saying and hope to be lucky enough to meet at least 1 good person that will help them when they need it. But they can make more money here and it is worth more over there. Anyone who has something bad to say is just ignorant to what some people have to go through to make a dollar and doesn’t realize how easy we have it in the US!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Dias

    Wirlei Dias’ wife
    Hi, my name is Joyce, i am Wirlei’s wife.
    I just happened to find this site. Anyways, reading some of these comments i am here to speak on his behalf. I have never read such nonsense as i did here. There is only a couple of things that i have to say. Yes, he knows what he did was wrong, and we are paying a big price for that mistake. But we are not talking about a crimminal here. We are talking about a person who never had problems with the law, hard-working, and is always willing to lend a hand. I just think that no one can say anything if you are not in an illegal’s shoes, living here for 10 years, trying to make a living, and eveyday immigration closes another door in trying to becoming legal in this country. And all of a sudden this opportunity nocks on your door. I just don’t understand if the ICE was trying to catch some illegal immigrants here to send back to their country, why didn’t they do so the first day that they found out that eveyone bying those documents were illegal, and dragged this on for almost a year. Of course, they wanted to have the $100 thousand from those illegal immigrants in hands first. I am Brazilian, and also an American citizen and used to be proud of that. I have lived in this country since i was 10 years old. Now, i look forward to going back to my country and starting a new life.

    The Lord is with Us.

  • Ronie e Melissa

    This is how they call “Brazilian style” in Brazil.
    New Page 1

    This is how they call
    in Brazil. Some Brazilians think they can get anything they want through an
    easier or even illegal way and they still think they are smarter than people who
    choose the right (legal) way to do things. IÀ¢€™m waiting long time for my process
    to get done, but I chose the right way to do it. So I think that these
    Brazilians who got caught trying to go through the À¢€œBrazilian wayÀ¢€Â just got what
    they were looking forÀ¢€¦ A free ticket to a paradise called À¢€œBrasilÀ¢€Â.

    I love Brazil, itˢ۪s one of the best countries in the world, but now Iˢ۪m living
    in USA and in my opinion this is the best country in the world and if you live
    here (USA) and donÀ¢€™t like itÀ¢€¦!! Just go to where you think is better for you!
    This is a Free country.

  • Márcio Osório

    You guys shipping our wonderful, border-jumping nationals back?
    Good. They will beef up the local population. Se eles nÀƒ£o comerem o beef, pelo menos comerÀƒ£o a populaÀƒ§Àƒ£o. Ou a populaÀƒ§Àƒ£o os comerÀƒ¡. 😉 Eldorado? Eldorado um caralho, um carelho, um carilho, um carolho e um carulho. 🙁

  • bo

    [quote]A few have paid US$ 14,000 in bail and will be able to [i]wait for their trial[/i] in liberty.[/quote]

    Yep, sure they’re just chomping at the bit to appear in court. Feel quite certain they’ve already arrived in Mexico.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The Guns of Krupp[/quote]

    Your coded message received well,loud,clear and understood. Recommended actions?

  • Ric

    TÀƒ¡ Esquentando!
    But wait! Peter Krupp is their lawyer! The Guns of Krupp! Big Bertha versus ICE! Stay Tuned!

  • Ric

    My comment was related to the article, not what Jay said. Complicated? Enganar? DiabÀƒ©isso? SÀƒ³ porque mineiro besta nÀƒ£o sabia meter o pÀƒ© na carreira e findou preso?

  • ch.c.

    So wonderful that Brazilians are ready to pay a lot of money to get out of paradise and enter hell….illegally !!!!
    But curiously…..not the oppposite !

    I tell you…..something is not right when we read ……BRAZIL IS WONDERFUL

    Unless you are the biggest masochichts….on earth !

    Yessssss…actions speak louder than lies !

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Quem dera, nera?

    You trying to enganar Jay,with your complicated vocalbury?

  • Ric

    Quem dera, nera?
    Àƒ‰ de lascar mem.



    I guess no one told these guys how wonderful Brazil is.
    Leaving Brazil for the EVIL AMERICA, actions speak louder than words.

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