At UN, Brazilian President Blasts Rich Nations for Not Sharing Wealth

US Bush and Brazil Lula meet in New York Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the opening of the UN General Assembly, in New York, today, alerted the world over the risk of an environmental catastrophe saying that it's necessary to rethink the model of global development.

"We shouldn't deceive ourselves," Lula stated in his speech. "If the global development model is not rethought, the risks of an unprecedented environmental and human catastrophe increase. We need to revert this apparently realistic and sophisticated logic, which is actually anachronic, predatory and senseless, that multiplies profit and wealth at any price."

Lula condemned social injustices and said that the relation between man and nature will not change while these injustices persist. According to the Brazilian president, "If we want to save the common patrimony, we need a new and more equitable sharing of wealth, both inside each country and in the international sphere."

And he went on: "It's not admissible that the heaviest burden of the improvidence of the privileged fall over the dispossessed of the earth. The most industrialized countries should set a good example. It is essential that they meet the commitments established by the Kyoto Protocol. This is not enough however. We need more ambitious goals starting in 2012. And should seriously work so that the acceptance of the protocol becomes universal."

On Monday, Lula met US President, George Bush, when they talked about biofuels, climate change in the world and the dispute between the richest countries and the poor ones over farm subsidies.

This is a transcript of what both presidents said right after the encounter at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York:

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's a pleasure to be with my friend, the President of Brazil. Every time we visit it's always a fruitful and important discussion. We talked about climate change. And I assured the President that the event we're having in Washington – which he kindly is coming to – is an important meeting about reaching international consensus on how to move together on the issue of climate change.

We talked about alternative fuels. Brazil, under President Lula's leadership, is a leading producer of ethanol. And he is an evangelist on the subject. And I appreciate very much his leadership because I believe the United States will benefit from ethanol. So I look forward to working with you. And I want to thank you for your leadership in Haiti.

And finally, we had a good discussion on Doha. We share a commitment to a successful round of trade talks. And I assured the President that the United States would show flexibility, particularly on agricultural goods in order to help achieve a breakthrough. So I want to thank you for the conversation. It's a joy being with you.

PRESIDENT LULA: First of all, I would like to thank for the opportunity once again to be here with President Bush and with members of his Cabinet. Secondly, we are convinced that on the climate change and the Doha Round we're still dependent on some factors. And one of these factors is the willingness of an important country like the U.S. demonstrating its capability to be flexible.

And President Bush has demonstrated the willingness to reach an agreement – in the many different conversations that we have had he has demonstrated very clearly his willingness, and the U.S. is willing to be more flexible. And he's also willing to discuss with all countries on climate change.

And this has been Brazil's position. We are convinced that the Doha Round is a need, it's something that is a necessity for the rich and for the poor countries. And we'll be – the rich and the developing countries give their contribution for the less developed countries.

And at the same time, the climate issue is an issue that involves all the human beings on the planet Earth. So all of us, we share responsibility to take care of the planet that we will leave for our grandsons and for our grand grandsons. We don't want to try to find who to put the blame on or who is innocent. What matters is that everybody has to take care of the planet, because if we don't take of the planet Earth we will all have something to lose.

I once again told President Bush that Brazil is willing to do its share on the climate issue and also to cope with what we have to cope with, from the deforestation of the Rain Forest in the Amazon, which we managed to reduce in 52 percent. And on the Doha Round, Brazil is willing to do whatever is necessary so that we can reach a deal.

If we manage to convince important countries like China, India, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, plus the European Union and Japan, I think that we can in the next phase announce good measures as related to the Doha Round, as also on the climate change.

So what we are demonstrating is that the issue exists. No one has a definite solution. We are just in a learning process on how to cope with this issue. And we all want to do our homework.

The demonstration of the political will President Bush has, and myself, is we're sending a signal that no one owns the truth; everybody knows a little bit, and doesn't know so much a little bit, too, so we want together to add up our knowledge so that we can find the best solutions.


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  • Kleber

    Share the wealth? what is wealth?
    Rich nations got to be rich by not being dumb…why would they share their wealth knowing full well that the money sent to brazil will not go to the people who need it the most….now if Lula nations should share the values and justice system and laws ….that would make more sense because with these things you can create a just society a wealthy society..where everyone can contribute to the economy and share its wealth…until brasilians fix this it isnt going to happen

  • Nick

    Again, I see the president falling short in his own ability to recognize Brazil’s own shortcomings that have led to more intelligent nations becoming the most powerful wealthy states in the world andhis own country behind.

    Agreed with Forest! Both sides have improvement to be made, but lets just imagine what would happen if the U.S. stopped subsidizing their own farmers and the Brazilian farm industry went throught the roof……….. Prior to this Lula needs to consent to international labor laws for farm workers and accept caps on executive farm owners percentage of total gross earnings in order to stop the cruel and unusual treatment of farm workers in Brazil. When will Lula start to hedge his statements and requests with recognition of his country’s own shortfallings? Well, I guess it is true that U.S. Ag business largely exploits Mexican labor at below minimum wage, so the problem runs deep…………….

  • João da Silva

    [quote]stop blaming the US for your own short falls

    Never worry . In a couple of years, we will find another scape goat 😉

  • forrest Brown

    share the wealth at home first LULA
    Open up you doors to US goods .
    Bring your farmers up to the 21 century .stop using slave laubor.
    then farmers will be on line with the rest of the first world.
    feed your own people better than scraps

    stop blaming the US for your own short falls

    look to yourself and your party for brazils way of life

  • João da Silva

    [quote] Yes lets get China and India and God on board. We can move the orbit of the Earth if we only try. Yes lets all get together and push.[/quote]

    In the next meeting of the U.N. General assembly,he may proclaim himself as the reincarnation of God ATLAS!

    AES, you are unwittingly giving him some ideas 🙁

  • aes

    It is always good to solve world problems when you are totally incapable of solving the problems of education and classicism at home. Save the world instead of saving ten thousand impoverished children in Sao Paulo. If you have nothing to say it is probably best not to say it. Yes we must save the world from the impossible. Yes lets get China and India and God on board. We can move the orbit of the Earth if we only try. Yes lets all get together and push. It is after all is said and done a sales pitch for alternative fuels. He could have merely said, “it is a pleasure to be here with the esteemed President of the United States and his distinguished cabinet. After careful consideration and analysis, I have determined that the world can be saved if we buy ethanol. If we all would just share we could solve all the woes of mankind. No one owns the truth, least of all me!”

  • João da Silva

    At UN, Brazilian President Blasts Rich Nations for Not Sharing Wealth
    [quote]PRESIDENT BUSH: It’s a pleasure to be with my friend, the President of Brazil. Every time we visit it’s always a fruitful and important discussion. [/quote]

    [quote]PRESIDENT LULA: First of all, I would like to thank for the opportunity once again to be here with President Bush and with members of his Cabinet. Secondly, we are convinced that on the climate change and the Doha Round we’re still dependent on some factors.[/quote]

    Very nice to read about their friendship. Two of the greatest leaders of the Americas.

    After this blasting speech our Prez gave, I am sure U.S. and E.U are chasticized completely and will be willing to “share their wealth” with at least some of the distinguished bloggers in this site 🙁

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