Brazil Air Force Blames US Pilots and Controllers for Amazon’s Air Tragedy

Gol's Boeing crashes in Brazilian Amazon One year after the collision between a Boeing 737 and a Legacy executive jet, in the Brazilian Amazon, Brazil's Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa) announced the results of its heretofore investigations and they suggest that the Legacy's two American pilots and the Brazilian air controllers should be blamed for the accident that left 154 dead.

At the time this was the deadliest Brazilian air accident ever. It happened on September 29, 2006. Since then, another plane crash with 199 dead, in the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo, broke that record. The Airbus A-320 from TAM airline skidded off Congonhas runway under the rain on August 1st, 2007.

The new document from Cenipa, an organ from the Brazilian Air Force (FA) does not name the guilty parties, but it makes clear that there wasn't any breakdown in the aircrafts communication equipments including the transponders (responsible for the contact between the airplane and the radar network) and the TCAS (the anticollision equipment).

The Air Force investigators say that they haven't found any evidence that the radar coverage in the area the accident occurred had any influence in the air tragedy. This would discard the theory that the existence of black holes in the Brazilian airspace – areas not covered by radar – would be a determining factor in the collision.

The probe mentions, however, that "some rules and procedures were not correctly abided by". These preliminary data were passed by Cenipa's head, Jorge Kersul, and by the investigation commission's president, colonel Rufino Antonio da Silva Ferreira, to Jorge André Cavalcante, who is the uncle of one of the people killed on the crashed plane.

"I was with colonel Rufino Ferreira and with Jorge Kersul," Cavalcante, who was president of the Flight 1907 Victims Relatives Association, told reporters, "and they said there is no final report on the accident. According to them, the only concrete information is that a recommendation will be issued next week in order to prevent new air accidents from occurring."

In a document marking the accident's first anniversary the Brazilian Air Force states that, "under the prevention optics, all accident results from the confluence of several aligned conditions, the so-called safety barriers, and never as a consequence of a single factor".

"That's the way it is all over the world and it behooves the preventive investigation to learn lessons from these occurrences that will result in improvement of all and any affected area".

The Air Force denied that it has leaked any information on the investigations, telling that they are well aware of the "international rules that govern such procedure and the value of preserving necessary data to explain the factor that contributed to the accident".

There is still no date for when the FAB final report will be finished and made public. The Air Force's document should list a series of human errors as determining factors in the Boeing accident.

It should mention for example that the American pilots didn't take the necessary steps in response to a communication problem like typing code 7600 on the transponder.

Joseph Lepore and Jan Paladin, both from New York, will also be rapped for not questioning Brasí­lia's control tower over the conflict between the flight plan given by São José dos Campos – the city where the flight originated – to fly all the way to Manaus at 37,000 feet and the common knowledge among pilots they would be on the wrong way by keeping that altitude.

As for the flight controllers they will be reproached for not locating alternative radio frequencies to reach the Legacy when they noticed they had lost contact with the small executive jet.


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  • Agencia Estado

    AgÀƒªncia Estado

    A year having passed since the collision between the Legacy jet and the Gol Boeing, which killed 154 people on September 29 of last year, the official Air Force documents produced until now on the investigation leave no doubts: despite the controllers performance having been a “contributing” factor in the accident, the “determining” factor in the tragedy was really the two North American pilots Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino.

  • Norman Kemble

    You are the one flying for ;eanuts not me. I’m not some sleazebag charter guy like you or work for one like excelaire I work for a reputable owner. Plus, at least I’m in a hole not under a rock like you and your ilk. Go put on your little pilot uniform with your epaulets and pretend you are somebody important to make yourself feel better.

  • Ric

    So Finish It But DonÀ‚´t Dawdle
    Well, OK, but as soon as you finish it you have to go back into your hole until itÀ‚´s time again to start punching holes in the IFR for peanuts.

  • Norman Kemble

    And why donˢ۪t you go take your Zyprexa, Seroquel, Aricept and go back to shilling for the next fly by night operator. I havenˢ۪t started any of this but by God I will finish it.

  • Ric

    Feel Better now?
    Got it off your chest? Then back into the woodwork with you. Get along, now…..

  • Norman Kemble

    Well we know…..
    that you are not a pilot. So it’s just trying to figure out which one you are…. Dave. George. Bob. Greg. My wife’s bet is Dave as we heard you are a weasel. And I heard you have the short boy syndrome.

  • Norman Kemble

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  • Simpleton

    Forgot to thank you GIV for the compliment. Good to know I’m fully capable, competent, experienced at, etc., etc., in providing services to pus-E’s when such is necessary or desired. The name fits well as I’m a giver not a taker. (Don’t mistake that for M’Giver which I’ve also been called by folks down there for my prowess in making do with what’s available to fix shit up – elect, plumbing, carros, electronics, f-d up limbs, etc., etc.)

    Story is so old I don’t recall much, were the ferry pilot’s long term Excelaire employees proper or just temp hired guns like yourself?

  • Simpleton

    For cleaning that out. It’s a dirty job but someone with your experience always seems to get such asninenment! Plenty of illegals on both sides would happily underbid you for it though.

  • Norman Kemble

    excelaire simpleton
    Hey douche bag, sorry but that was not my post above. The article confirms everything I have said in all my posts. There is plenty of blame to go around. But the people getting away with no blame is Excelaire. The article highlights the lack of training given to the pilots by excelaire. Nothing different then what I’ve said all along.

  • Simpleton

    Hi RealGIV
    Yes, unconscionable things have occurred. The pilots will be rapped and the controllers will be reproached. So why does this make your conscience burn? (I’m not for flag burning and in particular, not theirs – wouldn’t suggest it either as the consequences are likely to be much harsher than what you’ve faced burning your own.)

  • Ric

    Rednecks Americans Outthere Attempts to Answer Above Diatribe
    Oh, yes, shame on me indeed. Your invective skills are OK but hackneyed.

    By the way, who was bragging? Missed that.

    Research? This story is no longer news.

    You donÀ‚´t use English like an American. You donÀ‚´t spell like an American. You donÀ‚´t punctuate like an American.

    Give it up, loser.

  • An American, of conscience

    to the bunch of rednecks americans outthere!!
    These two pilots should be in jail!!!!!! Thanks to the Brazilian À¢€œimpunityÀ¢€Â they were allowed to fly away!!!
    Forrest Brown you are one of the most stupid human I know, and I know Ric and Ch.c and simpleton !!!
    Read the facts jackasses and put this flag worship bullshit up in the ass !!!We have nothing to brag about in this accident.
    Ric istead of questioning who he is, you should do you own research… or do you think that your stupid answer outomatically voids all the real fact out there… shame on you.

  • Simpleton

    Pass(i) on
    Should have turned it over to the Pakistanis before bringing it to Brazil. I’d count on the fact that the smart folks there would have rebuilt it first!

  • Ric

    The plane in question was sold by airbus to a carrier operating out of L.A., who passed it on to the Vietnamese, who passed it on to TAM.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]how about the plane in sao paulo
    no report other than the airport was wet and the french did not make it clear not to fky a broke plane [/quote]

    The French (and the Dutch) alsways sell broken planes to TAM. 😉

    btw, I loved your expression “Broken plane”. It is absolutely funny. I hope you are not anti French 🙁

  • forrest Brown

    put it this way
    how about the plane in sao paulo
    no report other than the airport was wet and the french did not make it clear not to fky a broke plane

  • Ric

    For that matter, who are you?

  • NSTB

    Forrest Brown
    CENIPA took most informative elements from the À¢€œReport on the Facts by Investigation SpecialistsÀ¢€Â, registered under number DCA06RA076A, of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
    The NTSB is an independent American Federal agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States of America and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation. It also conducts special investigations and safety studies, and issues safety recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents.The task of transcribing the Legacyˢ۪s black Box was conducted by a team composed of a chairman and three members:
    – Albert G. Reitan, Transportation Safety Specialist (CVR), National Transportation Safety Board (chairman of the group);
    – Steven M. Demko, Air Safety Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board;
    – Tony James, Air Safety Investigator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which is part of the United States Transportation Department; and
    – Greg Brinkman, Chief Operating Officer, ExcelAire Service, Inc.
    The North American nationality of the entire team should be brought out and the participation of an employee of ExcelAire itself, which, in this case, attests to the credibility and exemption of the report in question, especially in terms of what is says about the circumstances which touch the Legacy pilots, both equally North American.


  • Ric

    Any lawyers out there?
    Did you notice the tone and the use of the subjunctive? “….suggest that the LegacyÀ‚´s two American pilots and the Brazilian controllers should be blamed….”.

    “….would discard the theory….”.

    Remember that this is a carefully drafted report. Is that the kind of language one uses when one actually has a strong case?

    “Rapped”? On the knuckles with a ruler? Or put into a hip-hop style cd? Or we need to invest in better translations? Dunno.

  • CH.C.

    Not only…….
    ….how many times ?
    but also
    …how long ?

    The answer being that the Filthy Brazilians Governments members….will never ever recognize their own mistakes.

    Dont they accuse developed nations they are responsible for the poverty….in Brazil ?

  • forrest Brown

    yet another storie

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