Fiction: Prophecy About Brazil Illuminates 9/11 and the US Final Demise

World in Grey by Ryan J. Lucero R.M. Hamilton, creator of the Authors of MySpace page, sits down with author Ryan J. Lucero to talk about his upcoming novel, The World In Grey and the excitement of being a first time author. Set in Brasilia, Brazil, word of the novel is spreading fast in the U.S. and abroad.

So much so, that the progressive Arizona-based rock band, Mokshya, is set to release a song on their upcoming album dedicated to the book in February.

Lucero, a native of the U.S., started writing the science-fiction novel while living in Brazil in 2002. The fast-paced, controversial novel tackles many important subjects such as religion and war.
Briefly describe Dom Bosco's prophecy, which is the main subject of your upcoming novel "The World in Grey."

In 1883, a Salesian priest by the name of João Bosco had a vision of the capital city of the world, a city in which immense riches would flow from in the near future. In his vision, he gave the exact coordinates of the future city. Nearly 100 years later, Brasí­lia, Brazil was knowingly constructed on those coordinates. As a result, the capital was moved from the beautiful shores of Rio to the vast inland plains of central Brazil.

Can you explain why you became interested in writing a book about Dom Bosco's prophecy?

I lived In Brasí­lia post 9/11 for a couple of years and it changed my life. Immediately upon setting foot in Brazil, I was mesmerized. The capital city was filled with mystery from the start, but when I learned of the prophecy, I couldn't understand why it wasn't more widely known of.

Was it challenging to write about a subject that deals with the foundation of Brasí­lia?

Not really. I was lucky to have lived there long enough to get a feel for the city and country. Brazil is a very unique land, as are its people. National pride is high, and as a result, it's not hard to find someone to share Brazil's history with you.

How often have you visited Brazil?

The last time I was there was a few years ago. I guess the answer is, not often enough.

Have you ever visited Dom Bosco's Sanctuary in Brasí­lia?

I went there twice while I lived there. I tried to get a feel for the energy in that dark blue, enclosed room, and left myself open to what kind of story that energy asked me to tell.

What research was involved to write your book?

Aside from researching the actual prophecy and interviewing native Brazilians, what it really took was living there. I needed to know what it was about Brazil that made it so special. I need to learn as much Portuguese as I could and become one with my surroundings.

How do you think citizens from Brazil will interpret your book even though it is a work of fiction?

I hope they'll be proud. This novel is not only for me, but for them. This novel is my way of saying thank you to nation for giving me my life back and helping me to start over.

What other interests do you have outside of writing?

Travel and language would probably be at the top of my list along with human origins and philosophy. I like staying active too, and run quite a lot.

Do you want to pursue writing as a full-time career one day or is it a hobby?

I'd love to do it full-time.

With your debut novel completed is there another writing project in the works?

You bet. I've already started writing the sequel to The World In Grey, and have a few other great ideas in the oven. I've always wanted to write a children's book for one.

I know that you are excited about the release of your book in March and I wish you nothing but success with The World in Grey and all of your future projects.

Thanks, it's been a pleasure getting to know you. This is a pivotal time for me. I've worked on this story for over five years now, and I can't believe that it's actually ready for everyone.

It's already been received well internationally by the MySpace page ( devoted to it. I've already come into contact with so many people because of this novel, and every aspect has been nothing but a blessing.

The Prophecy

At the end of the 19th century, Saint John Bosco, a Salesian priest, had a  dream, in which he was able to travel to the Brazilian midwest. The Italian catholic priest wrote in his Biographical Memories that on August 30, 1883 he had a dream-vision:

Even though the dream doesn't mention a city and much less a civilization interpreters of Dom Bosco's writing used the text above to make their case to build Brasí­lia. They added the notion of new civilization to spice up things.

"…Between the 15th and the 20th degrees of latitude there was a long a wide stretch of land which arose at a point where a lake was forming.. Then a voice said repeatedly: when they hollow out the hidden mines among these hills, then the Promised Land will appear where milk and honey will sprout and there will be incredible richness."

Today, Brasí­lia, Brazil's capital, which was built in 1309 days (construction started on September 19, 1956) and inaugurated on April 21, 1960, rests on these coordinates.

Book's Trailer

A prophecy older than civilization. An ancient race hidden away for thousands of years. The balance of world power set to shift. When a young, disillusioned Hayden Grey takes a trip to New York City in late 1999, he unknowingly sets loose a series of events that will change his life, as well as the entire world, forever.

Looking back from the year 2042, President Hayden Grey gazes back to the years after 9/11 to recall the Third World War, the assassination of the final U.S. President, and the catastrophic experiences of planetary changes that were foretold in the ancient Mayan calendar.

In his quest for redemption, and a new world on the horizon, Grey publicly examines his rise to power: What caused him to exterminate one-third of humanity? Why did the world governments unite to attack Brazil, and what was the mystery behind the hidden prophecy that spoke of him becoming ruler of the world, and Brasí­lia, Brazil becoming capital of the world in the Third Millennium?

Set amidst present day circumstances, Grey will travel the globe and risk everything dear to him to learn the truth behind alien involvement in human history, the extinction of the world's Secret Societies and organized religions, and the future of life itself on planet Earth.


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