Brazil Tells World ‘Keep Off, the Amazon Is Ours’

Brazil's Amazon Nelson Jobim, the Brazilian Defense Minister stated that the Brazil's Amazon sovereignty is non negotiable and rejected recommendations from a United Nations panel that last week shared with former US Vice president Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize and suggested the creation of an international treaty to guarantee the protection of the vast rain forest in South America.

"It's difficult to receive recommendations from India or Europe," said Jobim who added, "Remember that they destroyed all they had. We're going to look after the Amazon because it's our business. Brazilians know how to look after what belongs to them."

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, has as Chairman Rajendra Pachauri from India. IPCC and Gore were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their commitment to the environment.

"I'm not going to say what the Brazilian government should do, but rainforests such as the Amazon are the world's largest natural resources for catching carbon from the atmosphere. In the future we should have clear policies and an international agreement to guarantee that forestry protection and conservation increases globally," Pachauri was quoted last week following the announcement of the Peace Prize award.

However Jobim who is touring Brazil's military garrisons along the border with Colombia admitted that the Brazilian Amazon is the world's largest rainforest with a significant influence on global climate changes.

Brazil's Environment Minister Marina Silva also rebuked Pachauri's remarks regarding bio-fuels production and its possible impact on the prices of food at a global scale.

Brazil has had for decades a policy of mixing fuel with ethanol made from sugar cane thus helping to cut the energy bill and earlier this year Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and US President George Bush launched a program to promote plantations for the production of so called "clean" fuels.

Brazil and the US have jointly promoted the program in Central America and during Lula's visit to Africa, which is taking place this week, bio-fuels figure top of the agenda.

Minister Silva in an interview with the influential Estado de S. Paulo said Brazil has 300 million hectares of farmland and the production of sugar cane and soybeans to convert into ethanol or bio-diesel "will not have an impact on the cost of food".

The Brazilian Armed Forces also got involved in the dispute when General José Benedito de Barros Moreira claimed that some NGO which are active in the Amazon are "conspiring against the development of the country".

Brazil must be alert since "some NGO are paid to delay the development of Brazil", said one of the few four stars General of the Army and who was head of the Joint Staff War School, the Brazilian Armed Forces think-tank.

Brazilian Armed Forces have been repeatedly questioned by the UN for impeding NGO acting in the Amazon area and for denying land to aboriginal tribes, supposedly because they have gold and diamonds deposits. The military argue it's not in the country's interest to hand out vast patches of land along border areas.

But in spite of the exchange with environmentalists President Lula da Silva congratulated Al Gore and the IPCC for having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and underlined the urgency of fighting the global challenge of climate change, "essential to ensure world peace."



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  • Look at yourseft!

    Look at yorselft
    ohnnn so,, all you think is about cash? You should look at yoursef and then see whats going on around the plenat, like 2,4 trillium in the iraq and afegan war, would’nt that be bater educat , half of the hole world ? Like give back what the agricalture subside take from them?

    You are just any Idiot that talks about other peaple, take advantege of what you have at home! , like your country can give you a good education, sad that you didn’t use it for your self

    I love USA ! do you?

  • ch.c.

    …..and feel free to deforest more !
    Dont you have already 100 millions hectares of degraded land….coming from deforestation ?
    Just increase these 100 millions hectares to 200 or 300 millions.
    This will just put your land prices as cheap….as it already is !!!!!

    Only idiots deforest the land…to create more and more……DEGRADED LAND….THEREFORE…..WORTHLESS !!!!

    Yessssss….Brazil….you are impressively…..A BUNCH OF IDIOTS …..BY NOT USING YOUR ALREADY EXCESS DEGRADED LAN0 !!!

  • ch.c.

    You are 100 % right…the Amazon is yours !
    But then why is Brazil begging for foreign donations….to save it !

    If it is yours….do what you want with it, but dont beg for money as you are accustomed to !

    At the end you will pollute yourself…FIRST…since you are closeer !
    I suppose you will still beg for money……for drugs to treat your citizens.

    Why dont you use your own money either to save the Amazon or to deforest it more ?
    Just use your foreign currency reserves…totalling nearly US$ 200 billion.

  • john dolph

    They look better standing on their rights than on their record, for sure.

    John Dolph

  • Ric

    Oh, Fine
    Around here some of the reforestation projects are planting Eucalyptus.

    Why not just plant dendÀƒª and get it over with?

    Discourage people coming on to your property: take out the aÀƒ§ai palms and plant castanhola.

    How many people posting on this site actually live in the jungle or have close friends who do?

    Caboclos want to cut down the jungle because 1. ItÀ‚´s discouraging 2. It canÀ‚´t be walked through but only hacked through 3. Cutting down a piece of it means you can actually see something besides jungle 4. The roÀƒ§a provides food. 5. Varmints, snakes and insects make life miserable. They hide out in the jungle.

  • forrest Brown

    then act like it
    stop asking for money to save it from yourselves

    cut a tree plant 2 or 3

    not the cheep ones but the hard woods .

    clear up all the farmers that have just gone in and clear cut land and squated on it and it became theres

    go to ilihabella and take away the house the governer has there sell it and replant the land he sold

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Brazil Tells World ‘Keep Off, the Amazon Is Ours’ [/quote]

    You guys for real? Real spin doctors 😉

  • Hegemon

    Jobim is posturing
    Isn’t this the same UN that Brazilian establishment (diplomats, press, intellectuals) is always kissing up to on issues like gun control (voted down by the people!), Haiti (soon Almorin will ask the UN to send Brazilian troops to Rio), and global warming (only if it costs foreigners)? And what is this with Dilma at the frontier anyway? Is she sending smoke signals to FARC or the lost brigades of the Araguaia?

  • bo

    [quote]said one of the few four stars General of the Army and who was head of the Joint Staff War School, the Brazilian Armed Forces think-tank.[/quote]


  • Ric

    Interesting since less than 60% of the Amazon Rain Forest is within the borders of Brazil.

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