Lula Admits Running for a Third Term as Brazil’s President in 2014

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ruled out trying to change the Brazilian constitution so that he can run a third time to the presidency of Brazil in 2010, but admitted that he might run for a third mandate in the 2014 elections. By then Lula would be 69.

Brazil's constitution doesn't allow the president to run consecutively for three terms, but there is nothing against a new candidacy after a four-year break.

In an interview with Brazil's most-read daily, Folha de S. Paulo on Sunday, October 14, Lula said that a decision to once again be a candidate will depend on the circumstances. "The alternation of power is an educating factor for building a democracy. Nobody is irreplaceable," he commented, adding:

"This thing, if it has to happen, it will depend on the circumstances at the time. Because I want to set an example as a former president: I want to leave the presidency and I don't intend to become a  meddler." The president has often criticized former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso for being a busybody.

Lula also revealed that he is in favor of an amendment to the constitution that would do away with reelection as long as the mandate is extended to five or six years instead of the present four-year period.

"A term of office of four years in Brazil is almost unmanageable,"he said. "Let's get rid of reelection and extend the term of office."

The president said he favors in the next 2010 presidential elections a unified candidate for the ruling party (PT, Workers Party) and its allies.

"It is natural that everyone thinks he should have his own candidate. But, between thinking and acting, there is a very big difference." And he added: "I have a support base with several parties. All my efforts will be towards a single candidacy. It is a dream. Will it become a reality? I don't know.

"If there are four candidates in the government's side, the government is going to be immobilized. Pretty soon we will have the PT fighting with the PMDB who will be fighting with the PSB, who will be fighting with the PC do B, who will be fighting with the PR, who will be fighting with the PDT.

"We will keep fighting between ourselves while our opponents will be left at ease. We need to get over our own internal fight and build the possibility of a single candidacy. There is the president's post, the vice president's, two senators, governors. There are posts for everybody."

Lula also defended former chief of staff, José Dirceu, who was the government's strong man before he resigned charged with orchestrating a scheme in which congressmen were paid a monthly allowance (mensalão) to vote in favor of measures proposed by the executive.

For Lula, Dirceu was not a traitor and he contributed "in an extraordinary manner" to the government until he made political mistakes. Talking about the mensalão, Lula told Folha that people still have to prove that such a scheme ever existed: "Until now there is no proof that even a cent of public money was used," the president said.

Lula will spend four days in Africa this week. He is leaving Brazil this Sunday night with a group of businessmen from the aviation, finance, energy and construction sectors. He is expected to sign agreements with Angola, South Africa, Congo and Burkina Faso, where the average income per capita is about US$ 300 a year.


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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Concerning Russia, you should recall what I wrote you not later than a few days ago : DONT UNDER ESTIMATE THEM !
    Do you remember [/quote]

    Of course I remember. I read a lot and have a long memory too!.

    btw, go and read the comment I made in the article “Thanks to Russia and the US Brazilian Beef Exports Grow 18%”. You will get the drift of my line of thoughts

  • ch.c.

    To Joao “But you may be (wrong) this time”
    As you said…MAY BE !
    Not a certainty….by definition ! Correct ?

    And if you believe the Financial Times journalists….(why not ?)…then you should also read the many articles published on Brazil….
    in the Guardian Unlimited…online site :,12462,795255,00.html

    Concerning Russia, you should recall what I wrote you not later than a few days ago : DONT UNDER ESTIMATE THEM !
    Do you remember ? 😉
    I even told you that they are well educated and have the world second highest oil production on top of their vast reserves, including natuaral gas..
    They also have far more foreign currency reserves than Brazil has.

    One thing that you may not know in Brazil, since only a few Russians are in yopur country, is that they are the NEW ARABS….in their spendings-
    They buy just the most expensive real estate in Europe and the most luxurious goods from cars, to designers clothes, watches and whatever luxury goods and spend for fun fortunes in casinos …..daily.
    For you info, I read recently, that in Knightsbridge, the most expensive and exclusive area in London, 20 % of the houses are already owned by Russians !!!!
    The same is true in Monaco, Cannes, and Marbella !

  • João da Silva


    Sorry, should read “Kirchner” Argentina.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]With alliances having different political parties…..if I am not wrong !
    The PT has not the majority…in the government…if I am not wrong !

    You were never wrong 😉 But you may be this time. If you read the Finacial Times last week, you would understand how things are going to work out. Just remember Putin and Kircher. By making the two above statements, you just confirmed that we are under a de facto parliamentary system 🙁

  • ch.c.

    “If there are four candidates in the government’s side, the government is going to be immobilized”
    And how is the government made of…….TODAY ?????
    With alliances having different political parties…..if I am not wrong !
    The PT has not the majority…in the government…if I am not wrong !

    More stupid comments from Bin Lula the idiot and his 4000 thieves and liars….there is not….ON EARTH !

    😀 😉

  • Ric

    I Hate Myself
    For pointing out that the word “admit” has different meanings or usages from Portuguese to English. Wrong word in this headline.

    I used to be a proof reader for a record company in L.A., as a kid in college. Parents paid my school bill but I needed money for my ’40 Ford. I apologize for any contradictory feelings these outbursts may engender.

    What’s a record? Used to be music came on vinyl records, that had labels and jackets. Labels and jackets that started out with errors on them.

    And yes, guys did drive ’32 roadsters to Hollywood High. And fifty Ford converts with Chrysler power. And old Chevys with GMC engines and Wayne heads.

    And their parents remembered Roosevelt and his Four Terms and Harry Hopkins and complained about it, even for years after Truman left power.

    Politics is tricky and fickle and anything can happen in the four years out of office. Admit to it but donÀ‚´t count on it.

  • bo

    [quote]He is expected to sign agreements with Angola, South Africa, Congo and Burkina Faso, where the average income per capita is about US$ 300 a year.[/quote]

    That’s too bad. These idiots will use that to justify the criminal and slave-like minimum wage in Brazil since it’s a little more than the worst places on earth.

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