Brazil Boosts Military Spending by 50% But Tells Neighbors Not to Worry

Brazil's fighter plane Tomcafé The Brazilian government has announced plans to boost Brazil's military spending by more than 50% in 2008, to around an estimated US$ 5.4 billion and draw up a new defense plan, but told its neighbors they should not worry.

"Brazil has well established, peaceful relations with all South American nations … one of our political priorities is economic and structural integration of the region … (and in 2008) we'll also be strengthening our military links," Brazilian Defense Minister, Nelson Jobim, said in a public speech.

Brazil, he added, cannot "neglect its defense. Therefore, we will increase our budget outlays and investment in the army, navy and air force by more than 50%".

He also said Brazil "is elaborating a national strategy defense plan that will determine each military branch's mission and the equipment it needs for its activities".

Mr Jobin said the military equipment envisioned in the plan includes new fighter jets.

Brazil in 2002 mothballed military programs to buy 12 fighter jets worth around US$ 4 billion and build a nuclear submarine over 10 years for a total cost of US$ 1.3 billion. These programs could be re-launched in 2008.

According to official figures made public this week, Brazil has requested in its 2008 budget proposal to Congress some US$ 5 billion for its military forces, with the possibility of raising it to US$ 5.64 billion. Brazil's 2007 military budget was around US$ 3.5 billion.



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  • maikel

    This site isnt serious
    This site is too funny. there is just negative things lol

    it can’t be considered a serious place

  • João da Silva

    The guest
    [quote] While I am here I will spend some time catching up on the articles that I missed. My computer in Brazil burnt up due to the erratic electric supply—will not replace it.

    Great to hear from you and sorry to hear about your computer. Didnt you have a voltage stablizer? How did you find Rio this time?

  • The Guest

    It is me. I am in Miami at the moment, arrived here from Rio Last Friday afternoon, 26hrs after I left my home in Rio. Lots of weather delays in Rio and Sao Paulo. I am not complaining. I prefer to get here safely rather than not at all.
    I will be here for a few days before I have to leave for work. While I am here I will spend some time catching up on the articles that I missed. My computer in Brazil burnt up due to the erratic electric supply—will not replace it.

  • João da Silva

    The Guest
    You the famous guest of ours? In Rio or Miami at this moment?

  • The Guest

    AES, from “The Smartest Thing China Could Do Right Now: Invest US$ 200 Billion in Brazil – Part 3”
    written by aes, 2007-10-11 11:02:51

    Brazil would do well to prepare a credible military deterent. Since water is life. How does Brazil defend itself from a foreign threat when it cannot defend itself from the threat within?

    Your question was answered above.

  • forrest Brown

    not wise spending now
    first brasil will not buy US jets they will go for more for the buck than top guun platforms .

    if they were smart go for jump jets , A10 , helos,KC130

    light tanks , .

    but they will buy AK47 fron chaves ,
    his jets he got from IRAN and china
    left over heavy tanks like the T72 from IRAN

    I dont know whom they are trying too impress with the military build up
    most real big guns would not fight brasil as then you would
    have too feed and cloth them and build the citys from the ground up

    or jusy inslave the countyr and kill them all off

  • aes

    Yes a very good time to buy. The Real’s ability to purchase American armament has doubled. The time is now. F16s are on sale.

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