Sex Tourist, You Are Not Welcome, Says Brazil

“Brazil: Those who love it, protect it” is the name of the campaign announced yesterday by the World Tourism Organization to combat sexual tourism involving children and adolescents.


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  • Brazil Sex Guide

    Western values
    Just because people are more open about sex does not mean that we should automatically condemn those who engage in sex when in Brazil. Child prostitution needs to be stamped out and is a crime anywhere, but its typically the west who has an issue with prostitution. They want the Brazilian government to put their foot down. I wonder how much of this is pressure from Brazilians and how much of this is pandering to the demands of the western diplomats

  • Sex Tourist

    I hope itÀ‚´s an joke
    I really really hope this story is just an bad joke. Hope you just kiddy.

  • walter

    Sex touristin
    I agree with Sex Tourist . I hope this is just a joke

  • unichick

    sex tourism
    do you class voyuerism (watching suexual acts) or watching lapdancers as part of the sex tourism culture???

  • unichick

    sex tourism
    do you have sex of have you had sex while on a holiday??? if yes would you class yourself as a sex tourist??? as money is not always exchanged!!

  • Guest

    While foreign tourists be a resource to ge money it will be very difficult to eradicate sex tourism.
    Brazilian politicians should move their fat bellies and start
    working for the people and not for themselves.
    What politician has a real , sound , project for Brazil?

  • Guest

    …but without bettering the economical conditions of these people, just forget it.

  • Guest

    That would be a great effort. I appareciate that.

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