Germans Consider Stepping Up Purchase of Brazil’s High-Tech Goods

Lufthansa powered by Brazil's Embraer German minister of Economy, Michael Gloss, suggested that Brazil might increase its sales of high tech products and improve the quality of its export basket to Germany. Gloss talked during a press conference prior to the 2007 Brazil-Germany Economic Meeting being held, in the city of Blumenau, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

"To me, Brazil is capable of exporting high technology as well. Embraer's aircraft, for instance, are renowned worldwide. The country is also capable of exporting cutting-edge products in other fields, such as computing, telecommunications, transport," Gloss told Brazilian and German journalists.

On the other hand, the German minister stated that he also expects for sales of tool machines and other machinery and equipment from Germany to continue growing. "Furthermore, we expect to sell biofuel production equipment and more vehicles," he said.

Despite the optimism expressed regarding Brazil, Gloss claimed that trade relations between Germany and Latin America are much less dynamic than relations with Asian and Eastern European countries. "It is something that we intend to change. We want to encourage bilateral trade with Brazil and its neighboring countries," he said.

To Gloss, one of the paths that may lead to such increase is investment, in Brazil and in Latin America, by medium-sized German companies. "There has been an increase in these investments during the last decade, and that is a good sign," he stated.

One of the states that might be invested in, according to the German minister, is Santa Catarina. "Judging from what I have seen here, I am certain that there are good investment opportunities, especially in the tourist sector," he claimed.

Michael Gloss also said Germany has much to contribute to Brazil in clean energy production. "We are global leaders in wind energy and solar energy," he said. Conversely, Gloss stated that Germany might learn from Brazil about cleaner fuels, such as biodiesel and alcohol.




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