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Brazil’s Lula Calls on US and EU to Change Unfair Trading Model

Italian prime minister Romano Prodi

Italian prime minister Romano Prodi In Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia, the Prime Minister of Italy, Romano Prodi, stated this Tuesday, March 27, that wealthier countries must step back for the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to unlock.

"We must take a step back to make this agreement possible. The non-solving of the Doha Round can harm the world and betray our political goals," he said, following a meeting with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at Palácio do Planalto (The Brazilian presidential office).

The Doha Round was interrupted in July 2006 due to differences between WTO member nations regarding the gradual withdrawal of subsidies granted by wealthy countries to their farmers.

In a speech this Tuesday, Lula called for the Italian government to devise "a stance of negotiation for Europe," so that an agreement can be reached to help poorer countries.

"We must correct the injustices created by a model of trade liberalization that has not yet brought the benefits that were promised so many times to most WTO member countries," Lula said.

Regarding bilateral trade agreements between countries, Prodi claimed that they "must follow a set of rules, otherwise, in the future, they might harm countries that are outside of this realm [of international trade], such as African countries."


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  • forrest allen brown

    BRAZILAN GOVERMENT An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.
    I know all about guilty till you prove your innocence

    Brazil will pull out all the stops to prove they are not wrong
    even to the point of having the person disappear

    it taxes are laid out so you could never do business legal as one law says something and if you do that you have broken another law from another department of the government

  • ch.c.

    And all workers producing cars, trucks and tractors will be offered a new job as……..sugarcane cutter !!!!!!!!
    Would this NOT be fair ? Why if every one use your same arguments you have for ethanol ?

    S M I L E

  • ch.c.

    Fair trade…..lets be Fair….for once !!!!!!!!
    USA and EU should charge import taxes to the exact percentage Brazil does !!!!!

    What is fairer than that ?

    We should close all our car manufacturers in Brazil and rebuild them in….China where quality and prices will be much better !
    We will also do more profits !

    Same for Trucks and Tractors !

    Brazilian ethanol could be cheaper, but cars, trucks and tractors will be cheaper if produced elsewhere than in Brazil !

    Would Brazilians Agree ? You could then import all these vehicles at much cheaper prices !
    Is it not your arguments and explanations for ethanol ??????

    Deal Done ?

    Laugh…..laugh…..laugh !!!!

  • João da Silva

    when brazil shuts down some of its compaines that are doing business ilegal them they might get a secound look from the wto.


  • conceicao

    When the EU stops exporting sugar maybe an empty suit like Prodi will have some credibility when he tries to talk about the Doha Round and trade. And where are the World Bank and the
    International Monetary Faggots when its not about listening to themselves pontificate while they trash some third world country and is about technological and developmental excellence in
    producing an agricultural-based fuel source with 30-plus profit margins, an absolute silver bullet for spurring the kind of self-help poor country development that the World Bank and IMF give lip service to but could not care less about in reality – as refusal of the U.S. and the EU to open their markets to Brasilian ethanol exports proves.

  • forrest allen brown

    Italy the only country that has more hollidays than brazil
    when brazil pays back the world bank them mabey the wto will look at the trade again
    when brazil pays its workers a fair wage then the wto may look at the rules again
    when the brasilian goverment gets its hands out of the piggie bank and puts the money where it belongs then the wto may think about fair trade
    when the law of the land is fair and just them we should look at brazil as a fair trade partner
    when brazil shuts down some of its compaines that are doing business ilegal them they might get a secound look from the wto

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