At 8.2%, Unemployment in Brazil Hasn’t Been That Good in 5 Years

A job line in Brazil The job market in Brazil seems to be improving. Unemployment rate among the Economically Active Population (EAP) was 8.2% in the six major Brazilian metropolitan regions in November. The data were taken from the Monthly Employment Survey (PME) disclosed this Thursday, December 20, by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

The number of unemployed persons was 1.922 million. According to the IBGE, this is the first time ever in the historical series of the survey (initiated in March 2002) that the number of unemployed persons was lower than 2 million workers, in a month of November.

Taking all months of the year into consideration, the number of unemployed persons is also below the 2-million mark in December 2005 and December 2006.

The rate recorded in November this year was the lowest since the beginning of the historical series, and translates into a 0.5% decrease compared with October.

The data disclosed by the IBGE show, on the other hand, that the total occupied personnel in the six metropolitan regions surveyed recorded no significant statistical variation in October, but grew 3.5% in comparison with November 2006. Unemployed population, though, decreased 5% as against October, and 12% compared with November last year.

Another data in the survey regards real habitual average of employed persons, which was 1,143.60 reais (US$ 634.66), an expansion both by the monthly comparison (1.3%), and the annual one (2.4%).

Real household income per capita, at 733,90 reais (US$ 407.29), grew 2.8% in the month and 4.5% in the year. Average real income mass for employed persons total led 24.6 billion reais (US$ 13.6 billion), a growth of 1.9% for the month and 5.4% for the year.

In a month-to-month comparison per region, the IBGE survey shows stable unemployment rates in all metropolitan regions.

In a comparison with November 2006, decreases were recorded in the metropolitan regions of Recife, in Northeast Brazil (1.4 %); Belo Horizonte, in the Southeast (1.8 %); Rio de Janeiro, in the Southeast (0.8 %); São Paulo, also in the Southeast (1.5 %); and Porto Alegre, in the South (1.9 %). In the metropolitan region of Salvador, the situation remained stable.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]It’s very telling when a company, or a country, purposefully gives incorrect stats.[/quote]

    You are absolutely right. There is a small difference though. When a company gives wrong stats, the losers are its stock holders. But in the case of a nation, the entire population loses.

    [quote]Who does that help except the current administration?[/quote]

    Another good point. Suppress all the bad things and highlight a FEW good things.

    BTW, no writer of articles in this site has ever mentioned that the unemployment rate in the city of SÀƒ£o Paulo is around 19%. That is a very large unemployment rate for the capital of a state that is supposed to produce 40% of GNP of the country. Something screwy about the skewed stats.

  • bo

    [quote]But there again, we are caressing our navel by giving wrong stats.AGAIN[/quote]

    It’s very telling when a company, or a country, purposefully gives incorrect stats. Who does that help except the current administration? It certainly does nothing for those people/groups that are truly trying to make a positive change.

  • João da Silva

    At 8.2%, Unemployment in Brazil Hasn’t Been That Good in 5 Years
    The title of this article is silly. Unemployment CANNOT be ANY good at ANYTIME.Unemployment takes away the DIGNITY from those who are unemployed.

    But there again, we are caressing our navel by giving wrong stats.AGAIN

  • ch.c.

    What a joke….what a cheating—these unemployment stats !
    How can a country with a population of 190 millions, and have an unemployment of 1,922 millions representing 8,2 % unemployment rate ??????

    OK….here some of the stats manipulations :

    – Only the 6 largest regions are taken in account to make…..A NATIONAL AVERAGE ! Hmmm…not very honest !
    – Brazil like every country has around 50 % of the population as “possible” worker or 95 millions or so. But Brazil
    uses only the REGISTERED WORKERS totalling around 26 millions AND IN THOSE 2 millions are unemployed…. BUT forgetting the other 70 millions or so because they are either UNREGISTERED WORKER (not really unemployed but not in the stats anyway) or….. UNEMPLOYED totally or partially BUT UNREGISTERED !!!!!!!

    Lets face it, the real unemployment rate IS AT LEAST 30 % ….wether you like or not.

    Simple demonstration of the Brazilian stats accuracy !!!!!!!

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