Brazilian Police After Thieves of Rare Albino Alligators

Albino alligator Brazil's federal police are investigating the disappearance of seven albino alligators from the UFMT (Federal University of Mato Grosso State) in Cuiabá, the capital of that midwest state. It was only on Wednesday, January 2, that a zookeeper noticed the disappearance of the alligators when he went to feed them. They had been last fed two days earlier.

According to biologist Itamar Assumpção, the zoo director, each one of these rare animals is worth about 17,000 reais (US$ 9,662).

"The zoo administration could not tell us exactly when the alligators vanished from the place," said Ana Flávia Alves de Melo, the police chief in charge of the case. And she added: "The first informations we have show that there was no signs of forcible entrance."

Melo believes that the rarity of the animals may hinder the investigations. "Just as the number of possible alligators' receivers is smaller, the investigation of the case can be complicated due to the very small circle of people involved."

With the young alligators gone – they were 2 years old in average – the Mato Grosso college zoo was left with only one 100% albino alligator. The place still has, however, 43 half-breed alligators.

Authorities say Brazil accounts for about 10% of the illegal animal trade around the world. They warn that the stole animals probably would not survive in the wild because their lack of coloring would make it extremely hard for them to escape from predators.

The police believe that the extremely rare alligators might be sold abroad or to powerful animal smugglers in Brazil.

800 animals of 79 species roam in the UFMT zoo's 11-hectare park. The state of Mato Grosso, which is house to the Pantanal, has more than 50 animals which are threatened with extinction.

The UFMT's zoo is believed to be the only one, inside a public university in Brazil, to breed albino alligators in captivity.


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  • forrest allen brown

    like most people he can say what he wants
    but never does any thing about it
    like many members of this site
    all talk no walk

  • Ric

    Whether the reference is to the Berkeley Planet or to the fictional Daily Planet, in any case, was not aware that Rush was employed by any newspaper.

    Truly an Educational Site.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Rush Limbaugh should be fired from the Planet, period.[/quote]

    I disagree about the method of disposal of Rush,proposed by this commentator.Too soft.

  • Hohhh my lord!!

    Rush Limbaugh should be fired from the Planet, period. His vocabulary consists of a few verbs at best and he is hardly someone to be mentioned or associated with the English language or American literature, anywhere in the world! That in it self indicates how low the bar is set around here.
    Hainˢ۪t that right Ric ?

  • Ric

    By Whom?
    Rush Limbaugh was reportedly once fired for using the word “therefore” too much.

    The guy who fired him was probably raised saying “ItÀ‚´s me” on the phone instead of “This is he speaking”.

    Nevertheless your response is a low blow, sirrah. Almost hypobranchial.

    Good day.


    Negative, Flamboyant or showy;
    At the risk of being Negative, Flamboyant or showy;
    In the English of 2008, any use of the term “pejorative” is considered ostentatious.

  • Ric

    In the English of 2008, any use of the term “half-breed” is considered pejorative. Just trying to help….

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