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Brazil’s Stolen Computers Being Carried by Halliburton Contained State Secrets

Petrobras headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The computers and hard drives stolen from the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras last month contained information considered a "state secret," according to the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

"They stole software that was classified a state secret. That's something serious," Lula told Brazilian reporters.

He did not detail what was on the four computers and two hard drives taken from a container transported by the US contractor Halliburton. However he did reveal that Petrobras had copies and backups of all the equipment that disappeared on January 31st.

Police and government sources have said the stolen data related to the Tupi field, a massive petroleum reserve that could turn the country into one of the biggest oil producers in the world

"From a strategic point of view we want to know what really happened, because only three corporations in the world do the type of deep sea prospecting Petrobras is involved in," added Lula.

The hardware and software were stolen when they were on route from Santos in the state of São Paulo to Macaé in Rio do Janeiro

The daily Folha de S. Paulo reported that the initial police inquiries suggest that it could be a common container theft operation. The container was a ramshackle in complete disorder indicating that thieves were after "valuables and not only laptops", said an expert consulted by the newspaper.

"If it had been an espionage case, whoever broke into the container could have taken copies of the data and would have attempted to leave all in order with no trace of the furtive incursion."



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  • jakob

    State secret in a container
    State secret in a container … If that data was so important, why did they ship it in a container, watch this, from Santos to MacaÀƒ©? What a piece of crock.

    If that data was so important, next time I would suggest a motorcade with 2-3 cars, or even better an armored van with a convoy. I mean, a STATE SECRET would warrant such an expense, wouldn’t it?

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhh Costa…….
    has given a lenghty argument !!!!!!
    What else could this TV write ????
    No doubt she is another Brazilian with a University degree…found in a 20 centavos candy !


    Of course for the Brazilian Government Cheaters it was a theft from Hallburton.
    Lets face it : How could idiots have allowed a foreign firm to transport….brazilian STATE SECRETS ?????
    Better yet….the original copy !

    Lets face it : it most probably was a common container theft as explained by Fohla de S.Paulo !!!

    But Brazilians had to find a foreign scapegoat….as usual !!!!!

  • forrest allen brown


  • Forest A$$ Brown
    Why don’t you shut the f.u.c.k. up, prick!


  • forrest allen brown

    so it was an inside job
    not a emploey from the oil company that took them .
    sounds like a comon thief from brasil looking for something to sell for food .

    as far as LULA some needs to tell him that there is more than 18 deep water exploration business in the world
    and oil finds are a state secret now you only have one company that has the right to drill oil in brasil
    could it be a way to hide the total find so the top of brasil can take there 20% with out any one knowing

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