Rice in Brazil: US Doesn’t Advocate Internationalization of Amazon

US State Secretary Rice with Bahia Governor United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, says that she was able to make one of her lifelong dreams come true while on an official visit to Brazil: visiting the capital of the northeaster state Bahia, Salvador, one of the global centers for African culture outside of the African continent.

"Coming to Bahia was a personal desire," Rice told reporters. "I had been hearing about it for years; Salvador is a great city and all this is due to the Afro-Brazilian community here. Of course, I am of Afro-descent and I have always believed that Brazil and the USA, in certain aspects, are more alike than any other two countries in the world."

And continued: "Here we find the traditions of the European, Latin and African, everybody living side by side. So I wanted to come to Bahia and I can tell I was not wrong. It is beautiful here. I only regret having taken so long to come."

Rice's trip began with a ceremonial dinner with key leaders and Brazilian officials, including the Governor of Bahia, Jacques Wagner, and the Brazilian Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Marta Suplicy. Highlights included performances from two famous Brazilian musicians, Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and singer/composer Carlinhos Brown.

Rice's cultural tour also involved a visit to the famous Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, a church built in 1704 which serves as an important symbol for the Afro-Brazilian community. She also visited the Afro Museum of Bahia in Terreiro de Jesus where she watched a performance by Olodum, one of the most famous Afro-Brazilian music and dance groups.

Upon the conclusion of her trip, Rice promised to promote Bahia and Brazil in the United States. Brazilian Minister of Tourism, Marta Suplicy, highlighted Brazil's comprehensive communications strategy that promotes its cultural diversity in the American market.

"Bahia is an important tourism destination for ethno-tourists and the African community, as it combines the historical and cultural sides to an impressive range of attractions, such as beaches, gastronomy, artistry and sports," explained Suplicy.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism is promising to invest US$ 16 million to promote Brazil and its culture to Americans in 2008. Brazil's Watercolor Plan  calls for generating consumer awareness worldwide about Brazil and attracting more tourists.

The established target for the U.S. sector is increasing the annual numbers for tourists entering the country to 9 million, and attracting a total amount of US$ 8 billion in revenue.

There are eight Embratur offices globally: New York (US), Tokyo (Japan), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France), London (U.K.), Frankfurt (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy) There is also a Bureau for Tourism for Latin America, based at the Embratur office, in the city of Brasilia.

Rice Interview with William Waack of Globo TV

QUESTION: Madame Secretary, in terms of the capacity of your government to influence positively events in this region, under President Bush, what's your assessment? This capacity has increased or decreased?

SECRETARY RICE: In many ways, our relations have never been better in many parts of the region. With Brazil, we've developed a very important and strategic relationship where we're cooperating together on projects in Africa, where obviously we have the biofuels initiative. Brazil is such an important actor not just in the region, but globally.

And I spent a long time today talking to the Foreign Minister, for instance about the Middle East – Brazil was a participant in Annapolis – and even on issues that are not of high politics, but I think that touch the lives of people. The United States has doubled foreign assistance to Latin America and we are trying to do more about education and healthcare because ultimately, this president cares about social justice in this hemisphere; democracy, good economies and social justice.

QUESTION: I read your remarks at the OAS as recently as last October when you said this is a change in history. This president, for him, it's not important where you are, your ideological background, whether you are leftist or rightist. But after we heard from President Bush yesterday, Wednesday about Chavez, this position has changed.

SECRETARY RICE: No, this is – we are sitting here in Brazil. Brazil has a president from the left. He's one of America's closest friends and partners in the region and on the globe. I will go on to Chile, another country where the president is from the left and again, we have excellent relations with Chile.

And so this is not about where you are on the ideological spectrum. It's a question of: Do you respect democratic values and democratic institutions; are you working for the good of your people; are you working for the good of your neighbors. Those are the issues that are important to the United States, but it's certainly not a matter of whether you come from the left or from the right.

QUESTION: So definitely, you can work with Chavez?

SECRETARY RICE: This is a question of what policies the country pursues, what interests the country pursues. We've had good relations with Venezuela historically. We would like to have good relations with Venezuela again. The question is: Are countries and are leaders working for democracy and for free trade and for prosperity and for social justice for their people and are they respecting their neighbors.

QUESTION: Now the United States is involved directly in armed conflict in Colombia. How seriously do you take the allegations that the FARC would be defeated were it not for the help it's getting from neighbors like Ecuador and Venezuela?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, the United States is involved and has been, on a bipartisan basis going back to the Clinton Administration, in helping the people of Colombia deal with what was a terrible situation in which insecurity was a daily matter for the Colombian people; kidnapping and bombings along roads, roads that no Colombian would even go along, narco trafficking and terrorists who were killing innocent people, paramilitaries who were involved in all kinds of crimes.

And President Uribe, following on President Pastrana, has carried out what he has called a program of democratic security. And indeed, life in Colombia is much better. I was in Medellin just a couple of months ago and I'll tell you something about Medellin. This is a name that used to be synonymous with trouble and now, it is a city that is booming and where prosperity is coming again and where people are beginning to feel safe. That's the partnership that the United States has engaged in with Colombia.

Now to the degree that the FARC, a terrorist organization by U.S. designation, is operating someplace outside of Colombia's borders, Colombia's neighbors owe it to the people of Colombia to deal with that problem, not to allow them to operate on their territory. And it is, by the way, a UN requirement of member states to do everything that can be done to prevent terrorists from using irregular groups, from using financing, from using ungoverned territories to attack innocent people. And so we've worked very closely with Colombia. Colombia is a good partner and Colombia is a good partner in the region for a better Western Hemisphere.

QUESTION: In your assessment, Madame Secretary, why are so many South American and Latin American countries shy or reluctant to adopt the same designation to the FARC as the U.S. does?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, we have different histories. We have different tasks to where we are now. But I don't think that many would deny that the FARC has been associated with some of the most horrendous violence against the people of Colombia. If we were sitting here with my Foreign Minister colleague from Colombia, we would be sitting with somebody who was six years in captivity because of the FARC. So whatever one wants to call them, and we designate it as a terrorist organization, the FARC has had a horrendous impact on lives – for the lives of ordinary Colombians.

QUESTION: Would you call Brazil a leader in this region?

SECRETARY RICE: Brazil is clearly a leader in this region. Brazil is looked to, President Lula is looked to for his wisdom, he's looked to for his ability to bring the region together, he's looked to for his vision. And by the way, not just his vision for the region, but because he has been effective here in Brazil in helping to deliver a better life for its people, in having relationships now with countries like the United States that I think will put biofuels on the map as a way to deal with the terrible problems that we face in energy supply and climate change.

So President Lula is looked to as a leader and Brazil is looked to as a leader. I think increasingly, Brazil will be looked to as a global leader as well, not just a regional leader.

QUESTION: On the other hand, the branch of government that you lead, the State Department, as recently as the day before yesterday was worried about the level of corruption in Brazil, stating – well, in a country report that Brazilian authorities are not doing enough. Is that impunity what worries you?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, I don't believe for one moment that there – that it's a question of impunity. I know that it's very difficult when corruption gets rooted in, to get it out, to root it out. But I strongly believe that the Brazilian Government understands the connection between corruption and growth. Corruption is attacks on the poor. Corruption is a sure way to kill international investment and I know that those things are understood by the Brazilian Government and that efforts are being made to fight out – to fight corruption.

QUESTION: So it – apparently, it was one – a personal wish from your side to be in Bahia. And why?

SECRETARY RICE: It was a personal wish of mine to be in Bahia. First of all, I've heard so much of Bahia over the years, of Salvador as a great city, but also because of the Afro-Brazilian community here and the expression of that culture here. I am, of course, myself of – partly of African descent and I've always believed that Brazil and the United States, in some ways, look more like each other than any two countries in the world; great European and Latin and African traditions all living side by side.

And so I was – I wanted to come to Bahia. I can see I wasn't wrong. It's absolutely beautiful here. I'm just sorry I don't have longer to be in Bahia.

QUESTION: You do feel at home?

SECRETARY RICE: I feel right at home and as we came through the streets, you can see the wonderful mixture of people. I'm a great believer that the future is in big, multiethnic democracies like Brazil and India and the United States and South Africa, where all kinds of people find their place and all kinds of people find opportunity and they live together.

In so much of the world, difference is still a license to kill and when you drive along in Brazil or in the United States and you see that there are people whose faces look like the world, but they speak the same language and they want the same things, it's really quite affirming of our common humanity.

Interview with Isabel Clemente and Rodrigo Rangel of í‰poca Magazine

QUESTION: Do you believe that Brazil should act more actively in regional affairs?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, I believe that Brazil is very active. It's looked to as a regional leader here in South America and in Latin America as a whole. It's one reason that the United States has valued its relationship with Brazil, because I think here in the region there are many things that we can do together. I would speak to the biofuels initiative, for instance, which is going to give us an opportunity to help many countries in the region attain energy independence and reduce their emphasis on fossil fuels. So I think everyone does look to Brazil as a regional leader, and it's a good one because it's a good, strong democracy.

QUESTION: Talking about biofuels – we have an agreement but our products face barriers in the States. Isn't that a contradiction?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, at this point, the tariff has gone up for review for a little while; and secondly, it isn't a real barrier at this point because the export isn't there. But this is something that can be reviewed over time. But for now, I think the tariff is going to remain, but we need to develop the technologies, we need to develop the relationship, we need to develop the markets, and then we can see where we go from there.

QUESTION: President Chavez insists that the U.S. is his enemy. Does the U.S. consider him to be the same?

SECRETARY RICE: We've always had a good relationship with Venezuela, and I want to be very clear the United States has a broad policy in Latin America where we stand for social justice based on economic growth and economic development, where we stand for equality for women and for people of different racial backgrounds. Today, I'm going to be signing an agreement in which we look to alleviate all forms of discrimination. That's the positive agenda. The United States doesn't have enemies in Latin America. So we – no, we don't have enemies in Latin America.

QUESTION: But is Chavez a threat for the stability and peace for the region?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, the problem is that some of the activities of Venezuela, I think, are questionable in this regard, and we watch it carefully. But we build on our strong relationship with our allies, and we don't have an ideological test. We are absolutely able to work with countries from the left, countries from the right.

QUESTION: What about the alliance with Uribe's government, some people believe that this is a factor for stability, too. Is American presence really necessary in Colombia?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, the United States and Colombia have worked together, and it's a policy that's had bipartisan support in the United States that goes back to the Clinton Administration, to try to help Colombia deal with the effects of terrorism, with the effects of coming out of what was essentially a civil war. And in 2000, many people were talking about Colombia as a failed state. That would not have been good for the whole region – bombings all of the time in Bogota, kidnappings.

Colombia is a different country now. It is more secure for its own people. It's developing economically. The United States and Colombia have a free trade agreement that we want very much to see passed by our Congress. So I think that the work that we've done in Colombia has been very beneficial to Colombia, to Colombia's citizens, but also to the region.

QUESTION: Many Latin American countries, including Brazil, are held by leftist parties that refuse to classify the FARC as a terrorist group. Is it a problem?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, I – you know the United States classifies the FARC as a terrorist group, and I would simply look at the behavior. If you were sitting here with me and my colleague, the Foreign Minister of Colombia, you would be sitting with someone who was held for six years in captivity by the FARC. Now, to my mind, that is a form of terrorism – going and kidnapping people, bombing innocent civilians. But perhaps the most important thing is that I think we all have to have an understanding that the killing of innocent civilians is simply unacceptable, and countries must protect their citizens.

QUESTION: The States have a historic track of getting involved in Latin American. Doesn't the recent Colombia crisis show the American influence waning across the region?

SECRETARY RICE: I think just the opposite; the United States believes strongly in regional solutions. And why wouldn't nations in South America take the lead? The United States doesn't have to be in the lead in everything. But I would note that we are, of course, members of the Organization of American States, that we were active with the OAS in helping to work through this crisis. But from my point of view, it's terrific if others can sometimes take the lead. This is a situation that I think was very much handled well by many leaders, including President Lula.

QUESTION: In terms of investments, people say the Chinese and the European are taking lead. So have the States turned away from the region?

SECRETARY RICE: No, we're here in large part and large numbers. I often ask people, just look at the numbers. The United States has strong trading partners here, strong foreign direct investment. We're always going to have that. We also are active politically. The President has been here several times. We have these strong partnerships with democracies like Brazil. The United States has doubled foreign assistance to Latin America during the President's term. So I don't think anybody is going to "replace" the United States, but we look to open markets where everyone can compete openly. The United States competes quite well in Asia, it competes quite well in Europe, so we're a global economy.

QUESTION: So as we look to the U.S. future, there's just one certain thing: We'll have a new president next year.


QUESTION: And if it's not Mr. McCain, it'll be either the first woman or the first African American to ever be in power. Which one moves you the most?

SECRETARY RICE: Oh, I'm telling you, I'm not going to tell you who I'm voting for – no, not by any means. (Laughter.) Look, it's a great thing that America has a system that is open this way, and after our own long history, particularly of discrimination that dates back to our founding really, these are wonderful developments. But you know, when Americans go in the voting booth, they're going to ask the same questions that they've asked in every other presidential campaign: Does this person share my values? Is this person going to pursue policies that are in my interests? Do I trust this person? And I think the wonderful thing is that those questions, I believe, will really transcend race and gender.

QUESTION: The U.S. has been quoted as an interested player in the internationalization of the Amazon. True or false?

SECRETARY RICE: False. Brazil is a sovereign country that's blessed with this great natural resource, the Amazon. Everyone in the world wants to see it protected and everyone wants to see it develop and be this great natural resource. But it would be working with Brazil in any way. But no, this is a false rumor. The United States doesn't stand for the internationalization of the Amazon.


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  • Cagg

    You said this about Brazil.
    You said this about Brazil.

    written by eagle, 2008-03-16 12:20:36
    americans do not vacation in brazil ,,,in any real numbers,,,,why would they go to a leftist anti-american third world dump……american tourists are targets for criminals in brazil,,,,and the documented stories of this are numerous…. as for american investment in brazil,,,,you really have to be joking,,,again the documented stories of americans doing business there are a nightmare…..No mention was made of the trafficking of brazilian nationals and other nationals to the u.s., or the corrupt issuing of tourist visas ….

    It is a great big lie that Brazil is a dump, I have been there a few time.
    It is so much nicer then the US, the cukture, the people, the food, everything about Brazil better than the USA.

    You are completely wrong. What school did go to? The Bronx Getto School?
    Look at the USA, 9 Trillion in debt, ND AN ILLEGAL war IN iRAQ.. The US creates a new WAR every 5-10 years. Is your country a democRACy?ST.
    A country that doesn’t have any resources.

    A country that the rest of the sees as rogue nation, the big bad bully. Be proud to be American. I am American and a shamed of being one. Shame on my country.
    I would rather be Brazilian than American.

  • bo

    Cockstinha is so stupid…
    that he thinks ‘harass’ is two words. 😀

  • O Ze

    Shelly my love
    That joke was totally retarded and unsofisticated… 😉 kind of LIKE YOU!!!! 😉 😉 😉

    Bo, do ypo have anymore of these GREAT JOKES? 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • Shelly1

    [quote]You so intelligent c**kstinha that I heard you went to a movie that read under 17 prohibited,so you went home and got 16 of your friends![/quote]

    Bo, that was great! Priceless!

    Forrest: I don’t believe everything NYT says. However, I read this article and spoken to someone from NOAA (East Coast at Princeton University) about 2 weeks ago. As you know, oceanographers in this country are taking a serious look into this.

  • O Ze

    The “cupcake” from Ipanema (shelly)
    You have answered 1% of my questions cupcake… frankly I am not impressed shallow girl. 😉
    How is that bubble bath going tonight Shelly? I know you would have contributed much more to the À¢€œBrazilian CauseÀ¢€Â if you hadnÀ¢€™t broken your nails on the dam door lock of the Mercedes.

  • forrest allen brown

    Just maybe they keep it on the QT so they can keep the money for themselves .

    rember was it last year that the sherif in SP had won the lotto 14 times in just a few years .

    and had a 6 million dallor hotel and his kid drove a 911 .
    there was a big to do but then it want away
    and he is still working as a sherif from the last word i got ..

    that is why i gave up on brasilian law and went after the persons that took the roamdeep on my on
    now there kids go to a regular college , dont have cars , no more boat , or vacation homes

    you get paide back by some people

  • forrest allen brown

    Just maybe they keep it on the QT so they can keep the money for themselves .

    rember was it last year that the sherif in SP had won the lotto 14 times in just a few years .

    and had a 6 million dallor hotel and his kid drove a 911 .
    there was a big to do but then it want away
    and he is still working as a sherif from the last word i got ..

    that is why i gave up on brasilian law and went after the persons that took the roamdeep on my on
    now there kids go to a regular college , dont have cars , no more boat , or vacation homes

    you get paide back by some people

  • bo

    No…my mom wasn’t one of the lucky ones. But her best friend since birth, and until this day, was one! I just watched their press conference on the internet…just ended. My mom’s friends name is Paula Pride.

    Funny how in the U.S. they put these people on national tv….here in Brazil it’s kept a secret since everyone knows that they or theirs would be kidnapped inside 24 hours if they put their identities in public!! 😉

  • João da Silva


    I read the story today! Is your mom one of those 8 lucky ones?

    If and when I win that much money, I intend asking Forrest to build me a boat which will be my home too!!

  • forrest allen brown

    no word as of yet on costas mom
    got some news about the law wanting to lay claim to all her papers before she left ,
    so the IRS could go after all invloved , as the place they all lived could not be paid for with there normal jobs .

    yes the US tax payers have been led down the not so merry past by the ones in charge with the help of the press and TV going for the
    shock value for the ratings so the commerical time is worth more .

    every one has a idea on how to fix the place but once they get in office they get stuck and cant move as congress holds them up .

    what needs toi be done stop and hold genneral elections on face value programs take the power from the senators and congress that affect the 3 hundred million people .
    put them on the same programs as the rest of the people , social security , medi care . for 2
    make the line veto part of law by 3 persons .
    limit all voted offices to 2 .4 year terms in each house cut there pay by 1/3 and will be like the military they have screwed
    make them have previos military experience , inforce the 18 amendment .

    put in place a national lotto all 50 states the money would go the SS fund never to be touched by congress or by president order only by popular vote could it be
    used for some other reason .
    they must retire at 65 like air line captains
    get rid of the all the surprem court judges over 65

    if they cant come up with a balanced buget than they loose there pay not the parks and wiled life officers that only make about $24.000 a year

    take the press to task make them hold there tongs quit conviction people in the press let the courts decide

    less than 50% of the amazon rain forest is in brasil what is going to happen when the countries that have parts of the river system start damming them off for eletrical power dams
    will beasil go to war to hold the river open ??

    we all on this planet togeaher and the new kings and kings keep the little people fighting one another so they can screw us all

    yes i know the main water sorce is in brasil but ever little bit makes a river

  • João da Silva

    Breaking News:

    Your friend AndrÀƒ©ia Shwartz has gone MIA. Is she swimming in the South China sea? Clue us all in, Forrest. May be Charlie Sheen is also with her.The plot is thickening, though.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Now that Bush says Bin Laden is not important, we should give Bush a collective f**k OFF, thanks for nothing wave and pull out. [/quote]

    You must be a Maritimer 🙂

  • bo

    You are so witty Cockstinha…
    that you are truly a sparkling gem amongst a toilet bowl full of turds in the brazilian educational system!

    And where did you twist that witty P.S. you always write…from the “brazil, country of the future and always will be”??? 😉 😉 😉 😀 😀 😀

    You so intelligent Cockstinha that I heard you went to a movie that read under 17 prohibited,so you went home and got 16 of your friends!

  • ….

    BobÀƒ£oÀ¢€¦Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
    Fuckwit, some people are has-beens. You are a never-was.


    PS Os Estados Unidos Àƒ© uma merda e sempre serÀƒ¡

  • João da Silva


    You better stay in your boat for the next few months, Forrest. After reading the news about the collapse of Bears Stearns and people commenting that it is the worst financial crisis that U.S is facing since 1929, I think it is a wise idea to obey only the laws of nature (and live off it too)!

  • bo

    I thought my last post to be pertinent since my mom spoke to her best friend, Paula, this morning and she said they plan to take the 276 million and take over ALL of Brazil…not just the Amazon!!! 😉 😉 😀

  • ….

    The topics is: À¢€œUS Doesn’t Advocate Internationalization of AmazonÀ¢€Â
    How can anyone trust the scammers from Washington (whitehouse congress pentagon), in addition to the FBI, CIA, AFT, DEA, DOD etc. They have proved over and over again to be 100% liars.

    Iraq, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Waco (Texas), TWA Flight 800, Watergate, Liberty for all, the murder of JFK conspiracy, Unemployment rates, US economy solvency, US Aid, support for Israel, casualties of war, and on and on and onÀ¢€¦ The American people have been indoctrinated and donÀ¢€™t know it.

    What they say or do today may change 1800 degrees tomorrow, itˢ۪s worthless as soiled toilet paper. Regarding Brasil, the US is simply appeasing us in lieu of recent huge petroleum reserves found, purely and simple.

    If a man fouls me once, shame on him; if he fouls me twice, shame on me! By the way, Mr. Bush attempted to say that in public but he is too stupid to complete the entire sentence. See it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn32oQyrDQc


    PS Os Estados Unidos Àƒ© uma merda e sempre serÀƒ¡

  • bo

    Off Topic…
    my mothers best friend was one of 8 women who together bought a lottery ticket for last saturday’s 276 million dollar lottery and won!!

    8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket

    POSTED: 2:56 pm EDT March 17, 2008
    UPDATED: 3:21 pm EDT March 17, 2008
    [NEWSVINE: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [DELICIOUS: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [DIGG: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [FACEBOOK: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [REDDIT: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [RSS] [PRINT: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket] [EMAIL: 8 Women May Hold Winning $276M W.Va. Powerball Ticket]
    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Roger Magro thought his wife Crystal was “full of baloney” when she told him she and her co-workers had purchased a Powerball ticket worth more than $276 million.

    But he said she was so adamant that it finally started to sink in.

    The ticket belonging to the eight women from the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department Tax Office still has to be validated by the West Virginia Lottery.

    If the ticket checks out, the eight would receive a lump sum payout of nearly $140 million before taxes. After taxes, they’d get $95.5 million, or nearly $12 million each.

    One of the other potential winners of Saturday’s jackpot, Linda Fominko, has been in contact with lottery officials about getting the ticket verified.

    A news conference is set for Tuesday.

    Tax office officials said the other workers who went in on the Powerball pool are Allecia Priore, Andrea Grey, Amanda Pugh, Judith Gapen, Paula Pride and Jessica Dotson.

    All of the women, who declined interviews, showed up for work on Monday.

    Magro said his wife plans to continue working in the tax office, but he resigned Monday from his job as a sheriff’s deputy.

  • forrest allen brown

    SHELLY you beleive the NYP well have fun
    oil from the exxon did as much or as little damage as you want to beleive . been there the fisherman bitched just to make exxon pay them for not fishing oil is on the surface not under water .like all the people from katrina claiming they lost there big screen TV and other high priced equipment , and still living on the goverment dime .

    for me i would tax the church for all the property they own that they dont have sunday school in .
    and make them pay the welfare on any and all catholic kids out there the US is paying to feed .

    Enron just made broke the ones that worked for them , not unlike Parmalot did .
    EOG is still up and running on a day to day in texas drilling for gas .

    with risk comes rewards , you drill in alsaka and the price still wont go down but the money will stay in the US not to china or some raghead .


  • Gringo

    bo, you’re right, but that wasnÀ‚´t what I was pointing to

    Yes, EnronÀ¢€™s corruption and collapse were very well covered, and we all know that Lay is now worm fertilizer and that Skilling is singing À¢€œI know what Boys wantÀ¢€Â. Touche for Americas justice system! That would NEVER happen in Brazil.

    What was NOT so widely covered and focused on (at least outside of Californian) was how ENRON manipulated and profited from the energy crisis in that state. Enron made heaps during shortages, so they CREATED shortages. So, pointing fingers at tree huggers and Al Gore is kinda missing the mark on why there are problems in the energy sector.

    ThatÀ‚´s the point that few pay attention too.

  • bo

    [quote]The Eron story few talk aboutÀ¢€¦..

    Huh?? Come on now, like we all haven’t heard this before! Enron only lost out on press coverage to september 11th, for the love of christ. Hell, the CEO died before he went to prison from all the stress. The guy couldn’t turn on the tv, radio, or buy a newspaper without it being the top story….and deservedly so, don’t get me wrong. But to say that Enron wasn’t covered from front to back and left to right is simply ludicrous.

  • Gringo

    Shelly e JoÀƒ£o
    [quote]I enjoyed your post. The problem is America has the brain and $$$ to invest in alternative technology.[/quote]

    Thanks and youÀ¢€™re absolutely right Shelly, and this is where my love/hate relationship for the US conflicts. As much as I despise their hardcore À¢€œanything for a buckÀ¢€Â consumer ideology and the denialist tactics and subterfuge employed to protect that earned buck, it is a nation where, when itÀ¢€™s in their interest, can commit to and achieve much.

    However, renewable energy is not a new concept. The tech has been around for decades, but poorly funded given special political interests connected to other traditional energy systems. I agree that America can and will innovate when the time is right FOR THEM, what I hate is that the time has been right for so many for so long and a FEW in the US, along with a number of major corporations, have done everything possible to derail the development of these technologies and or stifle their progress (simply to protect their own interests). Watch the documentary À¢€œwho killed the electric carÀ¢€Â. Fascinating!

    As well, when companies create energy crisis and milk a population of billions, thatÀ¢€™s called good ole American capitalism, when someone raises their hand and suggests conservation (to avoid an energy crisis and to save money and the climate), they are shouted down and called a À¢€œcommieÀ¢€Â or À¢€œtree huggerÀ¢€Â. ThatÀ¢€™s America for youÀ¢€¦

    But itÀ¢€™s all a programmed response as I was telling Forrest. And I donÀ¢€™t want to offend him, or other Americans on the board, butÀ¢€¦..

    So, yes and no. They have the money and they have the innovative minds, but as long as you buy your politicians and as long as major corporations are allowed to fund À¢€œAstroturfÀ¢€Â groups, itÀ¢€™ll be a long and winding road to a greener planet.

    The Eron story few talk aboutÀ¢€¦..


    Canada went to Afghanistan under NATO to get Bin Laden. That was the mission. The Taliban wouldnˢ۪t hand him over to the US, so it was an international police action. Now that Bush says Bin Laden is not important, we should give Bush a collective FUCK OFF, thanks for nothing wave and pull out. Not so easy when Canada has just as many chest-pounding right wing war mongers around that will defend to the death the right to send others to their death.

  • ….

    Shelly, the talking head
    Shut up before I wire your eyeballs to a defibrillator; set the voltage to Kill, and smile as you go flying around the flashing coop like a beheaded multicolored, fire-farting chicken before collapsing conveniently at my feet so I can piss-out the flames and feed the remains of your fried gimp carcass to the pigs.

    Yours truly,


    PS Os Estados Unidos Àƒ© uma merda e sempre serÀƒ¡

  • João da Silva

    Good day,Gringo.Long time no hear. I see Forrest and you have been exchanging some interesting and healthy comments. I have a question for you.

    You said:

    [quote]Heck, there are still people believing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. You folks went to war over a myth! [/quote]

    What is your [i]personal opinion[/i] of [i]your countryÀ‚´s[/i] involvement in Afghanistan?

    This thread must get more interesting now that you and Forrest are going to debate 😉

  • Shelly1

    Gringo and Forrest
    I enjoyed your post. The problem is America has the brain and $$$ to invest in alternative technology. In Japan, Toyota has a minivan Estima which hydrogen powered electrical is already on the market. How long it will take to get here? Oh, but wait there is a pilot program in California! Pilot program? Different states could adopt several energy efficient cars, but as long as Big Oil decides who is going to be the next president, America will fall behind on energy plan and will continue to be dependent on the Arabs and Chavez.

    Drilling in Alaska is the dumbest idea, all you need is one oil spill-didn’t you learn anything about Exxon Valdez? San Francisco Bay? Maybe Forrest you should read this magazine Waterkeeper Alliance Here is the H2 oil :http://switchstudio.com/waterkeeper/issues/

    The oceans are already in trouble: Did you read the NY times today? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/17/science/earth/17salmon.html?ref=science
    And please do check out the section on the socioimpact of the spill on the Alaskan communities and read “Separation of Oil and State”. If we (I like to consider myself a tree huger as being in the business), would like to leave something for the next generation of young Americans and citizens of the world. What we need is cojones my friend, bite the bullet, and invest in alternative technology. That are PLENTY of scientists in the US right now working endlessly and some have found a solution. However, Mr. Bush has decided to be the worst government for the environment, hardly Al Gore’s fault!

    For the energy crisis, it won’t be “one solution fix all” , I believe in America when it comes to innovative ideas.

  • Gringo

    ThatÀ¢€™s all fine and dandy Forrest, but you are basically parroting what most À¢€œright wingÀ¢€Â zealots have been programmed to say. ItÀ¢€™s that same leap frog logic many are using to discredit the IPCC and their AGW science. It goes like this: À¢€œAl Gore flies in a jet so global warming is a hoax!À¢€Â. ItÀ¢€™s next to impossible to debate such sophomoric ideation. But this is the current level of discourse with many in the US and youÀ¢€™ve provided some nice anecdotal examples.

    If we did away with the EPA and all those damn tree huggers, we could go back to putting lead in our gasoline, filling our skies with sulphur dioxide and our lakes with mercury! Ya! Letˢ۪s remove warnings from cigarette packages and reduce the smoking age to 4. Is that what you want? Why not, if China can why canˢ۪t we, right? Isnˢ۪t that how the argument goes?

    As for attacking GoreÀ¢€™s character, until he dons a hemp sack heÀ¢€™ll always be a hypocrite to those diametrically opposed to his À¢€œliberalÀ¢€Â (as liberal as you can get in the US) values À¢€“ fine. ThatÀ¢€™s what conservatives want you to believe. To be green you must somehow sit around a camp fire, sing kumbyyaa, and give up all material belongings. Poppycocks!

    Donˢ۪t buy into the spin. That was my point.

    BTW, tree huggers have nothing to do with hindering oil drilling in Alaska. Those would be your Caribou huggers.

  • ….

    Shelly, the Happy Hooker
    The only person I know who fights for social justice in Brasil via Brazzil forumsÀ¢€¦.. hehehe, what an idiot!

    Shellyˢ۪s only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others against the dangers of self-lobotomy surgery. You get ever more ridiculous with every word that comes tumbling out your c.o.c.k-sucking mouth.


    PS Os Estados Unidos Àƒ© uma merda e sempre serÀƒ¡

  • forrest allen brown

    not that conservative right wing type .

    look at it this way Alaska is setting on as much oil as brazils new off shore find .cant drill there as may hurt some wildelife
    Florida staits has half as much as alaska but the green people dont want to drill there , yet just 16 milles away are 27 chinese drilling platforms working off the coast of cuba
    califorina has millions of barrels coming to the surface but cant drill there .

    so would it not be better to drill our own oil than to better the pockets books of thoes whom hate us .
    the US is comming down to all the sepical intrest groups , whitch takes money out of the ecomeny of the US whitch
    does hurt the rest of the world .

    if AL gore was that big of a green person he would not live in a 10.000 sq ft house using close $1.700 in ele bills a month
    he would sell that Gulf stream jet and his yatchs .
    but he wants us to live by his rules

    and if you ever looked at my post the worst thing about the US is its present leadreship and the ones that have there ears
    have killed the imiage of us as a people .

    the people of the US have no idea what we look like to the rest of the world .
    and i am tired of saying i am sorry fro there total lack of creditability

    not un like you having to say sorry for lula

  • ….

    BobÀƒ£o and his ICE
    Oh BoÀ¢€¦ All those voices inside your head. How do you manage? Do you take votes or what?

    Too bad stupidity isn’t painfulÀ¢€¦ I’d like to slap you senseless but I see your ex-wife already has.


    PS Os Estados Unidos Àƒ© uma merda e sempre serÀƒ¡

  • Shelly1

    Do you even waste time with hemorrhoid kingpin? 😉 You are way to good for him!

  • Gringo

    Damn Al Gore À¢€“ heÀ¢€™s responsible for everything!
    Forrest, I generally think youˢ۪re an interesting guy and Iˢ۪ve followed your horror story involving the roamdeep for some time, even when it was on the gringoes.com website. I like some of the other American posters too, so donˢ۪t take this too personal BUT: I canˢ۪t but help chuckle when I see Americans, typically your more conservative right wing types, blaming Al Gore for just about everything these days. You folks are in a never ending quagmire thatˢ۪s costing trillions, your economy is toileting, millions of Americans are losing their homes, yet itˢ۪s those damn tree huggers and Al Gore thatˢ۪s the real problem!

    I guess it stands to reason though; with an 8 year Republican war waged against science and rationality, funded by their buddies in big business, why aptitude test results are plummeting like the Dow Jones and churches are filling up faster than a McDonalds after the bars have closed on a Friday night. America is simply getting dumber.

    Here we are giggling at BrazilÀ¢€™s national psychosis over the À¢€œinternationalization of the AmazonÀ¢€Â all the while Americans, or many of them, believe in just as many crackpot conspiracy theories and nut ball nationalistic illusions spoon fed to them by a cabal of war mongers and hard-core free market libertarians waving the bible. À¢€œGlobal warming is a hoaxÀ¢€Â! À¢€œIntelligent Design is scienceÀ¢€Â! Heck, there are still people believing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. You folks went to war over a myth!

    BrazilÀ¢€™s fear over international forces looking to usurp control over the Amazon is exactly like AmericaÀ¢€™s paranoia in the 60s over communists and socialists trying to infect the minds of children, or today, that everyone who practices Islam is a terrorist. The only difference is that the myth of À¢€œinternationalizing the AmazonÀ¢€Â hasnÀ¢€™t really killed anyone, YET, while McCarthyism destroyed lives and well the À¢€œIraq had weapons of mass destruction and was plotting to kill AmericansÀ¢€Â myth has lead too, well you know.

    These are emotive fears that cut to the marrow of nationalism and play up significantly on subconscious bigotry and xenophobia. NationÀ¢€™s the world over use these tactics to rally their populations into doing some of the most ghastly things; or to take attention away from national matters of embarrassment. Sadly, the US has written most of the À¢€œhow-toÀ¢€Â Books.

    So be wary, while your government uses terrorism as an excuse to invade counties that have/had nothing to do with terrorism, back at home big business and their political cronies and religious bed fellows need a new villain too and they have painted Al Gore as Dr. Evil, along with anyone who considers fresh air and clean water a basic right. Damn those tree-huggers!

    If you want to see why America at times has energy problems, I suggest you read Peter Elkind and Bethany McLean À¢€œThe Smartest Guys in the RoomÀ¢€Â. If you want to ColesÀ¢€™ notes version, grab the documentary. If I were American, IÀ¢€™d be more concerned with the powerful and connected Ken Lays (RIH) and Jeff Skillings than the few powerless George Heydukes.

  • ….

    Florist Brown A$$
    Your English is rottenÀ¢€¦ Anyway, thanks, I always wondered what chicken-s.hit, horse-s.hit and bulls.hit would smell like if it was all mixed together in one post. Now I know.

    Just a question: You can barely spell your own name; how do you manage to fill-in your unemployment forms?


  • bo

    When exactly was it that ICE deported your ignorant ass? 😀

  • bo

    [quote]BOBÀƒƒO, the PEDOPHILE[/quote]

    You must have mistaken me for E Poligamy!

  • ….

    The Vulture Wannabe Eagle!
    Listen, you f.u.c.king dork, I will put a loudspeaker to your ear and scream into it in a demented manner that will make John McEnroe seem quite and shy if you don’t get a f.u.c.king clue and start waving a tennis racket around instead of trying to catch the balls with your ass crack.

    You are road kill waiting for a shovel.


  • ….

    Hey youÀ¢€¦ child molester/wife beaterÀ¢€¦ Pack your crap and go back to whatever rock you crawled from under in Indiana!

    BobÀƒ£oÀ¢€¦ the giant rolling turd on a sand dune, hehehe.


  • ….

    Shelly, my slutty HO!
    How is that fag rotten-teeth british queen hubby of yours? Still not delivering itÀ¢€¦ right!

    Shelly, donÀ¢€™t lieÀ¢€¦ NONO is not part of your vocabulary. You have seen more ceilings than Michelangelo!

    Shelly is just like a postage stamp, we lick her, stick her, then send her away back to her fag hubby. You Are A Lot Like Train TracksÀ¢€¦You Been Laid Across The World!

    Luv U BabeÀ¢€¦ Kiss nas nadegas!


  • bo

    [quote]My issue with you was the fact that you seem to think that I came here because I need to come here, and you are wrong. I am here because I want to, that is the difference.[/quote]

    I did not think that nor did I imply it. The fact of the matter is that in Brazil it doesn’t matter how much money one has, he/she is still in a reality where things that are imperative to a high quality of life simply don’t exist or exist to a degree that are among the worst on the planet.

  • Shelly1

    A note on the EPA
    “The E.P.A.À¢€™s own risk estimates show that between 75 and 70, there will be hundreds more deaths and thousands more visits to emergency rooms, and hundreds of thousands of more lost school days,À¢€Â he said.Regardless of which figure was chosen Wednesday, tens of millions of people live in counties that do not meet the current standard of 84. And the timetable for meeting the new one could be decades, depending on the severity of the problem, city by city.”

    Foreest don’t get your knickers twisted, the three lovers here don’t have that much influence. EPA is a cabinet appointed position, therefore you should take it on MR. Bush. He had 2 terms in office and choose to put his “eggs in one basket”, neglected the troubling signs about the economy, AND NOW the Feds have given “a $30 billion credit line to engineer the takeover of Bear Stearns and announced an open-ended lending program for the biggest investment firms on Wall Street”. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/17/business/17cnd-fed.html?hp

    It is the FEDS to the rescue. It is unprecedented in the history of this nation. I think it is too little to late…sorry 30 billion may solve one company…but what about others?

  • Shelly1

    [quote]Your family may earn better than most middle class americans…but hate to tell ya, and I’m quite sure you’re well aware of this….but they do not live better. They don’t live, as you correctly stated, without paying for security, fighting with utility companies constantly, paying absurd taxes and seeing little to nothing in return. The reality in Brazil and other first world countries are very different…..I know I don’t need to tell you that.[/quote]

    Bo I won’t disagree with you on this one. If a person has to quantify it life on job security, material belongings, income, etc. My old folk would be better than most people here. However, the peace of mind, which you have mentioned, he does not. I could not live like that. My issue with you was the fact that you seem to think that I came here because I need to come here, and you are wrong. I am here because I want to, that is the difference.

  • forrest allen brown

    US heading that way by EPA
    Bo your right there on the lack of return on taxes in brazil , we put a gen set on our place as eletrical power is at best some times not .

    BuT with the EPA and AL Gore and the tree huggers the US has not built one single new electrial plant . or one new petro chemial plant so the US is not to far behind
    as out goverment is failing too keep up the standard too whitch the US was working at in the 50

  • bo

    You have to love it when…
    people (brazilians) start throwing the word ignorant around!! 😀

    This is coming from a population where VASTS numbers actually believe completely nonsensical, concocted fairytales concerning the U.S. and supposed textbooks that we teach our children that the Amazon is international territory!

    Brazil and most Brazilians give themselves too much credit. They believe that others are concerned about them and their place in the world…..hate to break it to ya, but it just ain’t so.

    And Shelly, I said that you NOT being in Brazil says a lot, it says a lot about your education level. Your family, as I, may have wonderful situations in Brazil…….FOR Brazil! But that certainly doesn’t mean when we leave our “secure” high rise apartment buildings, or I leave my condominium which as 8 security guards (4 armed) every night, and 2.5 meter high walls with electric fences, that the Brazilian reality doesn’t hit me and mine square in the face. One, at least here in the northeast, still must deal with the vast ignorance, and on all levels, even with supposedly “educated” people, the blatent lack of respect for anyone or anything, the wonderful infrastructure (water, gas, sewerage, energy, telecommunications), public security, or lack thereof, and when one drives his car anywhere, or takes a taxi, or takes a bus, he’s literally taking his life in his own hands by driving alongside the most ignorant, self-absorbed, idiots to ever take a seat behind a steering wheel. I live in a city which has a population of less than 600,000 people…..and in 2006 more than 120 people lost their lives because they were ran over by cars or trucks!!! [b]Ran over!! Atropelado!![/b]

    That’s insane…and goes a long way in showing the mindset of many.

    Your family may earn better than most middle class americans…but hate to tell ya, and I’m quite sure you’re well aware of this….but they do not live better. They don’t live, as you correctly stated, without paying for security, fighting with utility companies constantly, paying absurd taxes and seeing little to nothing in return. The reality in Brazil and other first world countries are very different…..I know I don’t need to tell you that.

  • Shelly1

    [quote]Lets face it “Fadinha” you were born with a silver spoon in your a.s.s and that is why you make sure to tell everyone here that you come from the upper class in Brazil. Like you said you can’t stand to look at poor people anymore… and that is the real reason you will never go back to Brazil.[/quote]

    When did I say that? You have been here long enough. I have been involved in projects in Brazil since I was a kid. I see my position as a privileged person and use to help others. There are a lot of rich people in Rio doing what they can, but ultimately the Brazilian government has to provide more. My dad, if you will, has not seen one cent of the money from the Favela Bairro project, Do you mind giving him some? Favala do Anil in Jacarepagua desperatly needs the money! HONEY you talk too much and have no substance.

    I was born with a silver spoon, thanks to my dad working his ass off and being screwed left and right by our beloved government. He payed everything twice: private health care, private schools, private security service…and we used ZERO as children. Brazil is the land of ALMOST opportunity. Lula has raised the minimum wage GREAT, but how about making sure that the kids aren’t working for the ethanol industry in the canaveral?

  • Shelly1

    “The favelas of Rio de Janeiro are shantytowns that lack even the most basic infrastructure and services. The Favela-Bairro Project, featuring the work of Jorge Mario JÀƒ¡uregui Architects, seeks to turn these blighted areas into functioning neighborhoods, or bairros. JÀƒ¡uregui’s design initiatives include the construction of community centers offering recreational activities and job training, daycare facilities, communal kitchens, and new streets and pedestrian walkways. These projects facilitate movement within the favelas, create links to the city center, address health and environmental concerns, and taken collectively, improve the sociological and economic status of the favelas. JÀƒ¡uregui has used architecture as a powerful tool for social reform and a means of integrating these informal communities with the rest of the city.”

    No need to worry. The Inter-American Development Fund has loaned Brazil in 2005 $600 million dollars. But hey apart from a few good projects, still Rio has so many favalas in dire straights that the money will never get to those who need it the most. Morro do Alemao or favelas in Nova Iguacy will not see this money. He does believe in CONTO DE FADAS

  • Shelly1

    JUST tell me who funds the project? WHO DEAR, do a google search and you find it…you don’t need to be a magician!!!! Does the Inter-American Development Fund sounds familiar? How much money have they spend since 90’s in Brazil? Over $180 million! What a joke and with more money being spend and we have the situation that we do in Rio. You Ze mane believes in conto de fada!

  • forrest allen brown

    that is asking a lot
    just tell me who will get richer off the
    so called program

  • O Ze

    Shelly (cupcake) oh po!
    I don’t believe in contos de fada, cupcake, I am just too educated for that. But if you want to talk some substance with me lets do it. But don’t sit there full of Brazilian À¢€œBarzinho CultureÀ¢€Â without substantiating the issues that are occurring in all social classes in Brazil today, from the “rocinha” to your beloved Ipanema bullshit culture. Lets face it “Fadinha” you were born with a silver spoon in your a.s.s and that is why you make sure to tell everyone here that you come from the upper class in Brazil. Like you said you can’t stand to look at poor people anymore… and that is the real reason you will never go back to Brazil. 😉 Let’s talk about substance, if you are so knowledgible tell me then how the Favela Bairro Program works and how is it differs from all the previous program before…be specific. Tell me then, how a Favela qualifies for the Accelerated Intervention Program and how it differs from all the programs before. Tell me precisely the numbers and the names of all the favelas that are presently going thru these projects. Tell me exactly how these projects are structured and who are involved in then. Tell me the overall annual budget approved unanimously by the congress in Billions of dollars (I want numbers from you) and finally cupcake, tell me how these intervention programs are actually sustainable and how will they be physically implemented. Describe all the phases for these mega projects by names and their definitions, for instance what does the “Containment Phase means, what does Re-griding and Planning Phase a Favela means, what is definition of Urban Intervention of a Favela, what does a Green Corridor within the urban context of such proposal means? How does the Transportation Corridor will work? How many times the Lula administration have increased the minimal wage from the previous administration and what is the actual percentage of the poor class that makes only (1) minimal wage in Brazil today?
    I will imagine you by now you have finished your babble bath and nails are drying getting ready for bed À¢€œprincessÀ¢€Â, but I will anxiously wait for your answers on these subjects and, of course, your recommendations will be welcome.
    Good night.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Maybe, just maybe you need someone like Collor to remind you the fine line of politics in Brazil.[/quote]

    Year 1990 😉

  • Jillian

    Plant trees to internationalize the Amazon!
    “Internationalize” the Amazon is to plant trees all over the world!

  • Shelly1

    O ZE MANE!
    I guess you are the typical Brazilian who believes in CONTO DE FADAS. ZE Brazil, typical ignorant of you to think that I don’t know anything about the Brazilian economy. Brazil is growing but let’s see for how long this “growth” will continue. Maybe, just maybe you need someone like Collor to remind you the fine line of politics in Brazil. ZE, you are part of the ignorant mass I was talking about!

  • Shelly1

    by the way
    Bo, I left because I fell in love with a wonderful man. Love was the reason, nothing else.

  • O Ze

    Ze Carioca cagando na Aguia
    Its a missfortune that ignorant people like you Bo and your friend “Eagle”had to leave the States and furtilize other countries (like Brazil) with your supreme ignorant views so typical of the self-righteous northerner (that would be up in the map Bo) and I donÀ¢€™t mean Canadians!!!;-)
    And for you “cupcake” Shelly, you have no idea of what is going on in the economy in brazil and the process that is taking place at this moment in the history of the country …you should read a hell of a lot more about your own country. 😉 Otherwise you will end up like Bo, a congenital ignoramus.

  • Shelly1

    Bo, thanks for correcting my English! 😉

    The fact that I am here has nothing to do with your quote. We the few educated Brazilians, includes those who are out of the country and those who are in the country.I am Brazilian after all and consider myself IN-even though physically I am not there. I still have to pay my taxes and vote (I have done it since I left, it is my only voice and hope for the future), therefore my absence has nothing to do with your quote. Otherwise, you are overgeneralizing things. There are people in Brazil right now who would like change. I left for different reasons, didn’t have to. My parents today would like me to go back, and let me tell you that they live better than most middle-class Americans. My sisters have excellent jobs, one is a finishing up med school-and will come here this year to George Washington Hospital-she was invited to study here final year here. I did not leave because I needed a job or money. I am proud of my dad’s achievement, of my family and their history. Every country I have lived, I entered legally. I have a choice which is different for most people.

    As you know I have lived more in Europe than in the US-although this year it will be 10 years for me. Therefore, dear friend I am here because I want to. I could go back to Europe or go back to Brazil-which I for the time being is a NONO for me.

    It may be true that a lot of Brazilians leave Brazil for better opportunity, but what makes you think that this is my case? 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • bo

    [quote]written by Shelly1, 2008-03-16 18:35:06
    We the educated few in Brazil….[/quote]

    You mean, “we the few educated brazilians….”

    As you are in the U.S.! And that certainly says something in itself.

  • Shelly1

    We the educated few in Brazil, know quite well that this sort of campaign has been created by the Brazilian gov, people like Mr. Buarque in order to create a “sense of national ?pride”.What happens when you feed fear into a nation? (no pun intended) Brazil is largely populated by an ignorant mass, therefore when you feed this bullshit, people will believe it. There is nothing wrong with national pride, but it should be used to construction not destruction. Lula is a leftist government, which decried change for the poor and has (as usual) delivered a mere “esmola”.

    I want Brazil to grow. More than anyone here, I would like to one day be able to return and help my country. However, I don’t see Brazil being serious enough about bringing change to its administration and as long as this country continues to exclude large part of the population from the growth process, I will not return. It is a choice that I have made, I am helping from here, which is far better than doing nothing at all.

  • papagaio

    Cagando na aguia e no Bo
    Hey Eagle !!! I have a thought, bring your mom and dad so we can marry them.
    Oh yeahÀ¢€¦and s.h.u.t the f.u.c.k up.

  • eagle

    americans do not vacation in brazil ,,,in any real numbers,,,,why would they go to a leftist anti-american third world dump……american tourists are targets for criminals in brazil,,,,and the documented stories of this are numerous…. as for american investment in brazil,,,,you really have to be joking,,,again the documented stories of americans doing business there are a nightmare…..No mention was made of the trafficking of brazilian nationals and other nationals to the u.s., or the corrupt issuing of tourist visas ….

  • bo

    [quote]QUESTION: The U.S. has been quoted as an interested player in the internationalization of the Amazon. True or false?[/quote]

    Where did this quote come from? The site made in Brazil that made the same false statements concerning Americans teaching our students that the Amazon is international territory? Showing fake maps and text from a nonexistant book where they made umpteen spelling errors and it was evident to see that a native portuguese speaker concocted the entire story! 😀

    Brazil at times truly shows exactly how educated they are…..and it’s a tragedy.

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