Gordon Brown’s Friend Puts Tag Price on Brazilian Amazon: US$ 50 Billion

Igarapé in the Brazilian Amazon Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil's president, reacted against international criticism of his administration's environment policies saying that the world needs to understand that the Amazon belongs to Brazilians.

The Brazilian leader told a forum in Rio de Janeiro, in the southeast of Brazil that it was "amusing" that countries who were among the world's worst polluters wanted to talk about preserving the rain forest.

"The world needs to understand that the Amazon has an owner, and that is the Brazilian people" Lula said. "They are rubber tappers, fishermen and we who are Brazilian."

Foreign environmental groups expressed concern this month when president Lula's environment minister, Marina Silva, who was seen as a guardian of the Amazon, stepped down citing inability to carry out her agenda.

The minister had been increasingly isolated in her opposition to big infrastructure projects such as planned hydroelectric plants in the Amazon and had repeatedly clashed with big agricultural interests.

The Amazon has become an international issue because its destruction, much of it by farmers as Brazil's agriculture exports boom, is a major contributor to global warming.

Earlier in the month Swedish businessman Johan Eliasch, a close friend of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, said that the Amazon could be purchased in 50 billion US dollars. Eliasch belongs to the NGO Cool Earth.

Cool Earth, apparently, purchased 160.000 square kilometers of land in the Amazon, which was later transferred to the US Brazil Fund Investment.

According to the Brazilian media, between 2006 and 2007, Eliasch held talks with business circles and proposed them to buy land in the Amazon arguing that "50 billion US dollars would be enough to buy the rain forest."

Media reports also indicate that Brazil's Federal Police and the Brazilian Justice Department are looking into the issue since they believe there's a link between the activities of Cool Earth and statements from British politicians who have criticized Brazil for not looking after the globe's "main lung."

"Very often British parliamentarians have put preservation of the environment above national sovereignty issues, based on allegations that Brazil can't look after its own rain forests," revealed the media.

President Lula da Silva has repeatedly stated that Brazil was doing its part to reduce global warming as the world's largest exporter of the renewable fuel ethanol.

"We are offering the world non-polluting fuel… Let's convince the world that ethanol can help reduce pollution, ease the energy crisis and reduce inflation."

However critics have questioned the environmental credentials of ethanol, saying its production is pushing cattle ranchers and farmers deeper into the Amazon.



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  • Mary J Bartholomew

    My goal, as the Exec Producer of the documentary “Preserving the Amazon Rainforest”, is to STOP Gov. Blairo Maggi (Pres/owner of the Maggi Group) from DESTROYING the Rainforest by continuing to PLANT and RE-PLANT SOY BEANS!! He should USE the canopy of the Rainforest as cover and GROW COCOA BEANS!!! WHY is the IVORY COAST leading the WORLD in Produciton of COCOA BEANS when they were originally found in the AMAZON RAINFOREST 1000 YEARS ago?!?!? CHOCOLATE IS KING!!! Not those little, pesticide covered, soil draining, “can’t sell to China because of the PESTCIDES”, ever increasing our GLOBAL WARMING BEANS!! Gov Maggi et al are cutting down the TREES in the Rainforest and BURNING them which CREATES MORE CO2 and THUS contributes TO A LARGE DEGREE to GLOBAL WARMING!!! So, Pres. da Silva, IF Brazil IS the KEEPER of the Amazon Rainforest — PROTECT it from GOV. MAGGI!! Tell him to PLANT COCOA BEANS!! They grow into trees in 3 – 4 yrs; can THRIVE in the 2 inches of fertile soil that is found in the Rainforest; and LAST FOR 100 YEARS!! NO RE-PLANTING NECESSARY!! NO PESTICIDES!! Once again — SAVE THE PLANET and return the AMAZON RAINFOREST to her original place as “THE LUNGS OF THE WORLD” and NOT the BIGGEST contributor to GLOBAL WARMING in the WORLD!!! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!


    yes joao
    with all the killings in brasil amazon that the news talks about .

    could it be that if the amazon is cleaned all the bodies will show up
    and then the brasilians will have to come up with an excuse as to why hole tribes are buried in a mass
    grave , in most cases they died of lead poison several times over .

    to date we know of the US archaelogist , the US nun, sir peter blake ,uk ,
    but how many brasilian indios have been killed 10.000 or so

    i can say for one i know of six brasilians dead from boarding my boat with guns in a open robery gone bad for them

    many others have been killed by the tow boats running the river along with the ferrie boats running the river at night
    with no lights the little boats get run over

  • João da Silva

    I missed the following news in the national press. Did you come to know about it?


  • Gringo

    If you torture stats enough, they’ll confess anything
    [quote]According to a report in the Folha Online, 55% of Amazonia is registered in foreigners’ names.

    55% of the Amazon’s REGISTERED 55,000 sq kilometers is possibly foreign owned. That’s REGISTERED with INCRA (although INCRA is about as efficient and honest as the PT and PCC). So, let’s round this off and say foreigners have registered 30,000 sq kilometers. The Amazon is 4,100,000 sq Kilometers in size. So, of the registered land in the Amazon 0.7% is possibly foreign owned. OMG – The Amazon is being INVADED! What makes this all the more pathetic is that .7% is ridiculously low, especially in light of the Government`s attempts at attracting foreign investment over recent years.

    But in the mind of our esteemed blogger here, and in the mind of most Brazilians, they will believe that 50% of the Amazon is foreign owned and an invasion is imminent.

    As costinha says guns are cocked and waiting. He thinks he’s being cute, but given the lawlessness of the region, the mentality of most Brazilians, the efficiency (cough cough) of Brazil’s police and courts, he’s not too far from the truth. Remember, killing a nun makes one a hero in these parts.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]He doesnt want to pay the market price for electricty produced in Uruguay.[/quote]

    Ch.c, it is not your day.Probably you are consuming enormous quantity of Ethanol. Squid does not want to pay the market price for the electricity generated by Paruaguay and Brasil (Itaipu binacional).

    [quote]Should read….UNSURE ! [/quote]

    A very good one liner. Ricardo would love it 😉

  • Chronicle Herpes Carrier
    Did you come up with that yourself, or do you owe all the credit to the many screaming voices in your head?

    Happy enema…


  • ch.c

    To Joao…..”Brazil” is replaced by “UnaSur”!
    Should read….UNSURE !


  • ch.c

    To costa…..we will be waiting for your with c**ked guns
    do you have….ONE ?
    You should be more of a trangender Tranny ! Right !
    but you enjoy sucking others……for a few centavos…per BJ.
    Keep working harder.

  • These Arragont Gringos
    Come on down, we will be waiting for your with cocked guns…. SOBS!


  • ch.c

    Lula……the world needs to understand that the Amazon belongs to Brazilians.
    Sure !
    Including the Amazon part that belongs to Venezuela, Bolivia and other countries ! Right ?
    Lula is the greatest idiot……in South America….and he proves it…DAILY.
    But of course he is begging….begging and begging again for money from wealthy countries….to preserve the Amazon.
    Even there HE DOESNT share that money with the other owners of the Amazon.

    What a scammer he is.

    He doesnt want to pay the market price for Bolivian natural gas.
    He doesnt want to pay the market price for electricty produced in Uruguay.

    But of course, he expects everyone of his trade partners in Unasur, Mercosur, or wherever to pay the market price for steel, grains, coffee, OJ or whatever you produce and export.

    Not surprising then, than Brazilians are hatred by most South Americans citizens.

    Just talk to an Argentinean, a Bolivian, a Chilean, an Uruguayan, a Paraguayan or anyone of your choice…..and ask them what they think about Brazilians in particular.
    Some truth may surprise you.
    You tend to put in place UNILATERAL rules….despite the agreements YOU SIGNED.

    Simple example was rice from Uruguay. Despite the signed MERCOSUR agreements, Brazil decided unilaterally to block rice coming from Uruguay because it was cheaper than the one you produced.

    And that is the typical UNILATERAL cheating, lying and hiding from Brazilians.


    brazil has all thies plans

    would be cheeper to put a bullet in thoes doing the damage and soon we could all rest
    and so could the forest .

    as can you see any one dyeing for someone they work for

  • DU 48

    Ownership or dealership
    President Lula is telling the public what they like to hear.

    It’s unlikely that the public will understand and be aware of the reality that the international banking community is funding agrofuels in Brazil.

    See report htttp://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=9018 19th May.

    According to a report in the Folha Online, 55% of Amazonia is registered in foreigners’ names.

    Due to the increasing urgency for practical solutions to climate change, the extent to which the Amazon Region has already been internationalised is now being made common knowledge thanks to the international community.

    It remains to be seen if the Brazilian political and legal system is able to deliver on sustainable development. Millions of people are more concerned with day to day survival than conservation: the task is enormous.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]There is a lot of exciting things happening in Brazil, but if you pay close attention, there is a lot of frightening things too.[/quote]

    This comment will describe a broader scenario if the word “Brazil” is replaced by “UnaSur”!

  • Gringo

    In the search for intelligent life.
    There are some dissenting voices in this nation that write with greater depth and breadth on the realities facing the Amazon, than the typical sounds bytes offered by Military throw backs and their political sycophants. Sadly, the voices are lost in the rush to lynch “them”.


  • Gringo

    Another msiquote and lie…
    There is a massive disinformation campaign underway geared towards simplistic nationalists. The focus is on demonizing gringos and the objective is to eventually clear them and environmentalists (at least the loudest ones) from the Amazon. This will allow the government to bulldoze their way into world economic history books by replacing the forest with soy and sugar cane plantations and earning a handful of Brazilians a À¢€œgajillionÀ¢€Â dollars, until the country goes tits up once again fulfilling the curse. There will be little to no international condemnation because foreigners will not be allowed to enter the forest and report what is happening (The Amazon will be BrazilÀ¢€™s internal Myanmar).

    The laws are already being drafted and what better way than to generate support for such xenophobic laws then to shroud them in campaign of lies and to repeatedly take out of context what is said in the international media (a page torn À¢€œRightÀ¢€Â from the Republican play book). Terrorize a nation by saying there are À¢€œterrorists are everywhereÀ¢€Â and you can achieve just about anything. The article written here is a classic example of the subterfuge being churned out recently (has anyone seen IstoÀƒˆ this week? Simply shotty, adolescent, hate filled, journalism) as was with the entire hullabaloo over the recent TimeÀ¢€™s article.

    What Swedish businessman Johan Eliasch ACTUALLY said was: that hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico had cost insurance companies 75$ billion and it might be cheaper to save the rainforest for 25$ billion, thereby preventing deforestation and making hurricanes less frequent.

    As you see, there is nothing about À¢€œbuying the AmazonÀ¢€Â. It was a À¢€œshoot from the hipÀ¢€Â remark.

    But this wonÀ¢€™t penetrate the press in Brazil, and def. not the minds of most Brazilians. Like the 2001 discredited À¢€œforgedÀ¢€Â map showing the Amazon as an À¢€œInternational ReserveÀ¢€Â in US text books, or the rumor that the American pilots were doing loop-de-loops over the Amazon; these are now seen as À¢€œnational factsÀ¢€Â (not to be confused with REAL facts). To question them is tantamount to treason, so they will be clung to by the masses as truisms for time immemorial.

    The government has no interest at all in trying to balance development and conservation in the Amazon; Marina knew this, so she bolted. What Lula wants to do, and this has been evident since his first days in office, is to control information and the countryÀ¢€™s image. Lula has embraced the Brazilian law: À¢€œPara InglÀƒªs VerÀ¢€Â, like no other President.

    I wouldnÀ¢€™t be surprised if the poster above were an imposter. This womenÀ¢€™s name canÀ¢€™t be found anywhere on Google, and no film maker would set out with an agenda like this À¢€“ if there were an agenda, to openly and publically espouse it is even more ridiculous. Again, I wouldnÀ¢€™t be surprised if it were a Brazilian with the sole purpose of ratcheting up the rhetoric against foreign journalists and foreign film makers, too.

    There is a lot of exciting things happening in Brazil, but if you pay close attention, there is a lot of frightening things too.

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