Brazil Poised to Become World’s Top Wet Nurse

A Brazilian milk cow Brazil could climb from seventh to first position as the world's main milk producer in five years, according to Marcus Alberto Elias, head of the trust controlling the former Italian dairy giant Parmalat Brazilian branch.

Elias took over the Parmalat trust in 2006 and is considered to have a long and successful experience in the restructuring of companies having gone through similar situations with companies such as Gomes da Costa; TendTudo, Camil, Unidas and Eurocash.

"We want to be among the main dairy industry corporations in the country and help Brazil become the world's main exporter of dairy produce," said Elias during an interview with Brazil's financial newspaper Gazeta Mercantil.

However he admitted that there's a long way ahead still. "Our cows produce an average of three liters per day, well below the average of Europe and the United States with 25 and 30 liters," said Elias who added that as a company "we have to recover our share of the market, which is currently only 13%."

Parmalat currently has 15 processing plants in Brazil and operates under the brand names of Parmalat, Gloria, Poços de Caldas and Alimba.

According to Brazil's IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the country's milk production was 25 billion liters (6.6 billion gallons) in 2006 and currently exports the equivalent of 800 million liters (211 million gallons) annually.

India, the United States, China, Russia, Pakistan and Germany are among the world's leading milk producers.




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