Brazil Set to Make Large Helicopters. Government Will Be Client

Helibrás hangar in Minas Gerais, Brazil A Brazilian-French cooperation agreement in the military aerospace sector has just been signed between the ministries of Defense of Brazil and France, which should allow Brazil to start producing large helicopters in the near future.

This accord should simplify the production of French aircraft in the South American country.

The announcement was made during the ceremony for celebration of the Helibrás 30th anniversary, in Itajubá, in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, where the company that will make the helicopters is located.

The firm belongs to Eurocopter, a subsidiary of EADS – the same European consortium that controls Airbus -, to the government of the state of Minas Gerais and to private Brazilian group Bueninvest.

According to figures supplied by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, the idea is for the large aircraft to be produced by Helibrás itself, which already makes smaller French helicopters. For this, the company is going to build a new assembly line.

To Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who participated in the ceremony, the new enterprise is going to supply not just the Armed Forces, but also other strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy, like the exploration of oil in sea platforms. Brazil already has important participation in the aircraft market through Embraer.

According to the Brazilian minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, the expectation is for the country's Armed Forces to purchase 50 helicopters for the transport of personnel. He declared that the defense sector has been prioritizing technology transfer, therefore the agreement with France, which was signed by Jobim and by French ambassador Antoine Pouillieute.

After the announcement, French newspaper La Tribune published an article showing that EADS could expand its participation in Helibrás, acquiring part of the share capital of Bueninvest and becoming the controller of the business.

Last year, Helibrás had record revenues of US$ 92 million with the sale of 25 service aircraft.



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  • Jerry Dill

    Economy booster
    I think this is great that the french manufacturer is using labor in Brazil to help build it’s helicopters. What a great way for the government to give back to the economy.

  • Atirador 25

    I didn’t even read the trolls.

    It’s a good start to produce at home. even at 45% participation, I bet EADS is not profiting more than it would from direct sales, and it would bring a nice investment to the site.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Ch C,

    Now that you elaborated, I see what side you are on [/quote]

    Shocked or [i]pleasantly[/i] surprised? 😉

  • jon

    Ch C,

    Now that you elaborated, I see what side you are on 😮 😮

  • ch.c.

    Dear idiot Jon :
    – Your “did you not worry about your precious air during the tragedy of Chernobyl?? “
    Yessssss….curiously and really…..the French Government said the radiations stopped right at their borders !
    Full of crap the story…but a real story !

    – Your “So your country was rebuilt after the second world war by the Marshall plan”
    I can only repeat how idiot and ignorant YOU are…JON !!!!! My country was NOT at war…!!! Sorry for You-
    Therefore we did NOT have to rebuild…..AS YOU SAY !!!!
    You are proving once more where you got your degree ! Not from detergents as you say…but IN detergents packs !!!!!!

    I am not against development or industrialization. I am against poverty in a middle income country that Brazil is. I am against
    sugarcane workers…..when mechanical harvesters exist for several decades. I am against corruption Brazil is well known for.
    I am against Brazil providing the World Highest Interests rates after inflation benefitting only the minority elite…..instead of building paved roads, good education, good healthcare…….FOR EVERY CITIZEN !!!!!
    And creating a Sovereign Wealth Fund…..before having delivered what I just listed means there wont be enough money available !!!!!!!!!
    I am against ONE way trade that Brazil and their accomplices try to impose !
    I am against idiots like you and others who caress their navel on your exports prowess…..totaling US$ 1000.- per capita annually…which represents around HALF of what Thailand exports….and thery dont caress their navel with as much fervor as Brazilians do. So funny and true…..your real LACK of prowess !!!!!!!!

    I am against the idiots like you Jon who criticize the helicopters deal and applaude the submarine eventual deal.
    They have the basis of… transfer !!!!! And same for Nuclear power plants…..that Brazil CANNOT build….without foreign technology.

    I am against street children totalling millions and millions in Brazil…and then read people like you or Bin the Crook telling how developed and caring you are for your citizens.
    I am against Brazil exporting food to the tune of well over US$ 50 billion instead of feeding Brazilians…in priority….since 25 % of them are UNDER NOURRISHED ! This is NOT development…in any way !!!!!!!!!! This is obsession !
    And Brazilians are also obsessed to lie, cheat and hide…and yessss…. I am against this !

    WELL RECEIVED ????????

  • jon

    Ch C and the Butterfly Affect
    When a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil………

    Ch C, so your country has built a dome over itself and the fresh alpine air is recirculated down into your valleys and you talked about your nuke energy that keeps the lights on in your chalet……did you not worry about your precious air during the tragedy of Chernobyl??

    So your country was rebuilt after the second world war by the Marshall plan and you tell others that industrialization and development is no good?? Tell us with all your wisdom what to do???

    But then again I and others got our degrees from detergents 😉 😉 😀 😀 😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    Joao re Petrobras
    But it was even suggested by Petrobras CEO at a recent congress hearing that the country (politicians) should raise the production sharing !
    Nothing new.
    But not a nationalization.

    Just think of it if developed countries nationalized IBM, Exxon, NestlÀƒ©, Wal Mart !

    Same effect that nationalizing Petrobras…to m y knowledge.

    On Sovereign Wealth Funds :
    I hope you and everyone understand the negative effect of such funds. Not only it will benefit only a few and not the society, but investing in these funds will by definition not develop the Brazilian infrastructure needed such as paved roads, healthcare, education.
    Yesss if you invest in a SWF how will you increase your 10 % paved roads, 50 % of them having millions of potholes due to bad or non maintenance ???????

    And as to Ricardo definitions they are full of basic errors such as …foreign currency RESERVES…that are fopr immediate use…which is obviously wrong.
    Even his statement on current account surp’lus is dead wrong.
    My country has the highest current account surplus at around 15 % of GDP ! Yesssss overFIFTEEN PERCENT !
    Should that mean we should have a SWF…using Ricardo baseless arguments ?
    Of course not.
    We want a secular low inflation, strong currency, low unemployment, good environmental practices, good healthcare, excellent infrastructure, excellent education and a good social programs !

    I also draw to your attention that in 90 % of the countries with a SWF, they are NoT even DEMOCRACIES BUT GOVERNED BY RULERS AND DICTATORS !
    Also funny that developed countries do everything to have prices as low as possible, emerging markets do everything to have prices as HIGH as possible !
    On carbon emission it is also strange that on a per output basis emerging markets pollute far more than developed countries.
    Look at refineries for example. In the USA not one new refinery was built in the last 30 years due to environment problems and pressures. In Brazil and elsewhere you are building more and more and very happy to export some of the fuel !!!!
    Neither Florida or California want more refineries.

    On the side : guess what will happen to the SP and Rio beaches, therefore also their real estate, when Tupi and Carioca oil fields will produce a lot of oil in the next several years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing rosy….guaranteed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is part of the globalization both the developed and developing countries want : YOU pollute yourselves with oil fields, refineries, mines, heavy industries ! And we are going to pollute less and less… definition !!!!!!

    China is already world second in pollution while their GDP is only a fraction of the USA !!!!!!
    A real self destruction. A true disaster and they dont really care, except with promises they wont deliver anyway.
    Same for India with their decades old plants, Russia with their oil and gas but also mines, Canada with their tar sands, Australia with their open pit mines as well as Brazil with oil, iron ore, steel mills, charcoal etc etc !!!!!!!!

    Yessss Globalization is good….FOR the developed countries.
    Our air is going to be fresher and fresher, while yours is going to be far more heavily polluted !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    Ohhh and I forgot to mention harvesters, tractors and the high speed train Ricardo was mentioning in his baseless article !

    Hi Ch.c. I would not discard the article by Ricardo so easily. His Macro plan is very sound, though I doubt about the Petrobras being re nationalized. If you look at my comments and that of Forrest, you will agree with us.At least, Ricardo is trying to shake the boat and not to make it capsize . We need people like him (and me, you, Forrest, etc;-). It is hard to deal with uneducated gullible mass and Forrest has been expressing clearly about this issue. The experience can be very frustrating.

    Brazil needs people who talk bluntly and Ricardo is one of them. So lets not criticize him, but enrich his plans. His plan is much better than that of your friends Bin, Mantega,etc; 🙂 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    I have no idea of how long he will last !

    And I am not getting out of control but you and others do !
    Re-read my comments on Commercial planes, cars, trucks, submarines and Nuclear power plants !

    Ohhh and I forgot to mention harvesters, tractors and the high speed train Ricardo was mentioning in his baseless article !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😉 😉

  • jon

    until his next face-lift and hair graft!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]To Joao….on Berlusconi ![/quote]

    Yeah, I hear you loud and clear! You didn’t believe when I said that Berlusconi is full of “hot compressed air” and Jon sided with me!! Quoting you, the Italians elected him (like we did) and RE-Elected him (like we did here)!!!. Only difference is that the Italians were quicker and smarter to protest so early in his second mandate. In spite of Silvio being a media mogul and a Billionaire. How long do you think he is going to last?

  • ch.c.

    To Joao….on Berlusconi !
    Today in Italy you had tens of thousands people in street demonstration…..complaining that Berlusconi is trying to make LAW that the 4 highest officials in Italy (himself first…..of course) …..have automatic impunity !
    What you may know or not is that Berlusconi has been involved in many corruptions practices in the past !
    And if that law is accepted… one could ever continue suing or accusing him !

    Funny but true !

  • João da Silva

    Hey Bo, could you respond to the following comment of our “Kamaraden”:

    [quote]”Brazil needs to own manufacturers, not simply provide labor and let the profits flow out”[/quote]

    Ch.c is getting out of control 🙂 😉 😀 😉 🙁

  • ch.c.

    “Brazil needs to own manufacturers, not simply provide labor and let the profits flow out”
    Every technology transfer is done that way.
    Funny that You criticize the helicopters deal and not the probable submarine deal ! Also French.
    Funny too that no one understand that even your actual Nuclear power plants are NOT by using Brazilian technology…..!!!!
    And for the helicopters they will be made by HELIBRAS…..A BRAZILIAN firm or at worst a Brazilian-French joint venture.

    Many of you have strange contradictory and stupid arguments to say the least….!!!!!!!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]so its not great news. basically the french are going to be the ones taking profit out of the country. Brazil needs to own manufacturers, not simply provide labor and let the profits flow out.[/quote]

    Well said and you sound like a sane Brazilian 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    good for patroling the jungles of the amazon
    they need to see if they will let them bring back to old gazaill made back in the 70
    was and still a good war bird ,

    the puma is another good one from them along with the aluit 3
    the EC 130 or the 360 not bad for cops and health runs .

  • bo

    so its not great news. basically the french are going to be the ones taking profit out of the country. Brazil needs to own manufacturers, not simply provide labor and let the profits flow out.

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