Shoppings Malls in Brazil Already Employ Close to 1 Million People

Mall in São José dos Campos, Brazil The Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce) announced that it is going to take Brazilian shopping mall know how abroad. According to the organization, its president, Marcelo Carvalho, is going to represent Brazil in a course about the theme in Botswana, Africa.

According to Abrasce, the course should take place during the first Shopping center University on the African continent, organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS) and taking place this week.

Carvalho, according to the organization, should be responsible for the course, turned to around 150 executives from Angola, Botswana, Nigeria and South Africa. "The work developed by Brazilian entrepreneurs is gaining greater and greater recognition due to the success of the industry and to its more and more global characteristics. Activities like this one we are promoting on the African continent show this fact," he said, in an Abrasce press statement.

The association, which has been in operation for over 30 years, brings together the main businessmen in the shopping center sector, including entrepreneurs, administrators, service providers and retailers. Its objective is to strengthen the industry in the country.

The organization, according to the press statement, has been expanding its cooperation with international institutions, like the ICSC. Between September 8 and 10, Abrasce is going to promote, in São Paulo, the 10th International Shopping Center Congress and Conference of the Americas.

According to the Brazilian Association of Retailers (Alshop), a total of 22 shopping malls were inaugurated in Brazil in 2007. The total rose from 622 units to 644. Sector nominal revenues rose from US$ 60.3 billion in 2006, to US$ 68.4 billion last year. At the end of the year, the shopping malls of Brazil employed 868,000 people.

In the area of foreign investment, according to the Abrasce, over the last three years, the capital entering the country to be invested in the sector reached 7.5 billion reais (US$ 4.7 billion).


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    Of the questions asked…by Double-Dot
    Do you gentlemen truly believe that the Unruly Swiss would be familiar with the delights of the Pemberly residence or with its illustrious masters – the family Darcy? Would he further know about Mansfield Park or Sense & Sensibility? I could hardly conceptualize the Swiss within such gentile settings… Perhaps, we should Rather send him straight into the powerful styile of Lord Byron’ poetry… It would ruine the ‘BOY for good….

  • ..

    [quote]Sadly I cannot participate in this contest of history/geography/current events as I received my degree in a brandless detergent pack[/quote]

    What a shame, what a shame. You should do a summer course in Geneva on these issues. Financed by AugustusÀ‚´s great pal in Switzerland 😉

  • jon

    Sadly I cannot participate in this contest of history/geography/current events as I received my degree in a brandless detergent pack 🙂

  • ..

    You two seem to be keen students of Von Clausewitz and are trying to trap that “nefarious” Swiss fella in a pincer movement. I hasten to forewarn you both that he is a big fan of Sun Tzu and capable of getting out of your trap.Was it Pierre Trudeau or George Bush who said “Forewarned is forearmed”? Sadly I don’t recall.

    The best thing to do is to ask this “undesirable person” 4 questions:

    1) Who wrote “King Lear”?
    2) Who wrote “Pride and prejudice”?
    3) What is the price of “Big Mac” in the shopping Malls in Brazil ?
    4) Where is the second biggest natural harbor in the world?

    Confuse your adversaries by asking questions unrelated to the topic under discussion 😉


    Indeed, any contribution against injustice and particularly against HYPOCRITICAL accusations against Brazil, from SO-CALLED “LOFTY SOURCES”, especially any of DOUBLE-DOT’s contribution, is always welcome – never irrelevant. YOU KNOW WELL WHO IS IRRELEVANT AROUND HERE

  • jon

    Augustus, your statiscal assault on Ch C is making me lose my relevancy 🙂 🙂


    Itˢ۪s amazing the shamelessness with which the Swiss Legal Crooks advertise for the main source of their historically proven stolen wealth from the internet I copied the following)
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    Well, this is nothing really surprising, after all the Nazi gold found there (and to this day the is has neither really been fully explained nor all the gold accounted for)


    The Swiss jobless rate unexpectedly rose for the first time in more than four years in April as the global credit crisis and the prospect of an economic slowdown prompted companies to cut jobs.
    UBS AG, Switzerland’s largest bank, this week said it plans to cut 5,500 jobs worldwide after writedowns of almost $38 billion, and chemical makers Clariant AG and Ciba Specialty Chemicals AG are reducing headcount as record oil prices eat into profits. Swiss manufacturers have scaled back expansion plans for the coming months, an April survey showed.


    Troubles in Swiss Paradise??? À¢€“ the Locus of BrazilÀ¢€™s main critic, By Augustus Severus
    I thought the following clips might be interesting for those used to boasting from Swiss quarters

    The May rate of inflation in Switzerland became maximum for the last 15 years that has been caused by a rise in prices for energy carriers. Last week the head of the Central Bank of Switzerland Jean-Pierre Rot has declared, hat inflation can become À‚«a real problemÀ‚» if will strongly become stronger in economy.

    Riva Group Plc says it will terminate its operations in Switzerland and sell off all its assets there after piling up losses of 1m pounds on its operations. Half of the 64 staff will lose their jobs and the other half, mainly in software and support, will be relocated. Giles stressed that mid-term net profits were up despite the losses the company had suffered in Switzerland, which it estimated will be just over 1m pounds.

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    Allied Zurich was one of the worst performers in the FT-SE last week, falling 22 per cent. Europe’s fourth largest insurer, created from a merger only last month, has plunged on concern that stock market turmoil will hurt investment earnings at financial services companies. The problems in the Swiss market, which dropped 15 per cent over the week, affected sentiment towards the stock


    Despite the “expected (irrelevant & malicious) opposition” recently expressed by irrelevant & obsessive) individuals located at some “insipid locations of the planet”, based on my experience with Shopping Centers around the planet, most notably in New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Frankfurt, and Melbourne…. I must say that the Shopping Malls in Sao Paulo & Rio appear to be FAR MORE impressive, diverse, sophisticated, and interesting. I would also NOT be entirely surprised if I were to find out that such Shopping Malls were nowadays more expensive… (I will leave it to the participants who live (or have been recently) in Brazil to confirm…
    And before the statistically obsessive start commenting on my remark about high prices, I understand that the current Brazilian inflation has been estimated to be around 6% (I leave it for Joan to confirm this figure), which although À¢€œhighÀ¢€Â is FAR inferior to the equivalent inflation in BrazilÀ¢€™s main neighboring economies.

  • João da Silva

    Shoppings Malls in Brazil Already Employ Close to 1 Million People
    Yes, there are plenty of Shopping Malls that provide sales jobs to university graduates too. Recently I ran into one graduate in Agricultural Engineering selling mattresses and an Economist peddling perfumes. Both were working for fixed salaries plus commission and complaining that their end of the month take home pay was quite low, because of lack of customers with enough purchasing power. Even though we did not buy either product, they attended us with smile and charmed us with their knowledge not only of mattresses and perfumes, but also world affairs!

  • ch.c.

    Funny….booming market !!!
    “Sector nominal revenues rose from US$ 60.3 billion in 2006, to US$ 68.4 billion last year”

    Or said otherwise…..DOWN….when expressed in the local Brazilian currency !!!!!!Because when a currency goes down 20 % (US$ against the BRL) , one needs to increase sales by 25 % IN THAT CURRENCY….TO HAVE A ZERO GROWTH RATE !!!!!

    Whoaaaaaaaa….what a strange booming market and strange know how !!!!!

    But coming from brazilians crooks….it is quite normal they cheat, hide and lie…… one way or the other.

    I wish someone proves me wrong….if he can !!!!!
    Augustus the genius…..for example !!!!!

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • written by

    But what about their wages!!!

    Exporting retail know-how to another country high on the Gini index!!!!

  • They are hiring restroom cleaners…
    Florist A$$ Brown, where are you?

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