Shoppings Malls in Brazil Already Employ Close to 1 Million People

Mall in São José dos Campos, Brazil The Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce) announced that it is going to take Brazilian shopping mall know how abroad. According to the organization, its president, Marcelo Carvalho, is going to represent Brazil in a course about the theme in Botswana, Africa.

According to Abrasce, the course should take place during the first Shopping center University on the African continent, organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS) and taking place this week.

Carvalho, according to the organization, should be responsible for the course, turned to around 150 executives from Angola, Botswana, Nigeria and South Africa. "The work developed by Brazilian entrepreneurs is gaining greater and greater recognition due to the success of the industry and to its more and more global characteristics. Activities like this one we are promoting on the African continent show this fact," he said, in an Abrasce press statement.

The association, which has been in operation for over 30 years, brings together the main businessmen in the shopping center sector, including entrepreneurs, administrators, service providers and retailers. Its objective is to strengthen the industry in the country.

The organization, according to the press statement, has been expanding its cooperation with international institutions, like the ICSC. Between September 8 and 10, Abrasce is going to promote, in São Paulo, the 10th International Shopping Center Congress and Conference of the Americas.

According to the Brazilian Association of Retailers (Alshop), a total of 22 shopping malls were inaugurated in Brazil in 2007. The total rose from 622 units to 644. Sector nominal revenues rose from US$ 60.3 billion in 2006, to US$ 68.4 billion last year. At the end of the year, the shopping malls of Brazil employed 868,000 people.

In the area of foreign investment, according to the Abrasce, over the last three years, the capital entering the country to be invested in the sector reached 7.5 billion reais (US$ 4.7 billion).


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