Brazil Wants the World to Chip In to a US$ 23 Billion Amazon Protection Fund

Brazilian Amazon house The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has called on developed countries to donate money to a new fund designed to protect the Amazon rainforest. Brazil will seek donations abroad and aims to raise US$ 21 billion by 2021.

The fund will promote alternatives to forest-clearing for people living in the Amazon and support conservation and sustainable development. But a government minister said Brazil would not accept foreign interference in its Amazon policy.

The environmental group Greenpeace said it was the first time Brazil had accepted a link between global warming and preserving the rainforest.

Speaking at the launch in Rio de Janeiro, Lula said Brazil was aware of how much the Amazon meant to the wider world.

"It's better for the country's image to do things right, so we can walk in international forums with our heads high," he added.

But the Brazilian leader also insisted that the Amazon's preservation was Brazil's responsibility.

"We… want the sovereignty that we hold over Amazonian territory and the decisions that are made in this region to be respected," he said.

Roberto Mangabeira Unger, minister for strategic affairs, put the point more forcefully:

"The fund is a vehicle by which foreign governments can help support our initiatives without exerting any influence over our national policy. We are not going to trade sovereignty for money."

Greenpeace in Brazil said that the country was accepting the link between global warming and preserving the forest for the first time.

"For a long time, Brazil was violently opposed to this, insisting fossil fuel was to blame," said Sergio Leitão, director of public policies for Greenpeace Brasil. "That's true, historically speaking, but today forests play an important role," Leitão said.

Brazilian Environment Minister Carlos Minc called for a radical change in environmental attitudes: "We are committed to reducing the destruction of the rainforest, to eliminating illegal burning and to guaranteeing a better quality of life for all.

"Our war is not won by simply reducing illegal burning in one month, it will be won once this environmental model that is destroying our communities and biodiversity is history."

The Amazon rainforest is the largest continuous tropical forest, shared by nine countries, 65% of which is Brazilian territory.



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  • Aurelio

    I may agree with you about corruption in Brazilian governament, but it’s obvious that together with a plan to receive money there is an audition plan backing the donations. Anyway, most of the reason for destroing Amazon rain forest come from EU, USA, China and Japan that imports the wood and food of the destroyed forest. The forces that drive the destruction of Amazon region are global. Since everybody benefits from this forest it’s fair to give brazilian governament this shot. AS THE CHINESE SAYING GOES: the ones that are DOING NOTHING can’t critize the ones that are doing something, how can you kill this idea before it proves wrong? It’s just 23 bilion U$D. What is this ammont for such a big forest and such a great impact on the world? 😛

  • João da Silva

    [quote]fatima loves it there
    and the bread fruit pie they make is just grate [/quote]

    I think Fatima is very smart. She knows that the bread fruit is full of Vitamin C. They grow it in her state also, if I recall correctly. Actually, the Bread fruit came to the Americas from Asia, like Cloves, cashew nuts, cinnamon, cardomen , etc; Fatima, being from the Northeast, must be adoring the East. You guys take care and enjoy the voyage to Tonga

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    joao going back to TONGA next week
    they dont cut any of there forests
    over fish there waters ,
    dump billions of gallons of poulition in the waters .
    have child porn or prostiton

    no theft or haterid for others .

    fatima loves it there
    and the bread fruit pie they make is just grate

  • ..

    [quote]À¢€œShow me the money!” [/quote]

    It is not “Show me the money”, Bill. It is “Give me the money or else….”

  • Bill

    Nice move.

    If the suckers want Brazil to protect more his Amazon forest then: À¢€œShow me the money!”

  • João da Silva

    [quote]giving brasil all that money [/quote]

    No need to worry, Forrest. We are counting on the Chinese and the generous Swiss for this fund!!!

    btw, is this news for real?

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    giving brasil all that money
    without any athorty as to how it is spent
    would be like
    giving money to an X wife and excepting he to spend it on the needs of the kids ..

    very bad idea . but i would not give money like that to the congress of the USA eather

    bunch of crooks they all are

  • ch.c.

    Ooops for the goofing….
    disregard the “Assuming a re-grading cost of of 2 to 3 thousands dollars per hectare, it would cost them
    2 to 3 billion dollars, or maximum only 1,5 % of their actual foreign currency reserves”

  • ch.c.

    That is the true face of Bin the Crook !
    On one hand He says the Amazon belongs to Brazil and developed countries have nothing to say but…….they have to pay !
    No doubt Brazil wants 100 % of the money, despite 8 countries, yesssssss….EIGHT, are covering the Amazon !!!

    And as to greenies suckers mentioned by Ric, they care neither about the slavery alike working conditions nor about the actual yearly burning of millions hectares of sugarcane fields, producing a lot of carbon emission, as long as the animal or mosquitos species they have never seen are protected !
    And of course they care far more for corn transformed to ethanol, despite there is no need to burn the corn fields.

    I bet that many greenies suckers are secrectly sponsored by Bin the Crook… way or the other.

    Finally Brazil pretend they can grow their agriculture without taking down ONE NEW tree because they already deforested enough as they have over 100 millions hectares of degraded land. Degraded land means…..already deforested AND already used… but not maintained.
    But these idiots continue to deforest their land. Hmmmmm doesnt add up their contradictions.
    And of course they are in no hurry or passion to re-grade these 100 millions hectares, despite they have US$ 200 billion
    in foreign currency reserves. Assuming a re-grading cost of of 2 to 3 thousands dollars per hectare, it would cost them
    2 to 3 billion dollars, or maximum only 1,5 % of their actual foreign currency reserves.
    Therefore re-grading the already deforested land is not planned, contrary to the statements of the Brazilian liars.
    They much prefer continue the deforestation and threatening to deforest MORE….if they dont get money.
    This said they will still continue to deforest land, albeit at a slower pace, if developed countries pay for a total NON deforestation.
    They will invoke that Brazil has not the money to control the Amazon vast size, despite let say US$ 20 billion were paid but of course used for other means, such as buying multi-millions dollars condos in Miami by your world famous corrupted politicians.

    Whatever way you look at it, it never adds up to a common sense, except Brazil wants US$ 20 billion donation.

    Said otherwise, Crooks will remain Crooks, liars will remain liars and cheaters will remain cheaters. This is the essence of their existence.

  • Ric

    DoesnÀ‚´t Add Up.
    We read all the stories here about how well Brazil is doing financially. And thatÀ‚´s good.

    Those of us who have actually lived in the Amazon for a few decades know that those who are cutting down the forest are Brazilians working for Brazilian interests. Most of the lumber is for internal consumption. The minerals belong to the government, unlike U.S. law. Most of the agricultural products are for use in Brazil. WhatÀ‚´s exported is done with the complicity and approval of the government, who profits thereby.

    The Brazilian portion of the Amazon belongs to Brazil alone, we are reminded. Your contribution does not mean you will get a say in what is determined to be policy.

    And the Amazon is not as big a contributor to the worldÀ‚´s O2 supply as we were led to believe.

    So why would people in other countries contribute to this fund? Are they nuts, given the above?

    No. But Barnum Was Right. And left wing greenies are sincere, well-meaning people, but they tend to be schmucks. Suckers, better word.

    Never underestimate the lengths to which the left will go nor programs that they will come up with to separate you from your money. For to them, of course, itÀ‚´s not really yours.

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