In Show of Force, Brazil Goes to War Games in Defense of Newfound Oil

Brazilian submarine Tikuna Petrobras, the Brazilian state-controlled oil and gas multinational, made headlines last November when it discovered a deposit with estimated reserves of 5 to 8 billion barrels, the world's second-biggest discovery in 20 years. The find could make Brazil one of the top 10 producers in the world, Petrobras said.

Since then the Brazilian political establishment and military officers have raised concerns that other countries could possibly challenge Brazil's sovereignty over the reserves.

Now, Brazil announced this Friday, August 15, that it will hold military exercises next month to show its capability of defending these new offshore oil reserves that could convert the country into a global energy player.

"We don't have a likely challenger or enemy. Within a modern view of planning, you send a signal to the international community – I am prepared" said Admiral Edlander Santos, who will command the maneuvers.

Interviewed by Reuters the admiral said "it's an important sign because it prevents people from turning into possible challengers,"

Admiral Santos downplayed the reestablishment of the United States Fourth Fleet 58 years after the US Navy had decommissioned it. The Fourth Fleet is to help combat drug trafficking and offer humanitarian relief in Latin America and the Caribbean.

US has said it would respect Brazil's territorial seas and exclusive economic zones, which include the oil reserves.

As part of Operation Atlantic exercise on September 12-26, the Brazilian armed forces will simulate an attack by a fictitious enemy on oil drilling facilities such as platforms and pipelines in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Espí­rito Santo states and off shore

The US$ 12.3 million exercise will include 20 ships, several submarines, 9,000 troops and as many as 50 aircraft. "It's not an expense, it's an investment," Santos said. "It's like house insurance. The cost is cheap compared to the need to protect our sovereignty."

By 2017 Petrobras plans to have 63 drilling rigs in deep and ultra-deep waters, which are double the amount it currently has in operation, revealed Petrobras' CFO, Almir Barbassa in a recent shareholders meeting. The corporation's oil and gas production stands at 2,175,000 bpd; 1,846,000 bpd of derivatives plus a 6% increase in natural gas production.

Operation Atlantic will also give an idea of the growing list of new equipment Brazil's military will need to defend its offshore resources, its main defense priority along with a porous border in the Amazon jungle.

Brazil already was building two and ordering five more of the 27 new patrol ships it needed to defend the offshore oil industry, said Admiral Santos.

As part of a broader program to upgrade its armed forces, Brazil forged a strategic defense alliance with France to build a nuclear-powered submarine and 50 military helicopters.



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  • BrianMichael

    We are about a year and a half away from the complete integration of the Americas. The unions are already established. These military exercises are practice to control the coming backlashes from the public when they find themselves in a total integrated union like Europe. This has nothing to do with “defending Oil fields”, try and let that process for a minute.

    Look into it……


    As always I’m appreciative for your solidarity and concern for my wellbeing. Yet, since I have been holding this particular position for quite some time, and was NOT, therefore, influenced by misunderstanding latent intentions behind other peopleÀ¢€™s ironic remarks, there is no ground to justify any further concern on this matter.

    Regardless of your concurrence or objection to any of my viewpoints, rest assured they tend to be independently adopted. In fact, diametrically opposed notions (from the Swiss) would be more along the lines of logical expectations, given recent historical context

  • João da Silva

    [quote]As such, I find myself (surprisingly) in agreement with the À¢€œSwiss BloggerÀ¢€™sÀ¢€Â view that Brasilia should consider nationalizing Petrobras and Cia Vale using any fair compensating method[/quote]

    Our Kamaraden , the “Swiss Blogger” was sarcastic and I am not willing to walk into his trap!!! There is a move to set up another State owned company to “explore” the newly found “oil wealth” 7000 meters underneath the sea bed. Stand by to receive further info.

    This new state owned company, no doubt will give lots of job opportunities to the henchmen of our “Head Ruler” 😀


    Another (surprising) agreement with the Swiss suggestion
    Although I tend to be supportive of free-markets and their implied, essential “laisser-faire” postures, a key Trade-Mark of democratic governments towards their industrial base – I make an exception for essential, infra-structural sectors of any nation’s Industry À¢€“ those which are related to energy and raw materials bearing significant impact to the overall health of the economy.

    As such, I find myself (surprisingly) in agreement with the À¢€œSwiss BloggerÀ¢€™sÀ¢€Â view that Brasilia should consider nationalizing Petrobras and Cia Vale using any fair compensating method (possibly the suggested stock market price of June 2008) provided itÀ¢€™s mutually agreed and accepted by all parties involved.

  • BrianMichael

    Why don’t people think from the other side. No one is going to go to war with Brasil, you watch too much news if you think that. This is part of a larger agenda to furthur militarize the world, that’s why it is a national exercise. It’s not to KEEP PEOPLE OUT, it’s TO KEEP PEOPLE IN. Learn more on the global agenda with commentary by Alan Watt.

  • ch.c

    Hmmmmm !!!!!!
    It is such an oil discovery that Today the stock price of Petrobras is DOWN NICELY from the day the discovery of the Tupi field was announced, despite the oil price is still above the day of the discovery announcement.

    Hmmmmm !

    Also, very sad that since the annoucement of the even much larger Carioca oil discovery, that may contain up to 50 billion barrels of oil, Petrobras stock price is also DOWN !

    Hmmmmm !

    Finally, even more sad that your government has not followed the advice of the Brazilian best economist, Ricardo Amaral, to nationalize Petrobras and Cia Vale at the time of his advice, very close to the TOP of their stock prices.
    Actual shareholders (not me) are begging the brazilian government to change their mind, and nationalize these 2 companies using the fair stock market price of June 2008 as the reference price they should be paid in compensation of the nationalizations.

    Hmmmm !

    😀 😉 😉 😉

  • ..

    An Oil strike a month keeps the Canucks away 😀

  • jon

    A questionable build-up as a more imminent “petro -battle” is shaping up in the Arctic Ocean among a half- dozen countries

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