The Girls from Santa Catarina, Brazil, Get their US Swimsuit Calendar

Marina Brazil welcomed over 5 million visitors last year. Some came for the sun and the beach. Others came to indulge in Brazil's ecotourism or its numerous adventure-based sports. Many more traveled there for industry fairs, conferences and conventions.

Jeremiah Thompson, an American from Missoula, Montanan and amateur photographer, however, a former "dotcommer," went to Brazil for the girls or, rather, to follow his dream of photographing beautiful women and making a name for himself as a professional swimsuit photographer.

Thompson has just released the fruit of his vacation fun in the form of the Girls of Brazil 2009 Swimsuit Calendar.

"Many men dream of being a professional swimsuit photographer, but my dream was much more than that," Thompson says. "This project, called The Girls of Florianópolis, so named for the beach town that is home to these breathtakingly beautiful women – took a life of its own and is very, very real. I simply took a vacation down there, started taking pictures of women who just loved and wanted to be photographed for free, and the result is this amazing calendar of the most gorgeous women in the world."

A photographic debut of sorts, Thompson's "Girls of Brazil 2009" calendar is packed with 15 models who are local to Florianópolis, the capital city of the Santa Catarina State in Southern Brazil. Within the calendar, each featured spread reflects the models' unique styles and moods – playful, seductive, thoughtful and more – that combine to create a calendar filled with sex appeal.

Among the surf and sand, the girls sport their own bikinis in most cases, although Thompson bought a few swimsuits for the shoot, giving them as gifts to several of his models. It was this bikini shopping and photographing of such exquisite beauty that made Thompson wake up and realize this life, at least for him, wasn't such a dream but the real deal.

"I believe people should follow their dreams, and this project was so successful that it was a reality check of sorts in terms of what one can achieve," Thompson states. "I shot this entire calendar with simple but classic gear – a Canon 40D, plus a Canon lens and some flash equipment. I didn't use any crew, lighting reflectors or other kinds of support that professionals typically use."

"I did solicit the help of Mother Nature … incredible sunrises and sunsets lit my 'stage,'" Thompson concludes.



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  • George

    Is this legal?
    I wonder if he got their consent before putting them up as pin ups in the U.S. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • dnbaiacu

    [quote] started taking pictures of women who just loved and wanted to be photographed for free, and the result is this amazing calendar of the most gorgeous women in the world.” [/quote]
    [quote]Thompson bought a few swimsuits for the shoot, giving them as gifts to several of his models.[/quote]

    What a cheapskate!!!! 🙁 Unbelievable! Pure exploitation.
    And the sad part about it was that probably these “southern” girls thought it was beneath them to charge. WAKE UP! I am pissed this guy didn’t “responsilbly” pay. And now thousands of people know he “got over”. Bad representation. And what is up with these chicks not “charging” ?
    False pride will get you know where.
    Thompson didn’t give a crap. Why should you? 🙁

  • George

    Please don’t say Americans are all fat. Yes, they are, but there are many hotties at the beaches of California and Florida. Have any of you ventured outside of the beaches of Brazil? Wake up and say hello to some really fat chicks. Yes, Brazil has a lot of really fat and gross people. I love Brazilians, and there are many attractive ones, but PER CAPITA, you’ll find more good-looking girls in the US and Canada. For those of you that are lucky to actually find a good-looking Brazilian girl that you like, congrats to you! 🙂

  • George

    To Augustus:

    Invariably recognized as the most attractive people in the world? Have you been to Rio de Janeiro? Those girls are hideous. The girls in this guy’s calendar are “southern Brazilians”, the same Western European girls you see in North America. Oh, and I wouldn’t say all Western Europeans produce good-looking people. Have you ever seen the Portuguese Royal Family? Talk about unattractive. No wonder they were driven into exile! 🙂

  • whogivesadamn

    Better late then never
    you people who are crying about the models not getting paid are jaded by the multi-millions of dollars victoria secret models make.
    These girls are not sponsoring any sort of product and the photographer probably made just enough money to pay for his trip.
    Have you ever seen jackass? what about all bystanders who make that show what it is?
    you think they get paid? doubtful…
    and addressing the whole concept of brazilians being promiscuous, perhaps it is the other way around in that its the fat ugly americans who are prude.
    to answer the statement about prostitution, it occurs everywhere -obviously its going to happen at a higher rate in countries with good genetics thus beautiful people.
    It just so happens that these amazing people are also amazingly poor, and that doesn’t help.
    Ameture porn is so prevalent now days that pretty much every prostitute you double click should be considered a porn star…
    haha its funny how inside your mind right now you just gave them a bit more respect – foolish.
    5* for an amazing calendar, it makes me miss my home state – thank god I will be returning soon.
    For the rest of the world – don’t worry because in a few hundred more years everyone on earth will look like us!


    Beautiful ladies diminished by their culture
    Unfortunately the reputation of Brazilians (in general) and the females (in particular) could not be more negative abroad.
    While generally recognized as one of the most attractive people in the world, they are invariably associated with excessive promiscuity which, in case of the most disadvantageous sectors of society, often leads to prostitution and abuse!

    As an example, I will share an unforgettable event witnessed years ago during a À¢€œcolorful contestÀ¢€Â at New York City À¢€œclubÀ¢€Â where youngsters of both sexes who were À¢€œchallengedÀ¢€Â to undress to their undergarments, for the mere prize of USD150.00. When finalists were selected, there was a particularly attractive couple who had to be À¢€œcoercedÀ¢€Â NOT to remove their remaining garments altogether! During this occasion, there were three unknown individuals (standing immediately behind me) who expressed their À¢€œnaturalÀ¢€Â conclusion that such daring couple must be À¢€œunquestionablyÀ¢€Â from BrazilÀ¢€¦ Unfortunately, the mysterious observers were proven right (as they laughed continuously) when the sponsors disclosed the native cities of the audacious contestants: Belo Horizonte and Rio de JaneiroÀ¢€¦

  • Simpleton

    Not Paid? Free?
    Dear cgH, the maids are paid responsibly and on a regular timely schedule (when the income stream from outside / two tiers up support it). That it is not enough for them to live elsewhere than in the favelas is another matter. As to the whoers being free, I think that applies everywhere. Those in Brazil, their otherwise respectable families, etc., etc., don’t think things are cheap at all. What makes you think they are? From what we have been seeing over the past few years it is clear that it is not and that it is getting more expensive more rapidly than elsewhere.

  • ch.c.

    “WAKE UP! I am pissed this guy didn’t “responsilbly” pay. ”
    But everything is cheap in Brazil !
    Whores are free. Are they not ?

    Why dont Brazilians start “responsibly” pay their maids who must live in favelas ?

    The only Brazilians who are “ressponsibly” paid are the politicians.
    Once through their legal wages…….higher than in several developed nations in the EU.
    A second time, through their corruptions practices. Of course this second salaries are much higher than the legal ones !

    Yessssss….WAKE UP !
    😀 😉

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