Brazil Exports 6% Less Coffee But Earns 14% More

Brazilian coffee Brazilian exports of coffee reached 2.1 million bags of coffee in August, which generated revenues of US$ 354 million. The value represents growth of 18.6% over the total obtained last month, according to information disclosed by the Brazilian Coffee Exporter Council (CeCafΓ©).

Between the months of January and August, Brazil sold abroad 17 million bags of the product and had revenues of US$ 2.7 billion with operations. There was growth of 14.2% in earnings despite a reduction of 6% in volume exported. In 2007, revenues reached US$ 2.4 billion.

According to the director general at CeCafΓ©, Guilherme Braga, prices have been growing gradually and continuously over the last two years, and this reflects relations between demand and offer. The main importers of coffee from Brazil are still Germany, the United States, Italy and Belgium.

In the accumulated result for January to August, the highlight of exports was Robusta and conillon coffees. Sales of these products grew 68.1%. Exports reached 771,800 bags in the first eight months of 2007 and 1.2 million up to August this year.

According to Braga, the increase of exports of Robusta and conillon is due to Vietnam, the main global producer of this kind of coffee, which adopted measures for control of offer and increased global prices of the variety, making the Brazilian product more competitive.



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  • Dona

    CH. C.. has got a great point. the only reason why coffee is growing at such a fast pace is because of growing coffee sales around the world, and they are all looking for various coffee suppliers. The problem is that Brazillian coffee is so cheap and as inflation rises coffee farmers aren’t seeing the cash profits.

  • CH.C..

    Dona, more for you…..
    please re-read with attention “the increase of exports of Robusta and conillon is due to Vietnam”
    Somewhat funny. Is it not Brazil that created the “new” coffee called conillon, less than a decade ago and pretended it was a superior bean to previously grown beans ???????

    And another contradiction is that conillon is a Robusta coffee not an Arabica. Therefore stating ” the increase of exports of Robusta and conillon is due to Vietnam” is obviously a contradiction or a simple error, but not coming from an apparent expert.
    Furthermore if Brazil sold less coffee it is because Vietnam is selling more.
    Meaning the coffee from Vietnam is more competitive than the Brazilian coffee for an equivalent quality.
    And not the other way around as Braga a very cheap and ignorant expert stated. Or a cheater and liar.

  • CH.C..

    Dona…..Noooooooo !
    they said the VOLUME EXPORT IS DOWN 6 % !
    Therefore coffee sales is NOT GROWING around the world as you said.
    Dona, are you Brazilian ? Thus your misunderstanding and wrong explanations are normal….for a Brazilian.

    The problem You stated is wrong. Your coffee is cheap because it is mainly a BAD quality, despite whatever you may read.
    In fact such a bad quality you hardly find coffee beans in Europe where for marketing reasons it says “Pure Brazilian Coffee”.
    But you may read “Pure Arabica Coffee” when there is a mixture of Arabica beans coming from different producing countries.

    Otherwise from higher but still affordable beans, you may read “Mixture from Ecuador & Peruvian beans” or “Mixture from Guatemala & Nicaragua beans”.
    Curiously very rarely (I haver never seen it for sure) one can read ” Mixture from X & Brazilian beans”
    Just as never one can read “beans from Vietnam”
    Guess why !!!!!

    Marketing cannot promote below average quality !!! Simple as that !

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™

  • CH.C..

    14 % more but…..when expressed in a currency…..
    …..that went down by 20 % against your own currency.
    Ask your coffee farmers if they got 14 % more !
    Or ask them if their business is doing fine or are they struggling !

    Simple….isnt it ?

    As I continuously repeat : cheaters and liars are in your Planalto Palacio !

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