Brazil Sides with Bolivian Morales and Says Civil War Should Be Avoided

Bolivia's Morales The Brazilian government will not accept any attempt to overthrow the government in Bolivia as opposition protests spiral into deadly clashes with government supporters, the Brazilian president's foreign policy adviser said on Thursday.

"We won't tolerate a rupture in the constitutional order of Bolivia," Marco Aurélio Garcia, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva foreign policy advisor told a news conference.

"Brazil will not recognize any attempt at a government that would substitute a constitutional government in Bolivia," Garcia said when asked whether this meant Brazil would send troops to aid the Bolivian government of President Evo Morales.

Brazil has supported President Morales' administration as the legitimate, constitutional government in Bolivia and has repeatedly condemned the violence which has left at least nine dead.

Garcia said President Morales was prepared to receive emissaries from Brazil, Argentina and Colombia and only needed to say when.

Garcia said Brazil's view was that destabilizing the country "could cause great damage" to the region and branded the protesters' actions as "terrorism".

Morales told Lula he was "pessimistic" about the progress of talks with the opposition, but Bolivia had overcome serious crises before and could do so again, Garcia said.

"We hope that faced with these problems a solution can be found to avoid the hypothesis of a civil war," he said.

Rioters managed to disrupt on separate occasions the flow of Bolivian natural gas to Argentina and Brazil.

Brazil's strong support followed reports that Bolivia's ambassador to the United States, Gustavo Guzman, was called to the US State Department earlier Thursday and ordered to leave the country to reciprocate for Bolivia expelling the US ambassador.

The move came after Morales said Wednesday that US Ambassador Philip Goldberg is persona non grata in Bolivia, and asked his foreign minister to send a note to the American legate asking that he leave the country. Goldberg was accused of inciting anti-government protesters, although Morales offered no specific evidence.

Venezuela Expels US Ambassador

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Thursday, September 11, that the United States ambassador has 72 hours to leave Venezuela and he's recalling his ambassador from Washington.

Chavez said he's asking US Ambassador Patrick Duddy to leave as a means of showing solidarity with Bolivian President Evo Morales, who recently announced that he was expelling Washington's envoy to his country.

Chavez announced the decision during a televised speech hours after saying his government had detained a group of alleged conspirators in a plot to overthrow him.

Chavez accused the group of current and former military officers of trying to assassinate him and topple the government with support from the United States. He didn't offer evidence.

US officials have repeatedly denied Chavez's accusations that Washington has backed plots against him.

"Go to hell, s— Yankees, we are a dignified people, go to hell 100 times," Chavez shouted at a political rally to thousands of roaring supporters.

"We will send an ambassador when there is a new government in the United States, a government that respects the people of Latin America," he said.

The coup allegations are believed to be linked to the campaign for Venezuela's tough local elections in November and a possible distraction from the Miami court hearings which directly involve President Chavez, government owned oil corporation PDVSA and his intelligence services.

In August 2007, a US-Venezuelan citizen was caught trying to introduce US$ 800.000 in cash into Argentina, apparently to help finance the presidential campaign of Mrs. Kirchner who was elected last October.

The money was seized by Argentine Customs and Guido Antonini later flew to Florida, via Uruguay, where he was located and threatened by Chavez emissaries, working as unregistered agents, not to disclose the origin or purpose of the funds.

Antonini turned into federal protection and the four "agents" are now facing charges in the Miami court.



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  • Augustus

    ch-c 1000% right – those monsters should be deat with accordingly!!!!!
    I repeat a slightly modified entry from
    Although there is always an element of propaganda in these events, I FULLY endorse the way whereby Washington is handling of these Andean animals in connection with the only possible response to the Bolivian massacres, along with the inadmissible barbarian expulsions of US diplomats from La Paz & Caracas… If I had my way, these diplomatic À¢€œentitiesÀ¢€Â would have been expelled as the animals, which they actually symbolize…
    I have no question that significant evidence must have been found supporting Washington’s allegation of Venezuelan direct support for FARC terrorists, as outlined in the provided report.

    In addition, I have also watched additional video clips (provided by Joao) including a report covering the arrival of Russian Supersonic attack jets arriving in Venezuelan territory… In this connection, I must further express my complete outrage in light of BrasiliaÀ¢€™ lame reaction to this entire affair, particularly regarding the presence of dangerous aircraft just a few miles north of its territory; The Brazilian (lame) Labor Administration (of clowns) should have had the DECENCY to protest or at least voice its official concerns for such maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of its borders, despite the alleged claims of À¢€œinternational watersÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦

    The unforgivable, irresponsible attitude of the lame Brazilian government is simply inadmissible in its complacency, partiality, and lack of muscle! Because Brasilia is either unwilling and/or incapable of siding with the oppressed peopleÀ¢€™s of Bolivia, and without recognizing the potential threat which the Chavez Gang poses to the regionÀ¢€™s stability, the Brazilian Senate should, in its stead, take the necessary measures to demonstrate to the civilized world that, despite its equality corrupt proclivities, some residual strength and fragments common sense still reside in the Brazilian Central Plateau (À¢€œPlanaltoÀ¢€Â)

  • CH.C.

    Even worse than I initially thought…..
    …because after some readings of news, I see that 5 provinces out of 9, are against Morales !!!!!
    Sure, I dont really know if these 5 provinces are far more populated than the other 4, but I believe they are.

    If so, it is even more shameful for Brazil to be AGAINST the Bolivian population majority. But normal from Chavez the junkie and the clown, which by the way is YOUR friend !

    And it has nothing to do on Natural Gas. Most of the Gas is located in the opposition states who want some type of indepedence, but not a scission from the country.

  • Augustus

    AES – prudent // Saudosismo
    Unfortunately, my strong reactions reclude me from the prudence of being practical all the time.
    I would LOVE to be having dinner in Sao Paulo right now, specifically in a tratoria in Alameda Pamplona, not far from Avenida Brasil….
    I love that city… I would hate to see it without the gas it requires to continue carrying and pulling the rest of Brazil a few inches ahead…

    Aternatively, I would be having dinner a modest out-door diner in Avenida Beira Bar – at the lovely Barra da Tijuca…
    I wish I were in Brazil right now… 😥

  • AES

    I think it is merely a matter of gas. It is better to have gas than to formulate principaled long term significant foreign policy. All things politically Bolivian will pass, even Morales, but gas. . .you must keep from losing your gas, especially in polite society, or at dinner or in Sao Paulo.

  • Augustus

    Inconsistency // Partiality // Error in Judgment
    The sad truth remain that I’m not at all surprised with the inconsistent Brazilian behavior, vis-ÀƒÂ -vis different behavior in connection with falling governments in neighboring nations; this clearly represents a shameful partiality towards to Left-Wing À¢€œrulerÀ¢€Â of the oppressed Bolivians (the residents of its more civilized Eastern provinces).

    I dare say that such behavior is even more shameful, if one asks me; for the act of supporting any government, particularly one with totalitarian proclivities, lacking full support of the majority of its people represents nothing short of a partial, dishonorable interference in the internal affairs of neighboring statesÀ¢€¦ a very bad judgment call

  • ch.c.

    Somewhat great but…….
    …then why has Brazil NOT done the same with the many past Bolivian Presidents, including at least the 2 previous Bolivian Presidents since Lula has been elected in Brazil ????

    Hmmmm !

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