Poverty Affects 46% of Brazilian Children. In Northeast Number Reaches 68%

Poverty in Brazilian Northeast According to the latest Social Indicators 2008 report from Brazil's IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) almost half of Brazilian children and youth live in poverty conditions.

The IBGE states that 46% of young Brazilians belong to the age group most exposed to this condition. While 30% of the overall population is described as poor, (a family group living on two minimum wages), among the age group from 0 to 17 years the percentage zooms to 46.

Northeast Brazil is the poorest region of Brazil and poverty among the young reaches 68.1%.

Other social indexes in the report include fertility rate, life expectancy, social and racial inequalities, among others.

The fertility rate in 2007 was 1.95 children per Brazilian mother while ten years ago it stood at 2.54 children. Regarding life expectancy the index crawled three years in the last decade from 69.9 to 72.7 years.

Women however live longer, on average 76.5 compared to 69 years for men.

As to social inequalities, the report shows that Brazilian white workers in 2007 had an average income almost twice that of blacks and mulattos. Blacks and mulattos were paid in 2007 on average 1.8 minimum salaries while their white counterparts, 3.4 minimum salaries.

The minimum wage in Brazil was last adjusted in August to 464 reais, which at the current rate of exchange is equivalent to US$ 250,



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  • dnbaiacu

    Let’s face it… Brazil wants it this way
    Get rid of Catholic domination for starters. Let people get abortions if they want.. They aren’t going to stop the “root cause” of needing a abortion.. SEX
    Upgrade the school system.. Presently it isn’t a priority

    And politicians wooing voters with “neighborhood parties” ????? What is that?
    The rulers of Brazil really don’t want change. And they will end up hurting themselves in the end.
    But ask them if they care??…

  • jtdangerfield

    No matter how you slice it Brazil is still an emerging market, even though it is one of Latin America’s strongest countries. The problem with this is that they have expanded and grown so fast. It has left several people with low wages and poor conditions. It will never be corrected unfortunately until you attack the problem head on and focus on Government intervention.

  • CH.C.

    In reality poverty affects all Brazilians whether they are children or not.
    Doubtful ! Those with money have no direct contact with the poors. They dont even go to the same schools.
    Let me be even more acid : many poor children dont go at all at school !
    Just think about the street children totalling millions and the millions of children who are at work…..FULL TIME !!!!!

  • Ric

    In reality poverty affects all Brazilians whether they are children or not.

  • CH.C.

    Furthermore to jtdangerfield
    Your ” even though it is one of Latin America’s strongest countries. “

    Somewhat right but ONLY because of its large population.

    But on a GDP PPP PER CAPITA, they are the second lowest…In Mercosur. Also Lower than Venezuela, lower than Chile !!!!!

    But all Brazilian junkies are quite sure they are the best in South America. That is what they have been brainwashed by the
    Disinformation & Propaganda Dept in the Planalto Palacio, Brasilia !
    Sadly not confirmed by stats, not even by the Brazilian stats !

    And they are quite sure that in the not too distant future they will be in the developed nations club.
    Who invented the name BRIC and its rosy future ? Wall Street !
    Has Wall Street not invented the Subprime mortgages ? See where we stand….TODAY…on their SUPER ADVANCED AND CORRECT….PREDICTIONS !!!!!

    And What About the Investment Grade rating given to Brazil ?
    . they got the LOWEST investment grade rating, not the best.
    – LOOK AT THE AAA ratings these same rating companies have given to subprimes mortages, CDOs, CDS, CMBS etc etc…and see how correct they were !!!!!

    Ohhhhhh…and even LEHMAN was still rated INVESTMENT GRADE…..ONE DAY BEFORE THEY WERE….INSOLVENT !!!!!!
    Smiles !!!!!

    Quite Funny ALL Brazilians suddently trust these same rating agencies are correct in giving an investment grade to….BRAZIL !!!!!!!


    Reality will prove different once again, just as in the past.

    A country like Brazil that NEEDS to pay 7-9 % over the inflation rate on their government borrowings in their local currency are….JUNKS…by ALL COMMON SENSE DEFINITIONS !

    Robin the Crook failed to mention that….at his latest UN speech !!!!!!!

    Last but not least : Robin the Crook is proud of the FDI entering Brazil ! Right ? Welll…the latest figures came out for 2007 !!!!!
    The Liliputian country Switzerland with a population of 7,9 million RECEIVED AS MUCH AS…the giant Brazil with a population of
    190 millions !
    Or said otherwise, Switzerland got 24 TIMES more than Brazil….on a per capita basis !!!!!

    Now regardless ot the country size, here are some interesting details on the most attractive countries for FDI locations…and Brazil IS NOT WITHIN THE 15 MOST PREFERRED locations….wether Lula likes it or not, and whatever he may say :

    ” Global FDI inflows in 2007 rose by 30 percent to reach an all-time high of US$1.833 trillion, but the financial turmoil is expected to see significant drops in overseas investments over the next three years.
    China is ranked number one among the 15 most attractive economies for the location of FDI, followed by India, US, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Poland, South Africa, France and Turkey.”

    One more reason the RIC club should fire the B !!!!!!

    There are so many more emerging countries so much better than….BRAZIL !!!!!!!
    See it by yourselves…Brazilians….this is NOT my rankings !
    You are lagging…even within the emerging nations !!!!!!!!

    Thus in my view Brazilians should definitely stop caressing their navel.
    But I bet you wont !!!!!!
    You should rather Scratch Your Head !!!!
    Maybe something positivre will come out finally.
    Maybe……only ! I wont take that bet….for sure !!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • CH.C.

    Hmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!
    Hurrah….Hurrah….Hurrah…..FOR ROBIN THE CROOK !

    Is HE not PROUD of his economic prowess ?????

    I can only repeat what I have said all along many times : based on the GDP per capita, Brazil has the World Highest Poverty Rate.
    And Robin the Crook is proud of his achievements !

    As to the minimum wage of 464 Reais, yesssssss….provided one has a REGISTERED JOB…FULL TIME !

    Conclusion : you are EONS away to become developed nations !

    Let me demonstrate how your stats are VOLUNTARY MANIPULATED :
    In all countries the rule of thumb is that 50 % of the population is a potential worker (in age to work)
    Brazil has a population of 190 millions. Meaning a Work Force of 95 millions.
    Your registered work force is 30 millions
    Meaning 65 millions are either in the informal economy ….OR….WITHOUT JOB !
    However even those with a job in the informal economy, most of them have LESS than the minimum wages.

    Sad Facts. Sad Truth.

    Hurrah…..Hurrah…Hurrah, Viva Robin the Crook. The only Robin on earth who takes from the majority poors and give to the minority riches !

    As to the Bolsa Familia ?
    Ohhhh sure….Robin the Crook is very proud.
    What is effectively this program ?
    Mostly a merger of PAST social programs, implemented by his predecessor.
    Agreed, increased by a very few billion Reais !!!!

    This year those receiving the hands out got a 6 % increase.
    In fact…. an amount BELOW the increase in Food Prices.

    The Bolsa Familia budget is 2 % of the Federal Budget….for around 25 % of the population.

    Hurrah….Hurrah…Hurrah…..for Robin the Crook…..spending well over 30 % of the Federal Budget…benefitting 2-3 millions
    bureaucrats !

    Finally has not Robin the Crook said many many times of how proud HE is with his Bolsa Familia program stating “45 millions people can finally have 3 DECENT meals per day” ?
    Yessssssss…..so generous…..that it is a guarantee a Brazilian can EAT decently with….US 0,30…PER DAY…FOR THE 3 DECENT
    MEALS Robin the Crook is so proud of.
    Or Us$ 0,10 PER MEAL !!!!!!!!

    What is sure is that Robin the Crook prefers to EXPORT US$ 60 BILLION of agricultural products, rather than feed his own people FIRST !!!!!

    What a shame, a real human tragedy that Brazilians…APPLAUDE….APPLAUDE….AND APPLAUDE…… TIME AND AGAIN !!!!

    Ohhhh sure, when the food prices skyrocketed in April, Brazil BANNED their rice exports, despite they have a large production surplus so that…..poorer countries importing rice….struggled MORE…NOT LESS !!!!!!!
    And so did India ! Right ?

    Let me say this : the World Developed Nations should TRIPLE their agricultural subsidizes, and not reduce them as Brazil and India expect !!!!!
    In India the price of rice is HEAVILY subsidized. Rice cost Us$ 0,20 per kilo in government owned shops !!!!!
    In India 100 % of the population gets government subsidized fuel that is mostly imported !

    70 % of the World Population has access to fuel…..that is GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED ! Regardless if it is a country producing or not oil or gas !
    0 % of the fuel is subsidized in developed nations !

    Why do the BRIC and other emerging nations criticize the developed nations, knowing YOU subsidize NOT ONLY foods but also other industries…..especially when the goods are for EXPORTS !!!!!

    Why is Brazil not criticizing India exports subsidizes for ….SUGAR ???????
    Why is Brazil not criticizing India local consumption subsidizes…for SUGAR, RICE AND WHEAT !
    Because yeessss…India is a surplus producer of Sugar, Rice…AND WHEAT, if you did not know.
    Strange isnt it ?

    Cheaters will remain liars for eternity !!!!

    We have seen it in the last WTO negotiations. Quite “normal” for emerging nations to protect THEIR farmers.
    But normal at all, the developed nations also protect THEIR farmers.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]And they will end up hurting themselves in the end. [/quote]

    Prophetic, as usual.

    Almost 20 years ago, a spokesman for the U.S. state department made the following statement, when Brazil & Argentina were undergoing severe financial crisis:

    [quote]The elite of Latin America feel secure surrounded by poor and one day this attitude may come to haunt them.[/quote]

    What he meant was that the politicians were really not interested in addressing the main issues that had to be resolved but in keeping the large majority ignorant and poor. His statement did cause an uproar in the Press as well as among the politicians.

    The (not so) amusing thing to observe is he was right and the same politicians and the TV anchorpersons who criticized that Gentleman continue ignoring the threat. It is enough to visit any large city where posh apartment buildings with tight security are surrounded by “favelas” and the [i]inmates[/i] of these buildings have to remain locked inside during the nights to feel [i]secure[/i]. I would say that they are living in luxurious jails!

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