Brazil-EU Summit to Be Held in Rio, in December

President Lula and Sarkosy Brazil and the European Union are going o promote their second joint summit on December 22, in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss and expand the strategic partnership launched in 2007, in Lisbon, during the Portuguese presidency of the European block.

The Rio summit, the last great event during the French presidency of the EU, should include Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and the president of the European Commission, José Manuel Durão Barroso from Portugal.

This second joint meeting takes place one and a half year after the first EU-Brazil Summit, on July 4, in Lisbon, all in Portuguese, with the prime minister and then president of the EU, José Sócrates, Lula and Barroso, launching a strategic partnership between both parties.

The Lisbon Summit marked the start of regular and higher-level political, economic and trade dialogue between the EU and Brazil, granting the country, with regard to the Europe, the same status of global economies and emerging economies like the United States, Canada, Russia, China and India, among others.

The launch of the EU-Brazil strategic partnership was one of the "flags" of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union, in the second half of 2007.

At the time, José Sócrates said that "it was through Portuguese pressure, by Portuguese suggestion and due to Portuguese insistence that the meeting took place", and added that he always thought "that in relations between the EU and Latin America, a pillar had always been lacking, and this pillar could only be Brazil".



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  • dnbaiacu

    I am interested in a “specific” site that you might know of. You know if you “google” it all sorts of things come up.
    On Palin, I wonder how much they “paid” her to get involved with this fiasco.
    What amazes me is how many people actually believe in the system and can’t see through all of this. It just further proves that it is INNATE to BELIEVE in something.. So you better make sure of WHAT you believe in. 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    This is getting GOOD!
    Joao you are making some interesting connections. There is never a dull moment these days.
    The bailout passed. They have FINALLY stopped playing. Socialism is underway in America. Palin continues to sabotage the GOP. While jobless claims continue to rise.
    Joao, where are you getting you info on the Eurozone economy.?

  • Augustus

    In accorance with Joao’s request, I’m posting in this thread an entry made today under an older topic, namely – Bargain Hunters Boost Brazilian Stocks by Over 7%. LatAm Leaders Lambast US (Editorial dated October 1, 2008)

    My repeated entry was created in connection with Joao’s entry (dated Oct 3) where it was suggested that he was thinking about a more appropriate name for a future South American Common currency…

    [quote]Even though it is currently being called SML , I think that we should think of a more appropriate name for it[/quote]

    While the shortsightedness of Brasilia has not yet included a new common currency (as far as I know), but simply a Payment System in Local Currencies (restricted to Brazil & Argentina), I suppose itÀ¢€™s very possible that Bin-Lula SertenejoÀ¢€™s foolish, unrealistic, ostentatious (super-power) dreams might soon embrace a common currency for Mercosul. Such ill-considered proposal would undoubtedly represent an even greater mistake than the more limited SML, not only because the current Latin American Political Cultures are not sufficiently À¢€œmatureÀ¢€Â and À¢€œfiscally responsibleÀ¢€Â for entertaining such an enormous task, but also due to the rather precarious nature of the existing (and historic) Latin American Financial Markets.

    IÀ¢€™m nearly certain that most bloggers would agree that the Latin American Markets (presuming one may even indulge the region with such terminology) are way too volatile and exceedingly embedded in corruption to be trusted with a Central Bank to regulate a common currency!
    If planned, the entire enterprise would turn Brazil into the laughing stock of the International community, as Brasilia would become the subject of ridicule in light of Latin America’s never-ending waves of scandal, mismanagement, and theft by politiansÀ¢€¦

    Yet, for the sake of a providing a certain diversion for our fellow bloggers, we might perhaps amuse ourselves with JoaoÀ¢€™s suggested effort of À¢€œcoining a name for the new currencyÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦ I suppose we might consider a minor contest whereby each À¢€œfrequentÀ¢€Â Blogger would suggest two names to be submitted for a vote here (or in any of À¢€œBrazil.comÀ¢€Â popular threads).

    My suggestions:
    1)Latino (um Latino / dois Latinos / two Latins / dos Latinos)
    2)Colonial (um Colonial / dois Coloniais / two Colonials / dos Coloniales)

    Naturally, if I were to impose a name with absolute authority, I would name it À¢€œImperialÀ¢€Â (um Imperial, dois Imperiais, two Imperials, dos Imperiales)

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Curiosity took over my senses… What triggered your comment pertaining to my “learning abilities”, particularly because it was out of contest…[/quote]

    When you came into this blog, I observed that (since you have been away from your country of birth for decades), you were clueless about the reality on the ground. If you recall, I have exchanged some highly offensive comments with you (so has Ch.c), but you certainly did not mind and instead started analyzing Stats and Facts and forming your own opinion based on these two factors. That requires open mindedness and I consider it as a leadership quality. Also when dealing with our young friend Dnb, you decided to agree to disagree, which is another great quality in a leader (though you have been harassing him a bit lately over his quoting the “Book” ;-)). You know as well as I do that not there are plenty of [i]sane [/i] Brasilians and you are proving it.

    In short, you are a good opposition leader and keep up the good work. It is is time to bring back the sanity.Unless, we question the actions of our “Rulers” with facts and stats, we will never be a true democracy.

    Hope I have answered your question. 😉

  • Augustus

    Curiosity took over my senses… What triggered your comment pertaining to my “learning abilities”, particularly because it was out of contest…

    [quote]BTW, don’t you think that Lord August is a fast learner? He is very good too (just like us) [/quote]

    I’m just wondering…

  • João da Silva

    Hi Dnb,

    [quote]I am interested in a “specific” site that you might know of. You know if you “google” it all sorts of things come up. [/quote]

    I generally read the Financial Times of U.K.:


    Switzerland must have newspapers published in English and Ch.c should be able to recommend one or two good ones for [i]both[/i] of us.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The bailout passed. They have FINALLY stopped playing. Socialism is underway in America. Palin continues to sabotage the GOP. While jobless claims continue to rise.[/quote]

    I watched the “Debate” between Biden and Palin. She seems to be a great actress!. Like you, I am still betting on O/B ticket!!

    [quote]Joao, where are you getting you info on the Eurozone economy.? [/quote]

    Dnb, if one has a reading knowledge of English and takes a little interest in the world affairs, he can access various sources (especially in these days of Internet with broadband connection) to understand about the [i]Eurozone economy[/i]. Besides, we have a 007 based in Geneva who answers all the questions. After all, he has been in the business for 30 years and is willing to share his knowledge with others, [i]free of cost[/i]!!

    BTW, don’t you think that Lord August is a fast learner? He is very good too (just like us) :D.

  • João da Silva

    A brilliant analysis and comments on both your parts and let me congratulate you both.There are certain things I did not know about EU and Ch.C has been clarifying my doubts for months. I have a question for you both: Last week I read somewhere about PIGS. Have you heard of this bloc? In essence, your comments reinforces the theory that PIGS is a bloc of countries in Europe that is going to be hit by the economic crisis very soon. Also after reading the comments of Ch.C in the other thread regarding “Bretton Woods” (especially about the currencies of various countries), it gives me an impression that there are going to be plenty of “action” in South America in the coming years. We may see banks, companies, etc;, changing hands. So I wonder what the real objective is to launch a “Common Currency” in LatAM, when the shit is about to hit the fan!!

    I think you two have to write an article about this. And I am not kidding.

  • Augustus

    CHC- INDEED! EU is a mess!! Britain / Sweden & Danmark were wise to stay out of the EURO ZONE –
    The provision of every member being in agreement was probably efficient in 1961 when there were only 6 countries in the Common Market (as they used to be called – BENELUX, FRANCE, ITALY & GERMAN – as Monsieur De Gaule insisted in keeping Britain out)… Now, as they started expending, exponentially, they should have had the wisdom to amend this UNREALISTIC provision! I know they tried to amend it recently by virtue of the “charter or EU constitution (I forgot the official name), but Ireland (always the Irish) voted NO
    What appears even more inconsistent is the fact that some EU countries must submit provisions to their voters, while others just required parliamentary approval… Odd
    What about the SO-CALLED EU PARLIAMENT IN BRUSSELS (or is it in Strasbourg?) It’s a joke!!!! They have no power to do absolutely ANYTHING, live in extremely luxury, and everything paid for them! I’m sure that Latin lawmakers are envious of that FREE MILK & HONEY

    8) 😉 😀 8) 😉 😀 8) 😉 😀

  • CH.C.

    Great analysis Augustus !!!!
    but on top of that, France is the most opposed EU country to an agricultural deal with Emerging Nations in general !
    Simply the French are the ones getting by far the the largest share of the EU agricultural subsidizes !!!!

    and Sarko (his nickname) already threatened his vetoe right if the EU negotiator Mandelson goes too far at the WTO negotiation.

    Few people outside the EU realize that to have an agreement with the EU, they must get 100 % approval and not a simple majority or a large majority !
    Therefore every EU member country, large or small, older or newer entrant, has the same vetoe right !!!!!
    and if the majority wants to avoid a veto right, well this majority must compensate with other special rights (laws, projects financings or money) to the one(s) who disagree but has the vetoe right !!!!!!
    Therefore it is a give and take !
    Not an easy task when many countries with different minds and objectives are involved !
    And when you see them “unified” it is only against the “exterior” !
    But inside the EU it is a big mess, that is mostly not published !!!!!!
    Just one example in the actual financial crisis :
    The UK, a EU member, is not in the Euro currency and have their own Central Bank. therefore they can do what they want with rates and other Central Bank decisions. Not those in the Euroland under the European Central Bank !
    On the other hand Ireland is in the Euroland and decided 2 days ago, UNILATERALLY, without having the right, to guarantee ALL Irish banks. 4 of 5 of them being on the verge of collapse.
    this outraged the other EU members, and the European Central Bank.
    Now will see what will happen next !

    I tell you, I have no idea how the EU is going to do over time !!!!
    They want to impose to others what they cant really agree between themselves !!!!!

    😀 😉 😉

  • Augustus

    Photo Opportunity
    It would be rather surprising if anything other than À¢€œHigh Profile PhotosÀ¢€Â, Tourism Ads for Rio, and a couple of À¢€œpromised trade dealsÀ¢€Â (to be shelved quickly for À¢€œfurther considerationsÀ¢€Â) would come out of this meetingÀ¢€¦

    In fact this entire effort was put in place only because of by the Portuguese last year, during their turn in the rotating EU presidency, and the main EU counterpartÀ¢€¦
    If I were Nicolas Sarkozy (or any other European Leader) I would have refrained from the embarrassing association, even if slight, with the moronic Brazilian À¢€œrulerÀ¢€Â.

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