Calling the Tune

Calling the Tune

Which are the best Brazilian songs ever? Seven among
the 10 best were composed by Tom Jobim, according to
a panel of experts. The big winner: Águas de Março.
By Elma Lia Nascimento

More than 200 Brazilian journalists, musicians and cultural icons were asked to name
their three favorite national tunes starting in 1917 when “Pelo Telefone” (On
the Phone), the first Brazilian samba, was recorded by Donga. “Which is the all-time
best Brazilian song?” was the question presented. Voters were told to consider among
other items melody, lyrics, some historical reason, and even sentimental motives. The
stunt was promoted by Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s most read daily newspaper.

If your own personal list included Tom Jobim (1927-1994), you will be glad to know that
seven of Jobim’s songs made the ten most cited tunes. Jobim’s “Águas de
Março”, from 1972, was the champion, but his name was also remembered for
“Chega de Saudade” (3rd place, from 1958), “Retrato em Branco e
Preto” (6th place, 1968) and “Garota de Ipanema” (7th
place, 1963). Jobim was again considered for “Corcovado” (1960) and
“Desafinado” (1958, a tie in 9th place) and “Wave (Vou Te
Contar)” (1967, 10th place).

Tom Jobim had 32 of his songs cited, the most songs any author had mentioned. Composer
Chico Buarque de Hollanda had the same number of tunes remembered. Surprisingly, according
to this criterion, Jorge Ben came in second with 22 tunes mentioned. Only his 1963 song
“Mas que Nada”, however, won enough votes to be included among the 10 most
memorable songs. No song was cited in his most recent phase after changing his name to
Jorge Ben Jor. Caetano Veloso had 20 compositions mentioned, which gave him the third
place in this category.

In 1999, a search for the best Brazilian song of all times promoted by Globo TV Network
found that Ary Barroso’s “Aquarela do Brasil” (“Brazil”) was the
favorite. This time the results were less chauvinistic. Jobim, with a total of 110
mentions, came well ahead of the second most cited composer, Chico Buarque, who got 69
nods. Vinicius de Moraes (48 mentions) came in third for his collaborations with Jobim,
Chico Buarque, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra, Edu Lobo and Toquinho. Caetano Veloso and Jorge
Ben tied in fourth place with 34 citations. The fifth place went to Roberto and Erasmo
Carlos, a duo famous for their romantic ballads. They were remembered 24 times by the
illustrious panel of voters.

Interestingly enough, the most memorable “Águas de Março” interpretation,
which serves as reference for all the other versions, is the one sung by the duet Elis
& Tom. Elis Regina didn’t like Tom Jobim and didn’t hide her dislike for the
maestro whom she called “a bore”, “dim-witted”, and “old
fogey” in the backstage, in 1974, when the Elis & Tom LP was being
recorded. Elis, however, needed to revitalize a career that was being derailed by bad
press from critics who were demanding more sophistication from her. The partnership with
old Tom made the trick for her.

“Águas de Março” appeared on a super brief venture of alternative tabloid Pasquim
into the music business. The nonconformist publication in 1972 decided to release simple
compacts—a record with a song on each side of the old vinyl disc—to reveal new
talents. To guarantee success for the record, their proposal was to release on the other
side of the disc an unpublished tune by a famous composer. The new composers were rookies
João Bosco and Aldir Blanc with “Agnus Dei”. Jobim became their godfather in
the recording, with “Águas de Março”. There would be only one more release in
the collection: that of Fagner being presented by Caetano Veloso.

Women were barely mentioned in this selection. Rita Lee is the first woman to show up
in the list. The feisty rocker was mentioned 15 times what guaranteed her an 11th
place together with samba composer Cartola. Besides Lee, only Chiquinha Gonzaga and
Dolores Duran were remembered. They showed up at the bottom of the list with four mentions
each. A big name like Maysa was never mentioned. More recent composers like Marisa Monte,
Adriana Calcanhotto, and Zélia Duncan also were snubbed.

Talking for her colleagues, Rita Lee offered some explanation for this oversight:
“Women are quantitatively less present in several areas. Only recently we started
appearing while patriarchy exists for centuries. Chiquinha Gonzaga is from a time when men
would say, “Music is man’s occupation”. Dolores Duran was from a time when
guys would say, “Women who compose are whores.” I’m from a time when
Tubby’s Boy’s Only Clubhouse used to say, “To make rock you ought to have
balls.” Cássia Eller is from a time when people say, “You need to be a
macho-woman to make music like a man.” My granddaughter will be from a time when they
will say, “Only a woman could make such a good song.”

You can listen to Jobim interpreting his own song while following the
lyrics and translation below:

Águas de Março by Tom Jobim

Águas de Março

“É pau, é pedra,
é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco,
é um pouco sozinho

É um caco de vidro,
é a vida, é o sol
É a noite, é a morte,
é o laço, é o anzol

É peroba do campo,
é o nó da madeira
Caingá candeia,
é o matita-pereira

É madeira de vento,
tombo da ribanceira
É o mistério profundo,
é o queira ou não queira

É o vento ventando,
é o fim da ladeira
É a viga, é o vão,
festa da cumeeira

É a chuva chovendo,
é conversa ribeira
Das águas de março,
é o fim da canseira

É o pé, é o chão,
é a marcha estradeira
Passarinho na mão,
pedra de atiradeira

É uma ave no céu,
é uma ave no chão
É um regato, é uma fonte,
é um pedaço de pão

É o fundo do poço,
é o fim do caminho
No rosto o desgosto,
é um pouco sozinho

É um estrepe, é um prego,
é uma ponta, é um ponto
É um pingo pingando,
é uma conta, é um conto

É um peixe, é um gesto,
é uma prata brilhando
É a luz da manhã,
é o tijolo chegando

É a lenha, é o dia,
é o fim da picada
É a garrafa de cana,
o estilhaço na estrada

É o projeto da casa,
é o corpo na cama
É o carro enguiçado,
é a lama, é a lama

É um passo, é uma ponte,
é um sapo, é uma rã
É um resto de mato,
na luz da manhã

São as águas de março
fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida
no teu coração

É uma cobra, é um pau,
é João, é José
É um espinho na mão,
é um corte no pé

São as águas de março
fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida
no teu coração

É pau, é pedra,
é o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco,
é um pouco sozinho

É um passo, é uma ponte,
é um sapo, é uma rã
É um belo horizonte,
é uma febre terçã

São as águas de março
fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida
no teu coração”

Waters of March

It’s stick, it’s stone
It’s the end of the road
It’s a rest of stump
It’s a little alone

It’s a shard of glass
It is life, it’s the sun
It is night, it is death
It’s the snare, it’s the fishhook

It’s peroba of the field
It’s the knot in the wood
Lamp caingá tree
It’s the matita-pereira tree

It’s wind-resistant wood
Falls of the ravine
It’s the profound mystery
It’s the you wish or you don’t

It’s the wind blowing
It’s the end of the slope
It’s the beam, it’s the span
The new roof party

It’s the rain raining
It’s riverbank talk
Of the waters of March
It’s the end of the struggle

It’s the foot, it’s the ground
It’s the walk on the road
Small bird in the hand
A slingshot stone

It’s a bird in the sky
It’s a bird on the ground
It’s a creek, it’s a fountain
It’s a piece of bread

It’s the bottom of the well
It’s the end of the way
In the face the annoyance
It’s a little lonely

It’s a thorn, it’s a nail
It’s a point, it’s a dot
It’s a drop dripping
It’s an tally, it’s a tale

It’s a fish, it’s a gesture
It’s silver shining
It’s the morning’s light
It’s the brick arriving

It’s the firewood, it’s the day
It’s the end of the trail
It’s the bottle of liquor
Splinter in the road

It’s the house’s design
It’s the body in bed
It’s the broken down car
It’s the mud, it’s the mud

It’s a footstep, it’s a bridge
It’s a toad, it’s a frog
It’s a rest of brush
In the morning’s light

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

It’s a snake, it’s a stick
It’s John, it’s Joseph
It’s a thorn in the hand
It’s the cut on the foot

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

It’s stick, it’s stone
It’s the end of the road
It’s a rest of stump
It’s a little alone

It’s a footstep, a bridge
It’s a toad, it’s a frog
It’s a beautiful horizon
It’s a tertian fever

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

Jobim himself re-wrote these lyrics for the English version. It’s a whole
new poem:

Waters of March

A stick, a stone,
It’s the end of the road,
It’s the rest of a stump,
It’s a little alone

It’s a sliver of glass,
It is life, it’s the sun,
It is night, it is death,
It’s a trap, it’s a gun

The oak when it blooms,
A fox in the brush,
A knot in the wood,
The song of a thrush

The wood of the wind,
A cliff, a fall,
A scratch, a lump,
It is nothing at all

It’s the wind blowing free,
It’s the end of the slope,
It’s a beam, it’s a void,
It’s a hunch, it’s a hope

And the river bank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the end of the strain,
The joy in your heart

The foot, the ground,
The flesh and the bone,
The beat of the road,
A slingshot’s stone

A fish, a flash,
A silvery glow,
A fight, a bet,
The range of a bow

The bed of the well,
The end of the line,
The dismay in the face,
It’s a loss, it’s a find

A spear, a spike,
A point, a nail,
A drip, a drop,
The end of the tale

A truckload of bricks
in the soft morning light,
The shot of a gun
in the dead of the night

A mile, a must,
A thrust, a bump,
It’s a girl, it’s a rhyme,
It’s a cold, it’s the mumps

The plan of the house,
The body in bed,
And the car that got stuck,
It’s the mud, it’s the mud

Afloat, adrift,
A flight, a wing,
A hawk, a quail,
The promise of spring

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the promise of life
It’s the joy in your heart

A stick, a stone,
It’s the end of the road
It’s the rest of a stump,
It’s a little alone

A snake, a stick,
It is John, it is Joe,
It’s a thorn in your hand
and a cut in your toe

A point, a grain,
A bee, a bite,
A blink, a buzzard,
A sudden stroke of night

A pin, a needle,
A sting, a pain,
A snail, a riddle,
A wasp, a stain

A pass in the mountains,
A horse and a mule,
In the distance the shelves
rode three shadows of blue

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the promise of life
in your heart, in your heart

A stick, a stone,
The end of the road,
The rest of a stump,
A lonesome road

A sliver of glass,
A life, the sun,
A knife, a death,
The end of the run

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the end of all strain,
It’s the joy in your heart.
The best

1st “Águas de Março” (Tom Jobim) (23 votes)

2nd “Construção” (Chico Buarque) (21 votes)

3rd “Chega de Saudade” (Tom Jobim &Vinicius de Moraes) (18

4th “Carinhoso” (Pixinguinha & João de Barro) (16 votes)

5th “Aquarela do Brasil” (Ary Barroso) (13 votes)

6th “Detalhes” (Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos)

“Retrato em Branco e Preto” (Tom Jobim & Chico Buarque)

“As Rosas Não Falam” (Cartola) (8 votes)

7th “Asa Branca” (Luiz Gonzaga & Humberto Teixeira)

“Domingo no Parque” (Gilberto Gil)

“Garota de Ipanema” (Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes) (7 votes)

8th “Mas Que Nada” (Jorge Ben)

“Sua Estupidez” (Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos) (6 votes)

9th “Baby” (Caetano Veloso)

“Corcovado” (Tom Jobim)

“Desafinado” (Tom Jobim & Newton Mendonça)

“Panis et Circencis” (Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil)

“Pérola Negra” (Luiz Melodia)

“Três Apitos” (Noel Rosa)

“Tropicália” (Caetano Veloso) (5 votes)

10th “Beactress” (Edu Lobo & Chico Buarque)

“Dora” (Dorival Caymmi)

“Eu e a Brisa” (Johnny Alf)

“O Homem da Gravata Florida” (Jorge Ben)

“Inútil” (Roger Moreira)

“Ouro de Tolo” (Raul Seixas)

“Wave (Vou Te Contar)” (Tom Jobim) (4 votes)

Mentioned for more tunes:

1st (32 songs) – Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim

2nd (22 songs) – Jorge Ben

3rd (20 songs) – Caetano Veloso

4th (17 songs) – Vinicius de Moraes

5th (13 songs) – Gilberto Gil

6th (10 songs) – Rita Lee

7th (9 songs) – Arnaldo Baptista

8th (8 songs) – Ary Barroso, Cartola

9th (7 songs) – Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos, Renato Russo

10th (6 songs) – Dorival Caymmi, Luiz Gonzaga

Who was mentioned:

110 votes – Tom Jobim

69 votes – Chico Buarque

48 votes – Vinicius de Moraes

34 votes – Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben

24 votes – Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos

23 votes – Gilberto Gil

22 votes – Noel Rosa

21 votes – Ary Barroso

19 votes – Pixinguinha

16 votes – João de Barro

15 votes – Cartola, Rita Lee

13 votes – Luiz Gonzaga, Renato Russo

11 votes – Humberto Teixeira

10 votes – Arnaldo Baptista, Edu Lobo, Vadico

9 votes – Dorival Caymmi

8 votes – Luiz Melodia, Paulinho da Viola

7 votes – Cazuza, Nelson Cavaquinho, Raul Seixas, Tim Maia

6 votes – Dado Villa-Lobos (from Legião Urbana), Itamar Assumpção, Milton
Nascimento, Newton Mendonça

5 votes Chico Science, Fernando Brant, Guilherme de Brito, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Nelson
Motta, Roger Moreira (from Ultraje a Rigor)

4 votes – Aldir Blanc, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Dolores Duran, Jards Macalé, Johnny Alf,
Lulu Santos, Sérgio Dias, Toquinho

3 votes – Alice Ruiz, André X (from Plebe Rude), Baden Powell, Bernardo Vilhena,
Djavan, Edgard Scandurra, Geraldo Vandré, Gutje (from Plebe Rude), Lobão, Marcelo Bonfá
(from Legião Urbana), Otávio de Souza, Paulo Sérgio Valle, Philippe Seabra (from Plebe
Rude), Tom Zé

2 votes – Adoniran Barbosa, Alcides Caminha, Aloysio de Oliveira, Angela Ro Ro, Antonio
Maria, Arnaldo Brandão, Arrigo Barnabé, Ataulfo Alves, Capinan, Carlos Cachaça, Délcio
Carvalho, Dominguinhos, Francis Hime, Fred Zero Quatro, George Israel, Herbert Vianna,
Ivone Lara, Jamil Joanes (from Banda Black Rio), João Bosco, Jorge Mautner, Júlio
Barroso, Lamartine Babo, Luiz Bonfá, Luiz Tatit, Lupicinio Rodrigues, Matilde Alves,
Monsueto Menezes, Nando Reis (from Titãs), Nelson Jacobina, Nilo Romero, Paraná, Paulo
Gesta, Regina Porto, Renato Rocha (from Legião Urbana), Roberto Frejat, Rubens Queiroz,
Sérgio Sampaio, Théo de Barros, Toni Bellotto (from Titãs), Toninho Horta, Waly

1 vote – Alexandre Meneses (from O Rappa), Almir Sater, Almira Castilho, Ana Terra,
Andreas Kisser (from Sepultura), Antônio Adolfo, Antonio Cícero, Arnaldo Antunes,
Arnaldo Passos, Arnoldo Silva, Atílio Versutti, Augusto Boal, Bactéria Maresia (from
Mundo Livre S/A), Barmack, Branco Mello (from Titãs), Carlos Gomide, Carlos Laufer,
Carlos Lyra, Carlos Stein (from Nenhum de Nós), Cassiano, Catulo da Paixão Cearense,
Cesar Costa Filho, Claudio Roberto, Cristóvão Bastos, Cyro Pessoa, Dengue (from Nação
Zumbi), DJ Hum, Donga, Dora Vasconcelos, Edson Trindade, Edu K, Egberto Gismonti, Élcio
Soares, Ernesto Nazareth, Evaldo Gouveia, Evandro Mesquita (from Blitz), Fausto Fawcett,
Fernanda Abreu, Flávio Lemos (from Capital Inicial), Flávio Venturini, Francisco Alves,
Francisco Manoel da Silva, Galvão (from Novos Baianos), Garotos Podres, Geraldo Pereira,
Gerson Conrad, Gerson King Combo, Getúlio Côrtes, Gonzaguinha, Gordurinha, Guilherme
Arantes, Guinga, Guto (from Blitz), Haroldo Barbosa, Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, Humberto
de Maracanã, Hyldon, Igor Cavalera (from Sepultura), Ismael Silva, Ivan Lins, Ivan Zigg,
Jair Amorim, Jair do Cavaquinho, Jander Bilaphra (from Plebe Rude), Janet de Almeida,
Jararaca, Jayme Ovalle, Jeca Mineiro, João Gilberto, João Pernambuco, João Ricardo,
Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada, John (from Pato Fu), Johnny Dandurand, José Fernandes,
José Marcolino, Ladeira, Leoni (from Kid Abelha), Levino Ferreira, Lúcio Maia (from
Nação Zumbi), Luís Capucho, Luís Carlini, Luis Vagner, Luiz Peixoto, Mano Brown,
Manuel Bandeira, Marcelo Falcão (from O Rappa), Marcelo Fromer (from Titãs), Marcelo
Lobato (from O Rappa), Marcelo Yuka (from O Rappa), Marcos Valle, Marina Lima, Mathilda
Kóvak, Mauro de Almeida, Mauro Motta, Max Cavalera (from Sepultura), Moraes Moreira,
Murilo Antunes, Ná Ozzetti, Nelson Meirelles (from O Rappa), Neném, Nilton Bastos, Olga
Praguer Coelho, Olho Seco, Orestes Barbosa, Orestes de Mattos, Pamps (from Smack), Paula
Toller (cantora e composer), Paulinho Mendonça, Paulo César Pinheiro, Paulo Coelho,
Paulo Jr. (from Sepultura), Paulo Ruschel, Paulo Vanzolini, Paulo Zdanowski, Pedrinho,
Ratos de Porão, Reginaldo Rossi, Renato Teixeira, Ricardo Barreto (from Blitz), Ritchie,
Roberto Menescal, Ruy Guerra, Sady Homrich (from Nenhum de Nós), Sérgio Bandeyra,
Sérgio Britto (from Titãs), Sérgio Cassiano, Sérgio Sá, Silvio Caldas, Sinhô,
Sivuca, Thaíde, Thedy Corrêa (from Nenhum de Nós), Tibério Gaspar, Tom Gomes, Tony
Regalia (from Mundo Livre S/A), Torquato Neto, Vinícius Cantuária, Vitor Martins, Waldir
Azevedo, Zé da Zilda, Zé Ramalho, Zeca Baleiro, Zeca Mendigo

These big names were never mentioned:

Old guard

Adelino Moreira, Alberto Ribeiro, Alcyr Pires Vermelho, Capiba, Custódio Mesquita,
David Nasser, Fernando Lobo, Herivelto Martins, Jackson do Pandeiro, Jacob do Bandolim,
Luiz Vieira, Vicente Paiva, Zé Dantas, Zequinha de Abreu


Assis Valente, Batatinha, Bide, Candeia, Cyro Monteiro, Elton Medeiros, Mano Décio da
Viola, João da Baiana, Marçal, Martinho da Vila, Monarco, Moreira da Silva, Nei Lopes,
Nelson Sargento, Paulo da Portela, Pedro Caetano, Silas de Oliveira, Synval Silva, Wilson
Batista, Wilson Moreira, Zé Keti

Brazilian Blues

Billy Blanco, Maysa, Tito Madi

Bossa nova

Eumir Deodato, João Donato, Ronaldo Bôscoli


Dori Caymmi, João do Vale, Naná Vasconcelos, Sérgio Ricardo, Sidney Miller, Taiguara


Alceu Valença, Baby do Brasil, Belchior, Beto Guedes, Ednardo, Elomar, Fagner, Geraldo
Azevedo, Lô Borges, Peninha, Pepeu Gomes, Sueli Costa, Walter Franco


Ed Motta, Eduardo Dusek, Guilherme Isnard (from Zero), Humberto Gessinger (from
Engineers do Hawaii), Kiko Zambianchi, Léo Jaime, Marcelo Nova, Paulo Miklos (from
Titãs), Paulo Ricardo (from RPM), Supla (from Tóquio), Zé Miguel Wisnik


Adriana Calcanhotto, Carlinhos Brown, Chico César, Lenine, Marisa Monte, Samuel Rosa,
Zélia Duncan

The voters

Abílio Tavares (stage director), Ailton Magioli (journalist), Alberto Guzik
(theatrical critic), Alceu Valença (singer and composer), Alcides Nogueira (novelist),
Alcino Leite Neto (journalist), Alessandra Blanco (journalist), Alex Antunes (musician and
journalist), Alexandre da Cunha (visual artist), Alexandre Matias (journalist), Alexandre
Morettin (journalist), Alisson Gothz (performer), Alvin L. (singer and composer), Alzira
Espíndola (singer and composer), Ana Lúcia Araújo (journalist), Ana Ottoni
(photographer), Anderson Vinícius (rapper), André Barcinski (journalist), Angela Ro Ro
(singer and composer), Antonina Lemos (journalist), Antônio Carlos Miguel (journalist),
Antônio Rogério Toscano (playwright), Arnaldo Baptista (musician), Arthur Dapieve
(journalist), Astrounauta Pinguim (musician), Ayrton Mugnaini Jr. (journalist and
musician), Batman Zavareze (videomaker), Bete Coelho (actress), Bia Abramo (journalist),
Bruna Monteiro de Barros (journalist), Bruno E. (producer), Bruno Fortunato (musician),
Bruno Garcez (journalist), Bruno Gouveia (musician), Bruno Levinson (producer), Caco
Galhardo (cartoonist), Carlos Augusto Gomes (journalist), Carlos Bozzo Jr. (journalist),
Carlos Calado (journalist), Carlos Careqa (singer and composer), Carlos Eduardo Miranda
(producer musical), Carlos Farinha (record shop owner), Carlos Malta (musician), Carlos
Navas (singer), Carlos Rennó (composer and journalist), Carminha Fávora Góngora
(researcher), Cássia Eller (singer), Ceumar (singer), China (musician), Christiaan Oyens
(musician), Christianne Campos (journalist), Cilmara Bedaque (composer), Clarissa Tossin
(graphic designer), Claudia Lima (singer and journalist), Cláudio Medusa (DJ), Claudio
Tognolli (journalist), Clayton Camargo (engineer), Clayton Jr. (musician), Consuelo de
Paula (singer), Contardo Calligaris (psychoanalyst), Cris Braun (singer and composer),
Criminal D (rapper), Cristiano Sant’Ana (photographer), Daniel Carlomagno (musician),
Daniel Castro (journalist), Daniel Filho (TV director), Daniela Rocha (journalist),
Demetrius Caesar (journalist), Denise Mota (journalist), Dionisio Neto (metteur en
scène), DJ Hum (musician), Dudu Marote (producer), Ednardo (singer and composer), Edson
Cordeiro (singer), Edson Franco (journalist), Edson Natale (musician and producer), Edu K
(musician and producer), Elba Ramalho (singer), Eliete Mejorado (singer and actress),
Eliseu Paranhos (actor and musician), Erasmo Carlos (singer and composer), Eugênio Lima
(DJ), Eunice Raposo (psychoanalyst), Fábio Cypriano (journalist), Fernando Luna
(journalist), Fernando Rosa (researcher), Flu (musician), Francesca Angiolillo
(journalist), Francisco Alambert (professor of art history), Francisco Martins da Costa
(journalist), Gabriel Gaiarsa (journalist), Gilberto Braga (novelist), Guga Stroeter
(musician), Guilherme Lopes (producer and DJ), Hagamenon Brito (journalist), Inácio
Araujo (movie critic), Iris Cavalcanti (theatrical producer), Israel do Vale (journalist),
Ivam Cabral (actor), Ivan Finotti (journalist), Jards Macalé (singer and composer),
Jodele Lacher (TV director), João Bosco (singer and composer), João Marcello Bôscoli
(music producer), João Parahyba (musician), Jorge Simas (musician), José Teles
(journalist), Joyce (singer and composer), Juçara Marçal (singer), Julian Barg
(musician), Juliana Monteiro (actress), Juliana Mundim (filmmaker), Junior Deep (producer
and DJ), Kid Vinil (musician), Kiko Zambianchi (singer and composer), Kil Abreu
(theatrical critic ), Laura Mattos (journalist), Lauro César Muniz (novelist), Lauro
Mesquita (journalist and musician), Lenise Pinheiro (photographer), Leon Cakoff
(journalist), Letícia Coura (singer), Lincoln Antonio (musician), Lobão (singer and
composer), Loop B (musician), Lorena Calábria (TV presenter), Luca Raele (musician),
Lúcia Nagib (cinema professor), Luciana Pareja (journalist), Lucio Ribeiro (journalist),
Lui Farias (filmmaker), Luís Antônio Giron (journalist), Luiz Calanca (recording shop
owner), Luiz Caversan (journalist), Manoel Carlos (novelist), Luiz Henrique Romanholli
(journalist), Lulu Camargo (musician), Malu Moura Andrade (journalist), Marcela Franco
(journalist), Marcela Tavares (journalist), Marcelo Drummond (actor), Marcelo Ferla
(journalist), Marcelo Negromonte (journalist), Marcelo Orozco (journalist), Marcelo
Santana Dias (journalist), Marcelo Valletta (journalist), Marcos Augusto Gonçalves
(journalist), Marcos Dávila (musician and journalist), Marcos Morcerf (DJ), Maria Ercilia
(journalist), Maria Izildinha Pilli (journalist), Marina Person (TV presenter), Mathilda
Kóvak (composer), Matinas Suzuki Jr. (journalist), Maurício Tagliari (musician), Monica
Ramos (music producer), Mônica Salmaso (singer), Muriel Matalon (actress), Ná Ozzetti
(singer and composer), Nelson de Sá (journalist), Nelson Motta (producer and journalist),
Newton Moreno (actor and stage director), Patife (DJ), Paula Toller (singer and composer),
Paulo Migliacci (translator), Paulo Terron (journalist), Paulo Vieira (journalist), Pedro
Sérgio (musician), Pena Schmidt (music producer), Ramilson Maia (DJ), Ramiro Zwetsch
(journalist), Raquel Affonso (journalist), Reginaldo Rossi (singer), Regis Bonvicino
(poet), Renata Amaral (singer), Ricardo Alexandre (journalist), Ricardo Besen
(journalist), Ricardo Cravo Albin (researcher), Rita Lobo (journalist), Rita Wirtti
(actress), Roberto de Carvalho (musician), Roberto Mendes (singer and composer), Rodrigo
Ferrari Cesar (journalist), Rodrigo Leão (adman), Rodrigo Moura (journalist), Rogério de
Campos (journalist), Ruth Slinger (videomaker), Samuel Rosa (singer and composer), Sarah
Oliveira (VJ), Sérgio Barbo (journalist), Sérgio Cassiano (musician), Sérgio Dávila
(journalist), Sérgio Rizzo (journalist), Silvio Essinger (journalist), Solano Ribeiro
(music producer), Suzana Salles (singer), Sylvia Colombo (journalist), Taciana Barros
(singer and composer), Teresa Albuquerque (journalist), Thaíde (rapper), Tiago dos Santos
Mesquita (art critic), Tom Leão (journalist), Tom Zé (singer and composer), Totonho
(musician), Vitor Ramil (singer and composer), Wander Wildner (singer and composer),
Wilson Bueno (writer), Wilson Simoninha (singer), Xico Sá (journalist), Xis (rapper), Zé
Luiz Soares (producer), Zé Ramalho (singer and composer), Zeca Baleiro (singer and

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