Russia Wants Joint Ventures with Brazil in Space and Defense

Russian president Medvedev in Brazil Currently on a Latin American tour to expand alliances and business opportunities, the president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Tuesday, November 25, that he wants to double trade with Brazil and expand cooperation in hi-tech areas.

"I hope in the next few years the turnover will reach US$ 10 billion a year (from 5 billion in 2007)," Medvedev said at a luncheon with Russian and Brazilian businessmen in Rio.

"The structure of the turnover is far from ideal," he said. "The main task is to make it include hi-tech sectors, major companies, and the energy sector. We have such potential."

Medvedev is scheduled to visit Venezuela, a buyer of Russian arms, and Cuba later this week as Russia seeks to reassert itself in the region. The Russian leader arrived in Brazil from the Asian Pacific Economic cooperation, APEC summit in Lima, Peru.

Also on Tuesday a fleet of Russian warships arrived in Venezuela for joint naval exercises ahead of Medvedev's visit, which is seen as another step in President Hugo Chavez's efforts to strengthen an alliance with Moscow.

Medvedev and Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva are scheduled to sign accords to increase cooperation in the aerospace, nuclear and defense industries during the visit. Russia hopes to sell helicopters, armored vehicles and other equipment to Brazil which has announced a plan to re-equip its armed forces.

Medvedev told the luncheon that Brazil and Russia, two of the world's biggest emerging markets, already had a "strategic partnership" and were turning into leaders of global growth despite the financial crisis.

"There are other sectors where we can exchange opinions, create joint ventures. That is space, aviation, the military-industrial complex and the energy sector," he said.

Medvedev also said that Russia's economic growth will reach around 7% in 2008. "Economic growth will remain at a level of 7%, although everybody will face certain difficulties," he said.

The Russian leader also announced the opening next year of a Russian energy giant Gazprom office in Brazil to "boost bilateral oil and gas cooperation."



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  • falupa

    Brazil the Russian pet
    I don’t think that Brazil is thinking about their vested interests overseas. The problem is that the Russian military and political diplomacy are beginning to look one in the same. I am nervous that Russia will take any technologies given too them no matter the circumstances. Brazil did have it’s first satellite enter space a while ago.

  • forrest allen brown

    open your eyes
    just this week russia @ chaves land were holding joint navel movments over the
    north coast of SA,
    he also bought 15 F29 fulcorms
    several more suport ships
    and 3 subs i beleive .

    plus the tanks , AK 47 plant
    and is working on 5 backfite bombers
    that can fly to any where in SA & CA and even parts of NA
    along with there version of the cruis missle and the french excoett

    you had better be worried as brasil could not stop him from taking
    all parts north of the amazon ,

    as the navy of brasil in nthe amazon is much like that of the south
    A JOKE

    say high the the US 4 fleet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thaddeus Blanchette

    [quote] BUT MOSTLY BEWARE OF VENEZUELA. [/quote]

    Oh, yes. Venezuela is quite the booming superpower, isn’t it? What with their 6 battalions of Russian-made T55s, a tanks that was obsolete back in the 1960s…

    Wow, we really have to prime ourselves against the mighty Venezuelans, that’s for sure.

  • forrest allen brown

    look at the paper below the header on this one ??????????
    they speak no wepons but the next paper is build arms
    brasil is looked at different because it thinks its the US os SA.

    and the other countries are tired of it and if brasil went off looking at how lula
    is talking they dont need any one else we are the country of this land
    all others have to do business through us .

    and let chaves pull something with columbia , they would not last long as the rest of SA and the US would stop him .

  • Anderson

    The problem is not Russia aiding Venezuela, Bolivia and Guiana. The problem is that Venezuela is up to something, and I dont know if it will be agaisnt the Colombian Government, or against Brazilian Territory.


    Am I the only one noticing how, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador have changed their way of cooperating with Brazil?
    Can’t anyone else notice the kind of the false propaganda that has been going on, against the Brazilian way of participarting in South America?

    I believe that some of these countries aren’t doing all this anti-Brazil movement because they felt like it. There is someone behind it and its best we find out what it is.

    The only thing to do is to improve trade while at the same time improving defense and respect.

    To all who coment against Brazil, Yes I know Brazil is not good like America etc… oh well I like Brazil, I was born here, lived out and didnt like it, I want it to change the rich poor situation, Brazil is unfair, bla bla bla bla bla. I know its all true, but I still love it and I hope the best for this lovable nation, thanks.

    Let’s just hope that Brazil listens to all the bad coments from this sites regulars, and that it changes untill we can’t read some of these awfull coments everyday.

    News is good and BrazzilMag is awesomely good. Keep up the good work.

  • Anderson

    Its is good to make partnerships, but Brazil beware, don’t let your guard down, never trust anyone.

    Dont trust US, CHINA, RUSSIA, BRITAIN or others….
    Be on top of everything and make not to act like a dog with its tail down, to anyone.

  • AES

    If you open your neck to the Bear it will bite it.

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