Football, cricket and tennis: multisport betting with the Best online bookies in India 2024

In India, sports betting is an everyday pastime and is a common pastime in the country, thus having a large number of bettors, who are engaged in creating and playing bets on all types of sports at KrakenBet India. However, certain sports disciplines stand out more than others at the best online bookmakers in India and it is precisely these favourite sports of the country that we will be talking about today.

Cricket betting – the undisputed king of Indian sports betting

Cricket is the most popular sport in India and is therefore also the most popular in terms of sports betting, thus having a wide market in terms of betting types and betting tools. Thus having the opportunity to bet on both the outcome of the match and the performance of the players, placing bets before the game starts or during the game thanks to live betting.

In addition, the best bet site in India offers a wide range of options regarding tournaments and leagues to expand the area of cricket betting. Thus creating a whole world in one sport.

Football betting: a global passion with a growing Indian fandom

Football is the world’s most popular sport, making it one of the top sports betting disciplines and India is no exception to this rule, in fact, in recent years the number of online football bettors in the country has grown tremendously. 

This is mainly because the best sportsbooks in India offer a wide range of betting options such as live betting on a wide range of national and international football leagues and tournaments.

For example, the most popular tournaments among Indian punters today are the Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup, offering a great adrenaline rush and the opportunity to celebrate with your favourite teams.

Tennis betting: individual skill and global appeal

Another sport that is quite popular among passionate Indians is tennis, especially the Grand Slam tournaments. 

The tennis betting market has a huge not only because the sport itself is one of global appeal, with a huge fan base, but also because its one of the widest in existence, with the option of betting on all types of competitions, both men’s and women’s, and including betting types such as match results, point totals and live bets. 

Betting strategies on all sports: tips for Indian punters

If you want to bet on any of these three sports at the best Indian bookmakers then you are in luck, here are some tips to enhance your experience: 

Always do research beforehand on the track record of the players, both in wins and losses.

Always have a good handle on your bankroll, never bet more than you have and remember that this is a hobby not a steady source of income. 

Evaluate factors such as injuries, weather and referees to further increase your chances. 

Emerging sports and niche markets: Expanding betting horizons

The best bookmakers in India can also explore less conventional sports and unique betting markets, finding emerging sports and niche markets for them. Some of these new sports in the Indian focus are basketball and rugby, which are becoming increasingly popular in Indian online betting.


The options for Indian online gamblers are quite extensive in both sports and betting types, having a great catalogue in both areas that allows you to enjoy a wonderful experience. Now, whether you choose a big-name sport like tennis or an emerging sport like rugby it is always important to remember that sports betting should be practiced responsibly. Keep a good handle on your finances and do your research before each bet, this will not only improve your odds but also keep your wallet safe.

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