How often should your bedding be washed?

Everyone loves their sleep. A good night of restful sleep is very important for everyone to get. Not getting enough adequate sleep could be harmful to your health. Plus affect your energy and mood. It seems like you get a better sleep on nights when you have fresh sheets. They just feel different and smell so good. Besides that it is important to wash your sheets regularly to avoid any extra build on your sheets. So how often should you be washing your bedding?

Since bedding can accumulate a lot of stuff you can’t see like thousands of dead skin cells and dust mites. Washing your sheets every two weeks or every week if you sweat a lot is plenty enough. You could always wash them more often than that but once every two or once a week is plenty enough. You don’t want to start getting small creatures growing on your bed and sheets. That is one of the things we ultimately want to avoid. 

Your pillow cases have more bacteria than your toilet seat does if you don’t wash your sheets often. Each night, your body sheds around 15 million skin cells, which build up if you don’t wash your sheets often. You’re essentially providing food for thousands of dust mites that accumulate in your bedding. You might not have a problem with this but many people surely do. No one wants to sleep in a bed full of dust mites and bacteria which accumulates if you don’t wash your sheets often.

If you have night sweats or just naturally sweat heavily, it is important that you wash your bedding more often than those who don’t sweat as much. So if you wake up soaked in sweat you most likely sweat heavily or have night sweats. You should really want to wash your bedding as often as possible. You may think of washing them more than just once a week to prevent bacteria from building up in your sheets. 

You shed a big amount of skin cells every night while you sleep. Because something else is already there waiting to gobble them up, yes dust mites. And the longer you wait between washes, the more food these critters will have and the more they’ll procreate and multiply. So if you don’t wash your sheets, you’ll be sleeping with hundreds of thousands of dust mites. That doesn’t sound very sanitary and healthy and it probably isn’t. So make sure you wash your sheets often to prevent this.

If you have dust allergies, it gets worse. Dust mites and their feces produce proteins that cause red and itchy eyes, runny noses, and other cold-like symptoms in people who are allergic. And dust mites, well, they’re actually not the only allergen in a dirty bed. If you never wash your pillowcases, a community of fungus can also build up in your bed. The most common among them, Aspergillus fumigatus, is potentially dangerous. In addition to allergic reactions, it can infect your lungs and other organs. So not washing your bedding often can cause some health concerns. Don’t let this happen to you.

Now you see why it is so important to make sure you wash your bedding regularly. At least every two weeks. More if necessary. You really want to take care of your health and honestly just washing your bedding can help avoid any health problems. No one likes doing their bed, let alone washing their sheets. It is very necessary though. Very important to your overall health. Make sure you keep those sheets clean, especially those pillow cases. God bless!

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