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The destruction of the Brazilian Amazon continuous on an alarming scale. According to
Brazilian scientists and the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, an estimated
17,000 square miles were deforested during 1998. (That is more than double of what
government officials have reported. Most of this catastrophic destruction, has been caused
by the same familiar faces: large cattle ranchers and logging companies. One cattle
rancher alone, burned close to 7,000 acres of rainforest to make pasture for his 4,000
white zebu cattle. To date, approximately 16% of the Brazilian Amazon has been destroyed
for short term profits which only benefit a small part of the 1% of Brazilians (and their
counterparts in the global economy) who control 50% of the land.

Amidst this chaos, the Brazilian government continues to pave the way for more
destruction, submitting to powerful industry lobbying and disfranchised by its own lack of
political will and the bankruptcy of its environmental agencies as a result of IMF
pressures so that Brazil remains a key player in the global economy, paying the interests
on its $270 billion dollars foreign debt, originally contracted during a 20 year military

An environmental crimes law, imposing a fine up to $30 million was passed by the
government last year, but the usual forces have convinced the government not to enact it
for another 6 years. This year’s ban on new Amazon clearing was revoked in April, just
when the burning season started. What other indicators of the government inability to
resolve a catastrophic problem and apparent connivance with a shortsighted unsustainable
backward so-called development do we need? Who will bear the responsibility of destroying
so far 16% of the Brazilian Amazon (an area the size of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin
combined), significantly diminishing its cultural and biodiversity wealth? Who is
defending the real national interest of Brazil?

The emergence of a social reaction out of the 20 year dictatorship is indeed one of the
most hopeful forces to counteract this immense destruction. This social reaction gave
birth to the environmental and indigenous movement, and strengthened other social
struggles for human and labor rights, as well as for agrarian reform with the creation of
the MST, the Landless Workers Movement, which are among the most progressive and effective
social forces in the world. These are the movements that are seeking the best interest of
the remaining 99% of the Brazilian population.

These are practically the only forces which have managed to avoid a greater destruction
so far. Forces that are discussing and creating a vision of development that conciliates
the basic welfare of all Brazilians with the conservation of the country’s still abundant
biocultural diversity.

Beto Borges
Environmental Policy and Management Analyst

and Bigotry

It was truly distressing to read Janer Cristaldo’s ignorant, openly racist article.
What purpose is served by vilifying a group with little resources and protection,
demonizing an entire tribe for alleged crimes committed by two of them? This person has no
expertise in the subject on which he is writing about. The worries about an oh-so precious
nation’s dignity and reputation would be laughable if they weren’t also filled with such
repugnant bigotry. You have insulted all indigenous peoples by having this trash
printed in your journal. You and Cristaldo owe an apology. The failure to do so will show
your own lack of moral character.

Al Carroll
San Antonio, Texas

Absurd &

Janer Cristaldo’s article on Indians and the Landless Movement is a total absurd and
total shit… Where is the information about the situation of the land concentration and
the reasons why the MST go into conflict with the local latifundiários
(landowners)? Why are the natives in such a bad social and political situation? Do you
think they do not have the right to a piece of land, as well as guarantee that they will
have adequate water, sewage system and disease control? You should hire better

J. Assis
Ontario, Canada

The Z of
the Question

I would very much like to send you an article, but, unfortunately, I dislike so much
seeing Brasil being written with “z” that I cannot get myself to write anything.
Couldn’t you have written Brasil with an “s”? Why not with double “l”?
Would be great with double “b”? Double “i”? Anything but with

But, anyway, I would like to suggest you had a look at the Lagoa do Abaeté. It’s been
ruthlessly vandalized. I have checked with a geologist here and he assured me that there
is “salvation”, but it costs money, good money. Actually, I would like very much
to start a “Save the Lagoon” campaign . If you can allow me some
“room” in your magazine, I would make an effort to get over my dislike and send
you an article about the Lagoon. I might even be able to get some picture with the
Brasilian (with an “s”) consulate here. What do you say? Should I start taking
anti-nausea tablets and ring the consulate for those pictures?

Ere Monteiro
Via Internet


I am very disappointed with the level of Brazzil. Brazilian culture is rich and
has so much to offer, but you do a disservice to our country by presenting this type of
garbage. The magazine was given to me as a gift and I hoped I would find something
interesting and in good taste. However, I was disappointed. For sure I will not renew my
subscription and I will look for a better presentation of my country somewhere else. I
would never dare to show this magazine to my American friends, I would be ashamed of being

The topics are poorly selected, long and boring. Are you sure you know how put a
magazine together? I am not even in the field of editing, but I guarantee you I could do a
better job. Instead of promoting the good name of Brazil you folks are just confirming the
concept that less informed people have about Brazil.

Evandro M. Faustino
Salt Lake City, Utah

You Moron

Why the hell do you put only Indians on cover of the magazines? There are only 150,000
Indians here, which is less than 0.15% of the Brazilian population. Go to http://www.ibge.gov.br and check it out, you bunch of
ignorant, illiterate, monoglote Americans. We’re nearly 50% White here, more than in
California. This is not a racist letter, it’s just to make you ignorant aware that there
are Whites, Blacks, Asians, etc, etc, here. If you don’t know about this glorious land and
its people don’t write about it, nor take pictures of our people. And stop killing
children in Yugoslavia, you assassins. Your publication is very amateurish.

João Silva
Via Internet


I have enjoyed the gift subscription a friend arranged for me, but was sorely
disappointed when I saw page six of the March issue. I realize us “Easterners”
may not be quite as liberal minded as you folks but come on! I can’t really believe that
lingerie models have resorted to pornographic poses in order to advertise the merchandise.
And skinny minnie child porn? I lived in Rio from age 9 months (1927) until I graduated
from the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro in 1945 and don’t ever remember seeing
anything like that in a Brazilian magazine. I think you are conveying the wrong impression
of Brazil to a lot of people. If your future issues are going to be similar in content
please do not send me any more issues.

Edward Saridaki
Via Internet


I work with an organization that places orphaned Brazilian children in families around
the world. Every year we have a reunion in the US, this year in July, where about 50
families attend. I was wondering if it were possible to get some samples of your magazine
to pass out to these families with Brazilian children. The adoptive families are always
looking for ways to connect with Brazil so as to teach their adopted children their
heritage. I think many would be interested in your magazine and want to subscribe. I,
myself, have been meaning to subscribe and will as a matter of fact, send in my money
tomorrow. I appreciate any feedback you can give us on this. Thank you.

Mary Jo Patterson
Columbus, Ohio


In June of 1996 you published an interesting article on prostitution and marriage in
Brazil. I work with a bunch of foreigners in Brazil, and they are always asking me about
where to go to pick up nice girls, not so nice girls, etc. Given that I am a middle aged
female, this is not really my area of expertise. I was wondering—was this article
ever updated?

Judith Ryan


I am an American citizen who has been living in São Paulo, Brazil, for over seven
years. I am a photographer and I am very interested in submitting material for you to
consider for your publication. I am prepared to send you a portfolio of my work pertaining
to Brazil, and I understand you provide a photo guideline that details the kind of work
you are looking for. I would like very much to receive this guideline, so I could be sure
of sending you a portfolio containing exactly the kind of material you are interested in.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your attention.

Sacha Quadrelli


I have some classical tunes that are very well placed in the international ranking, of
the site http://www.mp3.com. I also received an
invitation to introduce my music “Berceuse pour une Princesse” inside
“Takarajima” magazine, from Tokyo, which will have a special section for
“Best MP3 Music”. I would like to know if Brazzil is interested in
divulging my work. Please, get some mp3 music in my page http://www.mp3.com/dec
to listen to.

Rogerio Dec
Curitiba, Brazil

This Man?

While researching for choro, I met some wonderful texts on Brazilian music by
Bruce Gilman. He understands the Brazilian spirit so much. How is that? How did this
interest begin? Who is he? And a jazz lover as well… Congratulations. Does he have more
texts on Brazilian music in English?

Márcia Leal
Via Internet

Can’t Get

The February issue was great, especially the excellent articles by Daniella Thompson on
Marcos Sacramento and by Bruce Gilman on Joyce. It is great that they include
discographies as well as some lyrics in English and Portuguese. Both of these writers know
their subject matter and write so well that their articles enhance my understanding of and
love for Brazilian music. Give us more!

Charlotte Casey
San Jose, CA

Looking for

I’ve found a number of CDs of Brazilian artists on the Net but to order anything from
Brazil costs a fortune. Do you guys know of a cyber or terrestrial Brazilian music
specialist shop preferably in the West Coast USA who can get their hands on such wonderful
things as the Natasha or Kuarup catalogues as well as Caetano’s latest live album, etc?
Believe me I’ve looked right across the ionosphere but the BIG on-line shops sell…well,
the same old stuff. It would be great if you can suggest something. PS: Great mag. Such a
relief to read informed features in English on Hermeto, Egberto, Jovino, etc. Other
cultural articles interesting too. Well done!

Andrew Yencken
Sydney, Australia


Congratulations! Brazzil magazine has greatly honored our community in the
United States. We’re very proud of its contributions to our progress.

Brazilian American United Association (BAUA)
Newark, New Jersey


Your Website is an awesome resource to stay connected to the Brazilian community. I am
the owner of a gay bed and breakfast in South Beach, and I would like to reach the gay
community of Rio (and all Brazil). Could you please tell me what the name of Brazil’s
national gay magazine, and Rio’s most circulated gay magazine/journal.

Jim Greeley
The Steven James Group


First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the excellent and useful work
presented in your site brazzil.com. Also, I am sending this message to ask you whether you
could eventually give some ideas about the following subject. I would like to promote some
Brazilian products abroad (USA, Canada, etc) so, please, inform me, some good resources to
reach Brazilian people living in the USA and other countries.

Ralph Lagnado
Via Internet


I was reading the article “The first world is here” by Elma-Lia Nascimento
about the favelas (shantytowns) in Brazil, and I would like to invite you to visit
my site below “Favela Bairro – the failure of a housing policy” where you will
find an interesting and different point of view about the program, not showed by the
Brazilian authorities.

Maria Lucia Massot
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I just want to say thank you for the excellent magazine you publish. I am a Brazilian
living in Switzerland. I am also journalist and screenwriter. I liked Brazzil very
much. I wrote an e-mail to Mrs. Adelaide Davis after I read her short story. She promised
to tell me where in Brazzil I can find others of her short stories. Well, I just
want to say that Brazzil got another reader, now from Switzerland.

Marcos Borges
Lausanne, Switzerland


I’m a composer and instrumentalist and I have released my first album solo (featuring
great musicians and Rita Peixoto) with my own compositions. Who told me about your site
was Carlos Fuchs. I would like to send you some of my music. I’m also member of the group
Nó em Pingo d’Água (with four CDs) and Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Club, and both soon will
release new CDs. I have to give my congratulations for your beautiful site.

Rodrigo Lessa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Hi, I found your magazine whilst surfing, and I’m impressed with the standard of your
journalism and content. I’ve done a search in your archive for Joyce, who is my favorite
singer, but haven’t found very much, just the odd mention. Do you plan to do a feature on
her in the future? I’ve been trying to get information on Joyce on the Web, but can’t find
anything. Any help you could give me would be very gratefully received. Thanks, and keep
up the good work!

Noel Donnelly
Birmingham, England


I am a student at American University in Washington, DC, USA. I plan to graduate in
December, 1999 and hope to travel to Brazil to work. Please e-mail me the contact name and
e-mail address for someone at Brazzil who I could speak with about possible
employment with your publication. I will then forward my résumé and a cover letter.

Katherine E. McConnell
Washington, DC

Listen To

Ouvi falar sobre Brazzil em Curitiba, através da Grace Torres do grupo Fato.
estou interessado em enviar dois CDs que lancei aqui no Brasil. Moro em São Paulo e estou
usando e-mail de um amigo para me comunicar com vocês. Mandarei material assim que
possível para que vocês escutem. Vocês já podem ter uma idéia através da coletânea Beleza
Tropical 2, compilada por David Byrne, no selo Luaka Bop/Wea. Por enquanto um abraço
e parabéns pela revista. Visite o site da Luaka Bop para saber mais sobre o meu trabalho:
Carlos Careqa
São Paulo, Brazil


I am passionate about all things Latin American, especially Brazil. I receive Latin
Trade and am very glad to see that there is another magazine for those of us on the
fringes of the developed world. Congratulations.

Leigh Nieuwoudt
Skeerpoort, South Africa

Sex And
No Guilt

Hi, I’m a Brazilian woman, and… what can I say? Yes, we like sex… what’s wrong with
that? We are happy this way. Thanks.

Sylvia Zappa
Via Internet


I am a huge fan of the Brazilian soccer league and my main interest was to find out if
there is a specific magazine or newspaper that gives the odds on game results and other
statistics as we have in the States for the NFL. If so I would love to receive a copy.

Prospero Bruce
Via Internet


I have been doing a yearlong project on Brazil. I just discovered your Website, which
is very interesting to me. I was curious if you would be able to write to me back and
forth about different things having to do with Brazil. I would appreciate it a bunch. I
was also curious if you would be able to send me a copy of Brazzil so that I can
put it in my portfolio on Brazil.



I am a young Frenchman who is both civil servant of the French state and journalist (Ouest
France, Marne Hebdo, Info Brésil are the newspapers in France for which
I write.) The subject I like to talk about the most is football and Brazilian soccer in
Europe, the stars and the unknown players who play in Belgium for instance. If you are
interested in my knowledge of professional soccer, Brazilian players in Europe and the
passion for Brazilian soccer among Europeans contact me.

Via Internet


I want to purchase an English cookbook that describes in detail how to prepare churrasco.
I have searched the Web in vain and cannot find a comprehensive book on this subject.
Everyone says, “oh just mix salt, lime, garlic, etc.” without any detail of
measurements, techniques, etc. I particularly want to make picanha and chicken
thighs and thought you may know where I can purchase such a cookbook written in English.

Stewart Sklar
Ontario, Canada


Is the newspaper Folha de São Paulo another enemy of Brazil? Is it at the
service of the IMF by publishing headlines that can only send Brazil deeper into the pit?
Is the IMF really disappointed that Brazil might NOT need to borrow another 23 billion
dollars? All these newspapers can do is fight to be the first one to release novel
scandals, regardless if they are true or ‘fake’—artfully made-up—in a completely
irresponsible way as they never go till the end to see to it that everything is clarified
and explained. Meanwhile, lots of money, time and attention are wasted on investigation
commissions and committees that will end up in nothing.

As for the Brazilians, they have to pay for all the press caprices and dirty games. Mr.
Dollar takes a lift up, Mrs. S. Exchange takes a slide down, Dr. Investor runs away with
his earnings even before Patient recovers and Patient, left alone, panics. The Brazilian
middle-class and those poor always pay the bills, on and on, endlessly, living their lives
in worry, stress, hard work, suffering, poverty and joylessness to name but a few…

Lucio Ans
Via Internet


I am a Marketing Manager with United Parcel Service and am wondering if you, as an
English language Brazilian publication, have any statistics on percent of the total
Brazilian population that speaks/reads English? My guess, through many trips to São
Paulo, is that the number is relatively small—but if you have any numbers on hand
from your demographics I would very much appreciate it!

Raul Echeverria
Via Internet


Gostaria de saber se vocês já têm notícias sobre a Rede Globo via satélite nos
EUA. Soube que muitos dos seus programas serão distribuídos em tempo real pela KBS.
Acredito que isto será um bom artigo para a revista de vocês.

C. I. Furbino
Indianapolis, Indiana


Apos tentar ler alguns números de sua revista, só há uma coisa que posso expressar
em bom inglês (o que parece ser a sua linguagem e ideologia): Brazzil sucks!
Visão crítica como a de vocês é tão importante quanto o programa do Ratinho para
resolver problemas sociais no Brasil (este sim, com b maiúsculo e sem z). Pela liberdade
de imprensa, espero que vocês ainda existam por bastante tempo…

José Hermes do Amaral
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Eu estava achando interessante a edição eletrônica da Brazzil até que topei
com esta péssima tradução do horrendo texto do pseudo-intelectual Janer Cristaldo. Brazzil
faria melhor a si mesmo e à imagem do Brasil evitando que personagens saídos
provavelmente de entidades como “comando de caça aos comunistas” ou outras
sociedades assassinas quaisquer, como certamente saiu o Cristaldo, aparecessem com tanto
alarde em suas páginas, a não ser que ele seja o dono da Brazzil.

Afinal de contas é a matéria de capa, destinada a atrair leitores de escol. Porém,
com a leitura, descobre-se a “peçonha negra da cadela machucada” como dizia
Rimbaud. E de matéria para leitores de escol passa para área de leitores da escória,
com opiniões que certamente alegrariam os inquisidores, Cabral e até Pero Vaz de

Se o propósito é arrecadar fundos ou anúncios, certamente os FreeMen de Montana ou a
KKK ou as gangues da rapaziada analfabeta lerão com afinco a reportagem, ou raptarão
alguém para lê-la. Fica lavrado meu protesto contra o mau gosto de Brazzil em
publicar matéria deste senhor Cristaldo, ainda mais matéria que deveria ser entregue a
pessoas responsáveis.

Ivan Nery Costa Pinto
Via Internet


Seria possível que vocês editassem uma matéria sem citar o Rio de Janeiro? Essa sua
revista não merece o nome que tem. Vocês estão muito longe do Brasil para brincar de
Rede Globo. O Brasil é o Rio do crime em Janeiro. Tentem ser maiores, lembrem-se que a
maioria dos brasileiros aqui nos US são mineiros, nordestinos, paulistas e sulistas.
Talvez seja por isso que nós (não cariocas e 90%) brigamos pelas publicações vindas da
Flórida. Nelas, uma boceta famosa não ganha seis paginas em detrimento do sr. Ubaldo
Ribeiro (que agora vocês me informaram é carioca, vive no Leblon). Lembro que vocês ja
publicaram textos ridículos de brasileiro metido que achava que era gente só por viver
na Europa, mas nada se compara ao carioquismo da sua suposta revista “Brazzil”.
Acho que vocês têm a única publicação do mundo que ao falar de teatro cita mais
produções cariocas que paulistas. Isso sem contar que os principais polos de idéias da
atualidade no teatro brasileiro vêm do festival de Curitiba e do Festival Universitário
de Ouro Preto.

Rio de Janeiro não é sinônimo de carnaval. Existem alguns outros estados na
Federação envolvidos na brincadeira! Tentarei ler a sua revista carioca em uns três
meses novamente. Espero que sejam mais realistas e mudem de nome ou quebrem esta corrente
carioqueira virando realmente “Brazzil”. (Mesmo que no ataque), respeitosamente.
PS.: Please get better, não nos obrigue a criar a primeira revista realmente brasileira
de Los Angeles. Vai pegar mal!

Jorge Eduardo Oliveira
Via Internet


Venho por meio desta fazer uma reclamação sobre a Varig e alertar a todos os
passageiros que usam ou usaram os serviços desta companhia aérea no futuro. No dia 8 de
abril ao desembarcar do vôo 062 da Korean Airlines em São Paulo, proveniente de Los
Angeles, e passar pela imigração e alfândega, fui diretamente ao balcão da Varig para
fazer a minha conexão para o Rio.

Cheguei ao balcão exatamente as 8:27 AM e o vôo (RG392) estava marcado para sair para
o Rio às 8:45 AM. Fui atendido pela funcionária Valéria, que prontamente me disse que
seria impossível embarcar neste vôo. Ela alegou que era impossível tranferir a minha
bagagem para este vôo e que a culpa era da Korean por ter chegado atrasada em São Paulo.
Infelizmente esta funcionária nao tinha a menor idéia de que a Korean tinha chegado no
horário previsto e que o atraso foi provocado na alfândega.

O motivo da minha ida ao Brasil foi somente ajudar meu pai que é um homem doente e que
estava numa cadeira de rodas. Quanto mais explicava a ela a minha situação menos ela se
interessava em ajudar. Cheguei a pedir para que ela olhasse para o meu pai e visse as
condições em que ele se encontrava. Infelizmente esta funcionária não está preparada
pela companhia em que trabalha a respeitar e prover servico adequado para os clientes. Em
todas as companhias aéreas que conheço pessoas idosas, doentes e crianças têm
prioridade no embarque e atenção especial. Ela nem se deu ao trabalho de procurar uma
outra conexão e disse que eu fosse procurar o escritório da Korean para que eles
pudessem me ajudar.

A falta de profissionalismo desta funcionária me causou muitos transtornos e
aborrecimentos. Pessoas que trabalham como ela em posições ligadas diretamente ao
público deveriam ser melhor preparadas e aprender que o bem estar físico e emocional do
cliente está em primeiro lugar. Infelizmente o pouco caso desta funcionária fez que a
Varig para mim perdesse as asas para que eu possa pensar em usar os seus serviços

Sergio Gonçalves
Via Internet


Por que Brazzil não experimenta entrar em contacto com a cidade de São Carlos,
São Paulo, através da Internet? Temos muitas coisas interessantes por aqui. Segundo
pesquisas, possuímos 1 Ph.D. para cada 250 habitantes, enquanto que a média do país é
de 1 para sete mil pessoas. Sou escritora infanto juvenil e tenho uma coluna na Nova
Cidade Virtual São Carlos. Faço a coluna “Pinhata Porã”, que vai ao ar
todas as quintas. Nela falo das raízes culturais tanto de São Carlos, como é claro do
nosso país. Se tiver curiosidade veja neste site http://www.zaz.com.br/cidades/scl. Por que o
nome Brazzil com dois “z”? Será que é z de sussuro, sono, dormência, ou será
para soar zombaria, zorra (essa é nova por aqui), significa bagunça? Há um movimento
cultural muito grande, que não está aparecendo na mídia, uma brasilidade nascida da
terra do “caipira”, genuinamente brasileiro, porque o Brasil não é feito
somente das orlas marítimas. O interior do país está muito fortalecido nos seus
valores. Um grande abraço caipira do coração do estado de São Paulo.

Vanda Catarina Donaldio
Via Internet

Can’t you find Brazzil
at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

comments to

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