Luckiest Winners At Casinos in History 

Sometimes players’ luck at a casino seems to defy all logic. Check out some of the luckiest real winners ever to have walked or logged into a casino.

Luckiest Real Casino Winners Of All Time

What are the chances of bagging a progressive slot jackpot? Not very high, and anyone managing to strike it lucky best thank the higher powers. On the other hand, there are those that have such insane luck when gambling it really does defy belief. These are some of the craziest lucky gambling stories that make us want to head straight to the online pokies NZ has to offer!

Yes, all of these stories are real, though we do still suggest that everyone gamble responsibly.

Lightning Does Seem To Strike Twice

Elmer Sherwin is someone that knows all about defying the odds. Though, he wasn’t satisfied with doing it just once. During an extended road trip he and his wife visited Las Vegas, interested in doing a little gambling. Against all odds he managed to bag a massive jackpot of $4.6 million. It was enough for the couple to settle into a life of luxury, and so they did. 

Who could possibly predict that the couple would visit Vegas again years later, only for a second big jackpot win. At the Cannery Casino and Hotel, Sherwin struck it lucky a second time, adding $21 million to the previous fortune. Bizarre, but absolutely true.

Treating Technology Nicely

Amy Nishimura is known as the lady that talked a slot into paying big. In 2003 she managed to bag a jackpot of $8.9 million, which is certainly enough to change her life forever. Though it was the method of winning that really gets people talking. 

Apparently during a playing spree of many hours, she gently asked the machine to pay. It eventually did, seeming to answer her pleas for cash. Perhaps it’s time that everyone started being a bit nicer to their technology.

The Unnamed Online Casino Hero

This next person is famous not only for money won, but because, to this day, their identity is unknown. A Norwegian man, believed to be 20 years old, managed one of the biggest online casino wins in history. 

The total came to a gobsmacking $38 million, a sum so vast as to be beyond imagination. Though, as blessed as he was, the winner decided to simply identify themselves as Peter. It is still unknown who Peter is, or if that is even his real name. What is known is that Peter certainly didn’t have to work again.

The Man That Broke The Bank

Charles De Ville Wells is widely known as one of the luckiest men in gambling history. Often referred to as Monte Carlo Wells, he is documented as having won $1 million in a single night at the Monte Carlo Casino. It doesn’t sound like a large sum, until you take into account that the winning spree occurred in 1891. 

To put it another way, he won so much as to literally have broken the in-house bank at the Monte Carlo Casino. The establishment was unable to pay the full amount, due simply to not having enough money on hand.

Some say Monte Carlo Wells cheated, others say he is just incredibly lucky.


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