5 Reasons Tea Makes the Best Gifts

From the ancient world to the modern world, there’s a lot of proof for the fact that people love tea. Whether you drink it every once in a while or something that you need to have to calm down after a hard day, you love tea. However, instead of experiencing all of tea’s gifts for yourself, you could share them with other people who could benefit from what tea can do for them.

Tea gifts don’t just make a nice beverage for people to drink, but thanks to tea’s rich history, there’s also some very real reasons for people to enjoy tea for their mental and even spiritual well being. Here are some of the unknown reasons why tea makes the perfect gift for anyone you love.

Tea Can Be A Medicine

If you’ve ever been to any Asian country, you know that tea is something that they hold to be valuable in their culture. Tea can be excellent for health as well, because it can provide up to 22 thousand health properties, including filling the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It’s also a warm soothing drink that can help soothe you when you are sick and aids in digestion. Sometimes one of the best medications to take during the cold and flu season is a warm cup of tea, because it can help your body break up all the things that are stuffing you up. 

Of course, you need to make sure you are drinking the right type of tea, but with so many teas out there in the world, you’ll find one that tastes great and is also one that is healthy for you too! Speaking of health, matcha tea and L-Theanine inside of the matcha tea has also been known to keep the mind focused and awake as well. If you know someone who needs a quick boost, then they might enjoy your gift!

It Can Be A Healthy Alternative To Dessert

Tea naturally has lower calories than other hot drinks, and by sweetening the tea with some honey or sugar, then you can have an easy to swallow dessert that is just as healthy for you. So along with being very healthy for your body, it can also keep you healthy if you drink a cup of tea after your dinner.

Tea Can Be Given With Accessories and Community

What use is tea without some accessories to go with it? Sure you can throw a tea bag into a hot water kettle and call it tea, but the most fun when it comes to tea is whenever you have an entire tea set. Cups, saucers, a teapot, and some cream and sugar can turn drinking tea into something that can be a community event.

There’s a reason that tea time is so important in most parts of the world, because it’s a time where people can sit and relax a bit. There’s something special about drinking tea and eating finger foods with friends and people you really care about, and having a tea set can make tea time even more fun. Plus, it can certainly make things feel even more fancy whenever you sit down for tea.

Tea Can Show People New Flavors

The different tea loving cultures of the world all have their own takes on tea, and if the person you are giving the tea too loves one type, give them some others! Turkey has fruity flavored teas, China focuses on herbal flavors, and of course if you go to England you need to have Earl Grey Tea. Indian Assam tea is also a good tea to drink as well, and you can find various flavors all around the world. 

Even the temperature of the tea can affect how you drink it. Some people would only ever consider their tea to be drunk hot, while others swear by iced tea. Depending on how you drink your tea, you might want to give something different as a gift to allow people in your life to experience new flavors.

It Is A Relaxing Ritual

There’s a reason why many people go for a hot beverage whenever they are stressed or sad. Tea is a very relaxing drink, and it’s not only the perfect drink to soothe people whenever they are stressed out, but also the perfect drink to get you moving after you have a long nap. If you pair tea with some mindful practices such as deep breathing or meditation, you can very easily relax. 

The person you are giving the tea too might also benefit from learning more about how they can connect tea to mindfulness as well. Then they can use your gifts to overcome their own stress and perhaps get some inner peace as well.





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