Why You Might Need a CBD Serum

There’s no such thing as a wonder drug, but CBD comes awfully close. While the fact that it’s derived from the same plant as marijuana has lent it something of a stigma for decades, cannabidiol doesn’t include the psychoactive properties found in marijuana. 

But cannabidiol does possess a number of impressive properties that position it as a treatment for a whole array of different interconnected issues. In other words, CBD may be the solution to an issue you’ve struggled with for years, or it could help you postpone or offset the risk of issues in the future. And while CBD is making waves in the medical and holistic health community, it’s also demonstrating some promising qualities for those interested in their skin care. Here are the signs you might want to check out a CBD serum.

You Haven’t Found the Right Treatment for Your Skin

There are countless different miracle cures for acne, eczema, and other skin conditions on the market. There are a few that will work. And there are fewer that will work for you. Everyone’s skin type is different, as are the environmental conditions that impact them. That means that the ingredients that work for your skin are going to be different from the ingredients that work for someone else’s.

CBD is largely an exception, or it’s at least effective enough to be worth your attention. While it’s generally recommended that you not use oils to treat oily skin, there are exceptions to the rule. That’s because oily skin is often the result of pores overcompensating for a lack of hydration by producing too much sebum. In other words, a CBD serum is worth considering for everything from dry and patchy skin to greasy pores.

You Want a Solution That’s Safe and All Natural

The health and beauty section of your local pharmacy is likely filled with skin care products, but taking them off the shelf will reveal a great deal of them are composed of ingredients you likely can’t pronounce, much less comprehend. CBD oils may contain just CBD, or they may contain a host of natural ingredients. But if you see a bottle with a long list of chemicals, you may want to just move along.

Instead, look for products that offer ingredients designed to maximize and complement the benefits of CBD. There are definitely a variety of all-natural options out there, but QulCBD’s facial serum is especially potent. That’s because it combines over a dozen botanicals along with probiotics for an all-encompassing and all-natural formula that can promote lipid growth, increase antioxidant levels, and generally nurture and maintain hydration on a cellular level. It can even create a layer of protection for your skin, shielding it against natural environmental factors. CBD is regarded by the World Health Organization as a generally safe product.

You Want to be on the Cutting Edge

CBD is quickly becoming the hottest thing in holistic health, but there’s plenty of reason to believe that its potential hasn’t even yet been realized. While it’s appearing in everything from bath bombs to headache balms, CBD’s close association with marijuana has kept studies minimal until recently. But the more that researchers find out about CBD, the more promising it seems to be. In addition to working as a serum for skin care, CBD has shown signs of relieving pain, soothing anxiety and depression, and potentially reducing the risk of both heart disease and cancer. Studies still have a long way to go, but if you want a safe and effective treatment for your skin, it might be time to track down a CBD serum.


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