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        Brazilian Memories and a Silver Knife
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Hi, my name is Hayden Smith

At my age, grandchildren are choosing various items they desire to acquire. One grandson is particularly interested in a silver knife and scabbard which was presented to me in Brazil. Apparently the gift is a Brazilian custom given appropriate circumstances.

A major value associated with the gift was a related story which was part of the presentation. I have forgotten the story. I believe  that it involved friendship. Can you help? I was a design consultant to an appliance company which manufactured room air conditioners. I know it was an Admiral licensee in the mid 1970's when I was there. It may have been called Springer Admiral. The plant was in southern Brazil somewhere south of San Paulo. I think they also had a plant in Northern Brazil. The town may have been called Recife.

The gift was presented to me by Paulo Valino (sp). Cow and cowboy scenes are embossed on the knife and scabbard. Thank you kindly for any effort on my behalf.

Hayden Smith

My email address is

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