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Subject: Travelling to Cuba!!!

Posted by De Wet Britz
On Monday, December 03, 2001 at 14:56:57

Dear Friends, I will be travelling to Cuba(March 2002). Can anybody assist me with the following questions:

1. Buying cigars in Cuba, quantity allowed out of Cuba?
2. Do's and Dont's in Cuba.
3. Deep sea fishing - Basic prices.
4. Nightlife in Havana, ie. Clubs/Disco's
5. Cheapest way to travel from airport to my rented apartment.
6. Do I have to have my passport with me at all times?
7. Cuban customs at airport
8. Gifts to take along.
9. Is it safe to use my creditcard/travellers cheque's(My mastercard is South African)
10. Where can I convert/change currency?

I'm South African, I have got an valid passport and required visa's

Many thanks


Mr D. Britz
RE: Travelling to Cuba!!!
Posted by Jay
On Tuesday, December 04, 2001 at 13:07:09

be sure to photocopy all your documents and then have them NOATARIZED by a Notary Public (a USA system that authoized people [Notary Public} verifies that your signature is actually yours backed up by sufficient photo ID).

We did this in Rio and hads their type Noatry do this. Also this way if you lose passport yoiu have back up off pertinent pages and visas and your own ID etc. Brasil apparently allows for photocopy ID for visitors...Cuba,, I'm not sure...have a great time dancing salsa with their wonderful people.


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