Brazil and LatAm Confident US Bullying Will Be Over in Obama Era

Smiling Obama Pundits have said that the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States will not change the nation's world image overnight. But in Latin America, it already has. Congratulations have poured in from Western Hemisphere leaders, press, and citizens. Most celebrate how the United States "has broken racial barriers" by electing the first African-American president.

In countries struggling with issues of diversity and discrimination, this is major news – and news they didn't expect to come out of the inertial U.S. political system. Afro-American populations in Brazil and elsewhere greeted the occasion with added enthusiasm.

But fascination with the 2008 U.S. elections in Latin Americans goes beyond race. After watching from afar as Americans elected George W. Bush amid accusations of fraud that were buried by the courts, and then did it again in 2004, any suggestion that the U.S. electoral system could generate change in that country would ordinarily be met with skepticism. For many, the election of Barack Obama showed a capacity for changing course and a level of citizen participation not thought possible.

Latin Americans really despise George W. Bush. There, Bush popularity hit some of its lowest marks in the world. Obama has a tremendous leg-up in Latin America simply for not being George Bush – or of his ilk. Most believe that the president-elect will at least to some degree turn away from the radical foreign policy of unilateralism and U.S. hegemony in the region.

While Bush policy did not include military interventions, it did consist of relentless bullying to force nations to accept Washington economic models, as codified in Free Trade Agreements, and Bush foreign policy, as expressed in the counterterrorism paradigm and the invasion of Iraq.

When nations like Bolivia or Ecuador refused to toe the line, the Bush administration applied measures designed to economically and diplomatically isolate those nations, divide the continent, and promote domestic opposition. The inflexibility and unwillingness to enter into real dialogue deepened resentments, even among allies.

Congratulations – With Conditions

An improved U.S. global image is not the same as on-the-ground policies and actions. Although statements from the region welcome change and the new profile in the White House, Latin American leaders still aren't running to the mountaintop to proclaim the dawn of a new era in U.S. relations.

The response can be characterized more as hope seen through the ever-leery eye the continent keeps on its northern neighbor. The U.S. government has a long way to go to undo the damage done to its relations and its reputation through decades of both Republican and Democratic presidencies.

Latin American leaders placed conditions and qualifications on their congratulations. Lula in Brazil and Evo Morales in Bolivia called for an end to the "unjustifiable" embargo against Cuba. Morales added a demand for withdrawal of U.S. troops from the region.

Mexico's Felipe Calderon sent a brief congratulatory note, calling for strengthening bilateral relations and emphasizing the role of Mexican-Americans in the elections and the U.S. economy. This was his way of insisting on action toward legalizing the status of Mexican immigrants and creating legal frameworks for future immigration flows.

Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner called Obama's election "a great moment on the journey against discrimination and for equality of opportunities" and urged the new president to commit to multilateralism in confronting the financial crisis: "… those who faced the challenge of the world war understood the importance of multilateralism, and we should also … deepen the needed and urgent changes so multilateralism can respond to the complexities of our realities."

Hugo Chavez stated his hope "to build a constructive bilateral agenda" with the new President Obama, while getting his last digs in at Bush. The U.S.-Venezuela relationship embodies the major challenges facing regional foreign policy, and has been particularly fractious. The two nations are critical to each other's economies as trade partners, and Venezuela oil imports play a key role in U.S. energy security.

Yet relations between Hugo Chavez and Bush deteriorated to the point of breaking off diplomatic (but not economic) relations last September. Chavez has spearheaded a move to regional integration sans Uncle Sam that the Bush administration considers a threat to its interests, and espouses "socialism of the XXI century."

Obama has offered to sit down and talk with Chavez and Chavez says he's ready to reciprocate the offer, "and work together against the evils of the world, hunger, AIDS, poverty, malnutrition." He hailed Obama's promise to "close the torture center at Guantanamo, withdraw troops from Iraq, and converse with the presidents who have been pointed to as the evil axis" (a tongue-in-cheek allusion to himself and other world leaders so designated by President Bush).

Rafael Correa offered declarations regarding his moderate expectations for new relations with the U.S. government. "I think that the foreign policy (of the United States) will be more reasonable, more human, less imperialist; I believe that there will be more attention to Latin America, but I don't believe there will be radical changes," he said on a television interview.

Even President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia tagged petitions on his congratulations note. And Uribe is painfully aware that he's in no position to ask for favors. Uribe openly supported John McCain for the presidency, hosted his visit to South America, and bitterly criticized the Democratic candidate for his refusal to support the Free Trade Agreement now stalled in Congress over Colombia's dismal human rights record.

In spite of being the nation most dependent on U.S. aid, Uribe painted himself into a Republican corner just as the Democrats were poised to gain control of the White House and Congress. Analyst Daniel Garcia PeΓ­Β±a quoted by AFP notes, "(In these elections) President Uribe also loses because he took on the ideological and bellicose agenda of George W. Bush, a politics that was defeated by U.S. citizens … "Obama has a very different set of priorities from Bush in the agenda with Colombia."

Uribe's "asks" included continuation of funding for Plan Colombia and passage of the FTA, citing dubious statistics on reduction of the Colombian cocaine flow to the U.S. market, and ended stating that given the successes Plan Colombia "… must be considered before it's abandoned."

The phrase indicates he's really worried about the future of the controversial military aid plan. Unless he knows more than he's letting on, it's hard to understand exactly why. If there is one point where Obama has followed in the Bush footprints, it's security issues. He supports Plan Colombia and extension of the regional drug war under Plan Mexico (the Merida Initiative).

For Colombian human rights activists, indigenous protesters, and union leaders, Uribe's expulsion from the haven provided by his primary financial and political supporter in the hemisphere offers an opportunity to seek more peaceful solutions. But so far Obama's campaign statements give them mostly just hope for a different attitude in Washington.

Correa said his real dream is that "the day will come when Latin America, really, doesn't have to worry about who is in the presidency of the United States, because it will be sovereign and autonomous enough to stand on its own two feet." In the meantime, Latin America remains highly dependent on what happens in the United States. The interconnectedness of not just markets but human lives, make U.S. politics more than a game of idle speculation.

President Obama rides in on a wave of enthusiasm from the South and the North. He has a huge agenda awaiting him. He should quickly appoint new ambassadors in Latin America, diplomats with greater knowledge and sensitivity to the region. Currently Bolivia and Venezuela have no ambassadors at all and other Bush appointments represent old and repudiated ways of doing business.

By far the most important challenge will be to listen. Bush imposed an agenda that sought to divide the continent in the narrow pursuit of the economic interests of transnational corporations and political interests of his own administration.

When Mexicans say: "If you don't develop a fair and legal immigration system, you push migrants into the hands of human smugglers and feed organized crime. We have to do something differently."

When Bolivia says: "Our constitutional process is a long-overdue historical reckoning with an indigenous majority suffering poverty and discrimination. It deserves a chance."

These are messages worth listening to.

Latin America is a good place to start to lay out a new foreign policy approach of non-intervention, multilateralism, and mutual respect. The region poses no real threats, and is not a hotspot for war or international terrorism. Democratic societies there are on the cutting edge of redistribution efforts aimed at what Obama tepidly suggests with his theme of dismantling policies that "help Wall Street but hurt Main Street."

A good neighbor foreign policy could create more horizontal relations directed toward shared objectives like peace, justice, stability, security, and well-being rather than the pursuit of the narrow interests of the rich and powerful.

This is the kind of change many people down here are hoping for under an Obama presidency.

Laura Carlsen (lcarlsen(at) is director of the Americas Policy Program ( in Mexico City, where she has been an analyst and writer for two decades.


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  • dnbaiacu

    Yes, let’s just see what happens.
    You are right! I AM in the system. Affected by the system.I am obligated spiritually to obey all laws that don’t conflict with God’s laws. But I “understand” that the system is DESIGNED to have me fail “spiritually”. Which is the only way I can navigate through it minimizing the “damage”.
    And seriously , I am not trying to have the last word or offend you in any way. I am writing to clarify a different perspective to the audience at large.
    Some view this situation we are all in and affected by from a pure economic standpoint. Others politically. And still others spiritually. My premise is that putting all three together definetley helps to see the ‘broader” picture.
    Soon religion is going to be “front and center” as far as current events. Because it is the underlying problem to this “War on Terrorism”. None of the up and coming events will make sense without understanding the underlying currents. Without understanding that conspiracies have ALWAYS existed.
    I am going to open up here….
    As far as the “historical election”. Even with all that I know of the “tricks” that the “establishment” has played for centuries with the founding of the U.S. Being a descendent of slaves from the U.S and Brazil. I STILL GOT EMOTIONAL seeing a black man elected as president.!!! Of course I quickly regained perspective. Because I KNOW BETTER. EVERYTHING within me as a descendant of slaves KNOWS BETTER. But I still felt emotional even with all of the knowledge I have on power plays , mass marketing, and political science /geopolitics in general. The STUNT was/is POWERFUL.!!!
    I pity the many black, white , asian, that are being so deceived.They just have to have a “ray of hope”. But these “people behind the scenes” and the invisible entity they serve are SCANDALOUS! Nothing more, nothing less.
    The “establishment” pulling this trick out of the bag, using race as an election incentive, is in fact indicative that a sizable part of the population is tired of the TIRED issue that is race.There are many that want this nightmare to go away. The “peace lovers” in general. And these are the ones the ‘”establishment” is making an effort to seduce.
    Problem is these “peace lovers” are looking to the WRONG entities to bring such said “peace”.
    THIS IS THE TRICK! πŸ™ πŸ˜₯ πŸ™ πŸ˜₯
    Yes, people are tired of living in FEAR . They WANT SECURITY. They WANT PEACE.
    But these masters of creating “spectaculars” .And these contrived horrific acts of terror ie 911 ( and God only knows what else) are not going to deliver that.!!!!
    On second thought. I WON”T be “waiting and seeing”.. I will be WORKING AND WATCHING. Keeping my mouth open and staying alert πŸ™‚ Spreading what I have come to believe is the TRUTH.Until the time is up..

  • dnbaiacu

    You will be pressed to find ONE American , ESPECIALLY now with the McCain loss that doesn’t understand how VISUAL APPEAL is being used in this election for GLOBAL PR.

    [quote], im not in the system[/quote]

    Is this exactly why you don’t understand it.?
    No one is trying to “peg” you. It is what it is. Iraq, Katrina, all that, took the U.S image to the dumpster in a HUGE way. This is all that needs to be addressed on that.
    [quote]im not surprised at all you are black and say the things you say. there are black americans thinking because obama was raised by a white woman he is not one of them [/quote]

    Why you interjected this is beyond me… People will think different things. But what is important is the overall VISUAL effect. Which has ALWAYS been important as regards to race in the U.S. If you could or can pass for white, you passed until documentation proved otherwise. And if you are noticeably black in any way , you are plain black. This is from a political standpoint. And in the U.S the only thing that counts. Your above comment as it relates to PR is irrevelant. This is where you are trying to “peg”me to be ignorant. πŸ˜‰
    OK,, Why not just Biden , and keep the same status quo visually? Are they not on the same platform. A platform that “claims” to be more in line with TODAYS current economic crises for the majority of the middle class?
    CHANGE required a whole visual effect.
    You know,, most of us here. And few abroad, know that the president has very little power. Obama is relatively short on experience if you want to get technical about it. And will depend HEAVILY on his ADVISORS. He will do as told. 9 of the 12 Supreme court justices have LIFE appts by BUSH. And that is the only thing that will matter one terrorist attack away from the “Patriot Act” in full effect. All or most of the Senators via the “Council on Foreign Relations” are partners. Not to mention who attends the Bilderberger group meetings.
    House Negro?…..
    Obama is VISUALLY PALATABLE for GLOBAL POLITICS COMING FROM THE U.S a la “KATRINA AND IRAQ.” And he SPEAKS WELL. Which is a necessity considering all the coaxing the citizens will need to maintain HOPE.
    BIG government . HUGE government starting NOW with the bailouts of Fannie Freddie AIG etc. And MUCH more to come!
    Who’s da Massa (sorry if this is a “turn off”, but I keep it “realistic)?????
    Pappa FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and his “homeboys” World Bank and IMF
    The slaves are indebted citizens of which recently Brazil is standing on the auction block to deliver MORE πŸ˜‰
    I am IN the system , ( unlike you , right? ;-)). I know as much as I need to know about the system and I am trying to learn more. Ch.c is really helping me out.
    Is HE cynical? …..????
    I prefer to call it “keeping it real” πŸ˜‰
    Actually NOT having false expectations helps you maintain your sanity. Which ultimately maintains your peace of mind. And THAT is the True goal. Because the world by design is screwed up.
    [quote]i dont beleive in the system [/quote]
    The “victory” was in fact “historic”. And it can be left at that.
    Now whether this is all “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN” ?? Time will tell……
    Do you see the irony between your words and the platform you subscribe to? πŸ˜‰

  • dnbaiacu

    My little spew…
    was full of type o’s ,, but I am sure you get the point. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    This is not that serious for me πŸ˜‰ Just a semi-productive form of escapism πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • dnbaiacu

    Why not?
    [quote]dnc , you are afro american / brazilian, and, you pull the “house negro ” card on obama ?
    Asp you act surprised that I would “do such a thing”? I don’t understand why. From my perspective I know that game perfectly well. I don’t understand what you don’t understand?
    There has to be GLOBAL mass appeal now in the world we live in. So people of color internationally have to “seduced” to cut back on revolts. A sort of ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ” deal. Sort of reminiscent of all the , “I’m American” propaganda going on shortly after 911.
    Sorry there isn’t enough evidence to convince you that 911 was contrived. Or that the murders of several Kennedys weren’t government hits.
    Your perspective is one that wants to believe in the system. Mine obviously isn’t. I am not “paranoid”. History just teaches me to be “realistic”. And be alert for “hidden agendas”.
    [quote]These senators are all buddies regardless of party. [/quote]
    Ric is on point here πŸ˜‰
    But I see he couldn’t resist slipping this one in
    [quote]Meanwhile the African-Americans may be sold down the river. They think it’s a pleasure cruise.[/quote]
    Not all have been bamboozled Ric πŸ˜€ It is the difference between “knowing” and NOT “knowing. And even you are informed . The question remains whether you will BELIEVE it.

    [quote]you implications of privledge are stupid enough to at least tell you my business is self made, i never finished college, while not rich and lucrative in any way, my self made business has taken me to three continents in the last 6 years
    report abusevote downvote upVotes: 0 [/quote]
    There is nothing to be taken away from your hard work on personal level. Still doesn’t negate the fact that by design , considering institutionalized racism , it is easier for some to navigate through the U.S than others. Classism is everywhere it is just that in the U.S . class can, and often does start with color.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is the U.S LAST president before the towel is thrown in on the U.S constitution. ???? πŸ˜€ He basically has a job , NO ONE ELSE WANTS. He embraces being a “MUTT” ( as we all heard him say yesterday, ha ha , he plays the RACE CARD on himself!) and with an ARABIC name . So why wouldn’t promote an ambiguous attitude toward the U.S constitution anyway?
    Power Play 101 , let someone else do your “dirty work”.
    Let’s see how this plays out πŸ˜‰
    In the meantime here is a prophecy to comtemplate in reference to the Constitution being thrown out the window.
    [b]À’€œAnd the ten horns that you saw mean ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast. 13Γ€β€šΓ‚Β These have one thought, AND SO THEY GIVE THEIR POWER AND AUTHORITY TO THE WILD BEAST) Revelation 17:12,13[/b]
    Rics comment helps to bring to light how some of us Negros will do anything to make history. Perfect example, Condaleeza Rice with her no account job. Another position no self-respecting white male would want. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ . She’s run around for years like a chicken with her head cut off ACCOMPLISHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.!
    BUT….! she’s made history.
    People are too basic.. And it is laughable really. A shame. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯
    I am pro KNOWLEDGE. It knows neither prefers any color.
    [quote]you implications of privledge are stupid[/quote]
    In my own self defense.None of my implications are “stupid”. It is just plain reality. Man dominates man. Man plays man. Can you tell me any different? πŸ™‚
    [b]All this I have seen, and there was an applying of my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, [during] the time that man has dominated man to his injury. Ecclesiastes 8:9[/b]

  • dnbaiacu

    asp and “observer
    [quote]Is he not “white” as well???[/quote]

    Although it really makes no difference I will tell you that I am half Afro-brazilian and African American so I am EXTREMELY familiar with the term “House Negro” , the history of it and what it implies.
    “Observer” observed that Obama IS half white, which HELPS with marketing ploy that is his campaign.
    I appreciate your comments . And I see that you really want to see the system work as it is supposed to “appear” to work. We all need to “believe” in something. But I come from the premise as most “Brazilians” and African Americans and those that subscribe to the “christian faith ” on an “informed and studied basis” NOT to TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. There is ALWAYS a hidden agenda.
    I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. That maybe you are clouded by a perspective of privlege. Even so the political and theatrical tricks being played here should be pretty OBVIOUS.
    It is limited to look at things in terms of 4 or 8 year terms. The 911 stunt was a project of at least 20 years. I am sure you are aware of all the holes in that story and evidence that it couldn’t be far from and ‘inside job”. Being able to fold up U.S currency in airplanes and view 911 in sequence like a cartoon ought to tell you something. Those new bills were designed and put in circulation way before 911 came about . So is that just some coincidence?
    I just wanted to start there with something so simple yet hard to believe. What if the whole mission of the Bush Administration WAS to bring the country down in more ways than one? That can’t be ruled out.
    Like most bloggers I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. Just raise a different viewpoint. I aim to inform that the Bible is not some book of hocus pocus or “worthless toilet paper”. I also aim to counter some racism in an intelligent way. Not that Bible hating or racism will ever disappear..Because it won’t on this side of Armaggedon. But at least some of the ignorance can be quelled an intelligent rebuttal every now and then.
    Are you American or Brazilian if I may ask, because that may explain why you question the little that I brought up. Books in Brazil are expensive and libraries are limited so there may be a lot you don’t understand or haven’t considered in relation to the politics social pysche of the U.S.
    The ideaology of Obama could have just as well been parroted through a white man.But there were millions and millions of dollars spent on Obama for a VISUAL appearance of CHANGE. Most people are superficial FIRST. The Powers that Be count on that.
    Obama just may bring some promise of pleasure for a minute with his PEACE and SECURITY stance. And I quote his words,,”those who are on the side of “Peace and Security” we will support you”.
    This is what the Bible says about that.
    [b]5 Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, YOU need nothing to be written to YOU. 2Γ€β€šΓ‚Β For YOU yourselves know quite well that the Lord’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3Γ€β€šΓ‚Β Whenever it is that they are saying: À’€œPeace and security!À’€Â then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape. 4Γ€β€šΓ‚Β But YOU, brothers, YOU are not in darkness, so that that day should overtake YOU as it would thieves, 5Γ€β€šΓ‚Β for YOU are all sons of light and sons of day. We belong neither to night nor to darkness.[/b]

    [quote]take a look after 4 years and then tell me what you think. i beleive these guys are going to roll their sleeves up and make it a better place than it is now
    report abusevote downvote upVotes: 0 [/quote]
    Yes let’s just see how things play out for the next 4 years. πŸ˜‰ In the meantime I will stay awake and vocal because as I believe , lives are at stake.
    I urge you to do research on “secret societies” and the influence they have exerted on U.S and world politics over the past 3 to 4 centuries. And if you don’t know the history of the Federal Reserve Bank it is time that you find out. Have you noticed how no one touches the topic here.? It’s like they want to stay on the surface economic guess work and political fluff.
    Asp,, the bottom line is , the Truth is simple. Men tend to complicate things to satisfy their own egos.
    Have a good day πŸ™‚

  • dnbaiacu

    Like many,, and I “excuse” you. You assume I believe in the “rapture”… NO I DON”T.. The Bible doesn’t teach that on deeper investigation. And of course you wouldn’t know this because I am assuming by your statement that you haven’t taken the time to investigate the concept yourself and you are just making blanket statements on WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD.

    Most of my above reasoning in fact, has very little to do with the Bible. It is just the injecting a spiritual reason to what is going on makes it all MAKE SENSE.
    All this political MUMBO JUMBO that many like to spew out is just as flighty as trying to predict what the economy will do next in any given place at any given time. The spiritual answers at least given you an overall direction. That being A DOWNWARD TREND overall with boom and bust periods in between.. SIMPLE> Totally SIMPLE πŸ™‚

    You didn’t exactly pinpoint just “what” I said that was so ridiculous.
    I can rephrase it to make it more palatable
    It’s theatrics. Plain and simple.. We we all know this .. Just some yet have to admit it πŸ˜‰

  • dnbaiacu

    Oh,, and I might add
    No scriptures needed on my above comments..
    Just common sense.! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™

  • dnbaiacu

    Please don’t open this can of worms…..
    [quote]Most celebrate how the United States “has broken racial barriers[/quote]

    First , in reference to this statement….. Like Ch.c, I agree it is SILLY.

    The American subconscious BLACK AND WHITE knows this. It’s just the whites this time can’t believe they are in the slaves quarters and fields now. πŸ˜‰ This is what is silently disturbing them most,
    I know.. .. I won’t hear a rebuttal. πŸ˜‰
    Many are having a hard time admitting that now they have to try to figure out who MASSA is.. “Massa” is colonial South dialect for “master” (fyi, for our Brazilian readers ;-))

    Of course following the hidden trail of “secret” rulership will SHATTER THE DREAM COMPLETELY. And that is a BIG NO NO for the average American. White , Black, Yellow, Purple.

    But those that do dare to take the journey can conveniently locate the nearest “drive-thru pharmacy usually less than 2 miles away. For prozac , you are going to need. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  • asp

    “And I see that you really want to see the system work as it is supposed to “appear” to work. We all need to “believe” in something. But I come from the premise as most “Brazilians” and African Americans and those that subscribe to the “christian faith ” on an “informed and studied basis” NOT to TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. There is ALWAYS a hidden agenda.”

    “Your perspective is one that wants to believe in the system. Mine obviously isn’t. I am not “

    “I am IN the system , ( unlike you , right? ). I know as much as I need to know about the system and I am trying to learn more. “

    those are your quotes dnc. you are just playing games with words. maybe you mean you are in the system but dont beleive in it?….i can say im not in the system but of course i have investments and am being taxed…so these are just semantics games..and you are boring me with them and your conspiricy theores and bible quotes..and, you are boring me trying to peg me, trying to implicate what i am , where i came from , why i would beleive what i do…

    you make a lot of implications, lets see what happens.have a good day…

  • João da Silva

    [quote]What I liked about Figueredo, what do you want people to remember about you? and he said, I want them to forget about me. [/quote]

    Another famous quote of his:

    [b]”I prefer the smell of horses to that of human beings”[/b] πŸ˜€

  • asp

    this “you must want to beleive in the system…” is bs, dnc, quit trying to peg me. that is what is full of shit about your arguments , you are trying to peg me in a bullshit way and you are wrong from the get go. fuck that bullshit, i dont beleive in the system , im not in the system, and, i know the system and what is bullshit about it…and i can savor obamba’s victory . you arnt even addressing my arguments about katrina, iraq,…just trying to peg me, get out of my face with that shit

    im not surprised at all you are black and say the things you say. there are black americans thinking because obama was raised by a white woman he is not one of them

    pathetic, if you cant savor this historic victory ,you are going to be cynical the rest of your life , and deserve to wallow in it…with your faith

  • Simpleton

    Type O’s, B’negatives and seriously afflicted anemics
    The blood of man spilt upon the earth dries under the sun appearing each day. That spilt in the river is given to pass Paducah and flows thence downstream of Memphis under guard of nights passing. Where thence after giving way to tomarrows arising?

  • Ric

    Reality Check
    It’s Saturday and I’m already over the election. Obama’s our man. Won it fair and square. Stupid republican operatives now pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. Bad form. Not the way the game is played.

    Glad you built a successful business. Hope your success continues.

    But like Scott Palin said about some aspects of the campaign, “It’s entertainment”. Like the navy official said recently about Somali pirates, “Pirates are just part of the noise”.

    Your continued attacks on Bush are so Last Week. He’s a lame duck now. Going to Texas. Out of the news. What I liked about Figueredo, what do you want people to remember about you? and he said, I want them to forget about me.

    Get over it. Or not, if it keeps your mind active. Not healthy. Nobody cares now.

  • asp

    dnc , you are afro american / brazilian, and, you pull the “house negro ” card on obama ?

    im not naive ,i know that there are powers that be that control things. i aknowledge that.there are very rich powers that be who go for the republican lobbies and powerful people who go with the democrratic lobbies and people above them who play one off the other

    you see, i just dont have false expectations of what obama can do or cant, and, ive laid out exactly why im happy about that, which you cant address at all, like katrina, iraq, and lets see what happens with the economy, that the republicans ruined

    when these republicans took power , they had people who had a written agenda about invading iraq. winning the election and 9/11 gave them the ticket to go ahead with their agenda ( no i dont tie 9/11 in as some plot hatched to go into iraq), and, by the same token, these democrats will try to do their agenda. and it will differ. of course huge money and corporate power will try to sway the day, of course, the political system is tied in with tat power and the media and it is unbeilivible money involved in these things. but, because it is what it is, it is the democrats turn to try to balance the budget…your observations of me are as ridiculas as your theories , and , you are steeped in paranoid delusions of this plot against that plot…

    9/11 ? we just cant settle for plain stupid imcompatence , can we ? ive heard all the stories , none of it convincing enough…

    ive heard all the conspicy theores about kennedy and most of it is not convincing enough , filled with holes like the 9/11 stuff..

    you implications of privledge are stupid enough to at least tell you my business is self made, i never finished college, while not rich and lucrative in any way, my self made business has taken me to three continents in the last 6 years

  • Ric

    It’s Not Just Obama
    I thought it strange when George Herbert Walker Bush appeared to be just rolling over and playing dead, like someone told him it was time for a democrat in 1992. Maybe I’m wrong, the race was fairly close, perhaps decided by Perot.

    These senators are all buddies regardless of party. I remember people getting upset when confronted with the thought that Roller Derby on early L.A. TV, was mainly staged, like wrestling. Politics is like Roller Derby. Afterward we all go down the street for a hamburger and talk it over.

    Meanwhile the African-Americans may be sold down the river. They think it’s a pleasure cruise. The boat just left Paducah, will stop in Memphis and other ports, and most will get off in Natchez.

  • observer

    Just a random thought here……Is he not “white” as well???

  • asp

    dnc, i dont agree with what you are saying , and, using “house negro”, a phrase i wonder how much you really know about that (maybe you are black or part black?) , just is a total turn statement about the rapture was purposly to sound as stupid as you sounded to me

    you see, we arnt dumb. obama is a politicion. he knows how to play ball, and, work with other people. and, i beleive he will acert his vision in that frame work.we know he has come up in the political system, and, will play acordingly to that system, that rewards the rich contributors , but, he will put forth his agenda

    we are really happy to be rid of the politics of the administration before us , that brought the usa down farther than anyone can remember, and , we are angry about it.and, we are happy to give the democrats a chance to fix it.

    if anyone is sane they wont expect miricles, obama is not every ones dream will come true president. he wants to protect ethanol subsidies and made a gaff repeating al gores “the amazon belongs to everyone” quote to get gores support, he ought to include “in coalition with the local governments” , and, im sure chaves or castro or morales’s fake moments of praise will turn to bs and criticism in a short time

    but, we wont see katrina, leaving american citezins stranded when a simple helicoptor drop would have helped so much, we wont see iraq style invasion , which was set in motion by a republican inside agenda including cheny and wolfiwitz, well before 9/11, and, you wont see deregulated greed that thrives under the republican philosophies , that got us in this financial mess, as well as the world is not going to hate the united states so much as the last years since the iraq invasion for false hype of wmd .

    those alone are reasons for great celibration

    and, people like you , who seem to see the 666 happening in the back ground (or whatever this thing you keep implying is, how about some definite evidence) or ric or who ever who are grilling in now before the guy is in office, is just a lot of bs hot air. take a look after 4 years and then tell me what you think. i beleive these guys are going to roll their sleeves up and make it a better place than it is now

  • asp

    i hate to break this to you, dnc, but, you arnt going up in the rapture. you arnt going to suddenly disapear . you are going to die a regular mundane plane death like the rest of us. i hate to burst your little bubble , but, it just aint going to happen to you in your lifetime…just suck it in

  • asp

    this article is frustrating. as much as i hate bush, he just didnt have a latin american policy. what high preasure on latin american countries to tow the line ? it was just business as usual, every one tries to get their own best deal.if you have the usa putting out subsidies for agronomic crops, brazil puts taxes on electronic equipment.

    quite a few of these latin american countries used tired “imperialism ” acuasatins ( in the sence that america hasnt been imperialistic to latin america since the dictatorships) to get elected to office , blamed the cia when it just wasnt any where near, and, kicked out american ambasadors more for political show and to apease papa fidel than for any real reason.

    every country looks out for its own interests

    dnc, that is the most ridiculas thing ive heard you say.i just ignore ridiculasness like this, it doesnt even deserve a responce

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Hmmmmmm—what an idiot…this reporter !

    How many BLACKS are elected or chosen in Brazil for the senate, congress, governor, city mayor, supreme courts, high courts, or CEO, chairman, CFO, University Professor, State Agencies, State owned Companies or controlled etc etc ?????[/quote]

    I have several differences of opinion with this “extremely” distinguished commentator. BUT….BUT…., regretfully I have to play second fiddle and ask the same question put forth by him to all our fellow Brazilian bloggers

  • ch.c.

    Most celebrate how the United States “has broken racial barriers”
    Hmmmmmm—what an idiot…this reporter !

    How many BLACKS are elected or chosen in Brazil for the senate, congress, governor, city mayor, supreme courts, high courts, or CEO, chairman, CFO, University Professor, State Agencies, State owned Companies or controlled etc etc ?????

    Almost nowhere on earth there is LESS racial barriers than in the USA, but they are always the number one target !

    No doubt in my mind that Laura Carlsen is a far leftist paid by South American Caixas 2,3 or 4 !!!!!!
    Similar to COHA !!!

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