Paraguay Retaliates Against Brazilian Tariffs

Paraguayan capital Asuncion The Paraguayan government announced that it will apply tariff related measures on imports from Argentina and Brazil to protect local industry. Paraguay's Finance minister Dionisio Borda argues that the treatment will be similar to that from the senior Mercosur partners.

In a long interview with the Sunday edition of ABC Color Mr. Borda alleged Argentina and Brazil have set up a whole network of barriers to Paraguayan goods which is also contrary to Mercosur.

"We're going to establish the same measures they apply on us," added Borda who nevertheless said the measures would be transitory and are contemplated in Paraguay's stimulus plan.

The decision follows on the campaign "Buy national products" which is being sponsored by the Paraguayan government that also demands 70% of Paraguayan goods and services from suppliers.

"We want to support domestic industry, and jobs and avoid any risks of temporary redundancies," said Borda who added the package would be announced sometime late this week on his return from Portugal where all Latinamerican Finance ministers and Central Bank presidents are meeting ahead of the G20 London summit.

Paraguayan industry has been claiming for a long time for some protection measures for the domestic market since local goods face barriers when trying to have access to the Argentine and Brazilian markets.

Apparently all sales of home hygiene and cleansing products must pay over 48% export tax in Argentina and with textiles a previous export certificate is needed before the operation can go ahead, according to Paraguayan industrialists.

Borda admitted the first consequences of the global slowdown have begun to reach Paraguay and called on all political parties to support the stimulus plan officially known as "economic recovery program," and please not to call it the "anti-crisis program."



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Beware the ghost of Gen. Alfredo Stroessner….[/quote]

    A good drinking buddy of ours 😀

  • jon

    Beware the ghost of Gen. Alfredo Stroessner….. 😮 😮 😮

  • ch.c.

    “Argentina and Brazil have set up a whole network of barriers to Paraguayan goods which is also contrary to Mercosur.
    Who is suprised on Brazil’s trades barriers against….EVERYONE—-including the small nations in the Mercosur ?????????
    You may as well listen to Argentina complaints against Brazil !
    As I stated around a year ago, Brazil arrogance on their ONE WAY TRADE PRACTICES is going to be very costly, sooner or later !
    And also as I stated more than once, just ask anyone in the Mercosur, Unasur who they dont like the most in the region, and the unanimous answer is….BRAZIL !
    Brazil doesnt care about Mercosur, Unasur, WTO rules. ONLY the others must follow these rules, not BRAZIL !
    Brazil doesnt even care about its own constitution, prohibiting slaves labor, crimes and corruptions impunity.
    Not even on vote buying…since you pardoned those guilty…in a secret vote…by rusted lawmakers themselves corrupted to the roots. Why dont you then allow criminals to judge others criminals…in a secret vote ? Your jails would be far less crowded….obviously !
    Ohhhhh and the minority of murderers going to jail are freed after 1/6th of their jail term…for good behaviors !

    The risk of a Brazilian killer is quite low :
    A) to be arrested
    B) to have a long term EFFECTIVE jail term

    And better yet, a good probability….. for total impunity…from the Brazilian Supreme Courts of INjustice !

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