Fashion Week in Brazil Brings 21 Foreign Buyers Generating Over US$ 250,000

São Paulo, Brazil, Fashion Week The São Paulo Fashion Week, one of the main events of its kind in Latin America, which ended last week in southeastern Brazil, generated US$ 267,000 in business deals with the 21 international buyers who attended the event. Importers came from, among other places, the United States, Germany, France, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Spain.

The buyers came by invitation of Texbrasil, an export incentive program developed by the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex).

During the fashion week, in addition to watching the parades, buyers visited the leading fashion showrooms in the city, such as Clube de Estilo, Galeria, Conceito, Casa Moda, Maria Eugênia, and Contemporâneo. It was during those visits that importers had the opportunity to become acquainted with Brazilian products and place their orders.

According to the executive director of Texbrasil, Rafael Cervone Netto, the coming of the importers was extremely important for increasing Brazilian fashion exports, which generated revenues of US$ 465 million from January to May this year, a 37% decrease over the same period of last year.

Among the buyers that should close deals after visiting Brazil is Shaden Jayousi, of the Professionelle Boutique, in Dubai, who was looking for party wear and accessories. Items by Brazilian designer Lorenzo Merlino pleased the taste of Shaden, who made a point of contacting Merlino. The representative of Angolan company Luxangola, Igor Paparoto, closed deals with brands Reinaldo Lourenço, Osklen, Glória Coelho, Carlota Joakina, and Iódice.

Also attending the fashion week were representatives of Egyptian company Ego, the country's second largest department store specialized in luxury items. This was their first time in Brazil. The international brands that Ego already represents include Roberto Cavalli, Armani and Julian McDonald.

"The coming of these buyers is of extreme importance for us to understand the customer base in Egypt and in North African countries, to which Egypt acts as a gateway," said Netto, in a press release issued by the Abit.

Buyer Tâmara Zehil, from the French Golfe Buying Office, already imports men's and women's clothing from Brazil. The items that appeal the most to the French, according to her, are the fresh and colorful ones.

Another company that received orders was Juju Showroom, from New York. The Brazilian brands that are going to be exported are: Neon, Juliana Jabour and Carlota Joakina.




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