A Strong Country Needs to Produce Knowledge, Says Brazil’s Lula

In 10 or 15 years from now, Brazil will have a new generation of
scientists, technicians, artists, and intellectuals from the poorest
sectors of its population, said returning Brazilian president Luiz
Inácio Lula da Silva.

Lula da Silva, from the Workers Party, was reelected last October for a second period of four years.

In his re-inauguration speech, Lula stressed that the goal of his presidency has always been democracy, not only in financial terms but also in knowledge and power. To accomplish this goal, the president said that a quality education was a priority.

"A country grows when it is capable of absorbing knowledge. But it only becomes truly strong when it is ready to produce knowledge," he said.

Lula also said that it is essential to give value to the educational system at all levels, strengthen basic and applied research, and consolidate the incorporation and development of new technologies.

He added that in order to decrease regional inequities, he will invest in big development programs in strategic sectors, such as technological innovation.

His government will prioritize the pharmaceutical, software, semiconductor and digital television fields.

"We have a huge challenge: in the next few years we have to accomplish what other countries did in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries", said Lula.

"We need to overcome the big educational deficits that causes us pain, and at the same time, we have to give quick steps to transform our country into a knowledge society that will allow us to interact with the world in a competitive and superior way," he added.



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  • ch.c.

    funny statement !!!!!!
    Lula is right but then why is his education budget…so small….compared to the Federal
    budget ?
    Simple demonstration that Lula just talk about common senses but doesnt implement them !
    But talks and promises…. not delivered…. is exactly what Lula is all about !
    – 10 millions jobs promised during his first mandate……not delivered…by far !
    – 400’000 MST settlements promised……not delivered….by far !
    – 5 % economic growth promised…yearly….not delivered…by far ! Average of 2,5 % has been his achievements….he is so proud of !
    – Reduction in corruption…..not delivered…by far ! Far worse : corruption increased to record levels
    – Reduction in children labor….not delivered…by far ! Far worse : 122’000 new children were found at work in 2005 ! Sources : article in this site…a few months ago citing an official government statistic !
    – Corruption to be punished…not delivered ! Far worse : most of those found corrupted by the investigators were absolved….in a secret vote…..by their own peers….as much corrupted as those found guilty !
    – Lula has “given instruction” to find out what happened with the buying of secret files against Alckmin and Serra ! Not a word….since then…..not even in the medias !
    Looks like the file has been closed and no one will ever know from where the 1,5 million Reais in banknotes….came from ! Looks like he has probably given instructions to NOT find out what happened ! Guess why !

    Lula is a true junkie, cheater and liar since he does always the opposite of what he said and promised.

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