Brazil Pans US and Clinton’s Role in Honduras Coup d’í‰tat Crisis

State secretary Hillary Clinton
The Foreign Minister of Brazil, Celso Amorim called last weekend US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was in New Delhi, India, to "express concern" about the slow pace and handling of the negotiations for the reinstatement of the democratic order in Honduras, reports Brazilian daily Folha de S. Paulo.

According to the Brazilian Minister's press office, Amorim conveyed Brazil's criticism to Hillary regarding the way in which the mediation "on equal footing" was being carried out between the coup and deposed governments, under the leadership of Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias.

The Minister informed the Secretary of State – who sponsored the mediation by Arias – that Brazil did not approve of the possibility that the coup organizers could impose conditions for the return of President Zelaya, much less that of a coalition government of the two sides.

If such an agreement were sealed, according to the Brazilians' assessment, it will be characterized as a victory for the coup organizers, which would serve as an incentive for new coups in Latin America.

Even in the official version, the Brazilian Minister informed the United States that the mediation by the President of Costa Rica "has to be held within the framework of the OAS (Organization of American States) resolutions." In other words: with the unconditional return of the deposed Honduran leader to the presidency.

With the phone call, Brazil, which had kept a discreet attitude in this matter until now, especially to avoid creating tensions with the government of Barack Obama, joins the criticisms by countries in the region that are more to the left, led by Hugo Chávez.

The Venezuelan President and his allies criticize the Costa Rican negotiations as a strategy for the interim government of Roberto Micheletti to buy time and weaken the external and internal opposition.

Amorim also spoke of the "obvious" importance of the United States for a solution to the Honduran crisis. Washington is Honduras's main economic partner, which is part of CAFTA, the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement.

Brazil sponsored part of the OAS resolution that calls on its member countries to review their relations with Honduras while the coup organizers remain in power. Various countries froze cooperation programs and recalled their ambassadors.

The United States only froze 16.5 million of 180 million US dollars in aid, arguing humanitarian reasons as well as the need to use the money as leverage in the negotiations. Washington also has not recalled its ambassador.



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  • John Ellis

    No-change Obama a disappointment — But only to the 26% that actually voted for him
    For 50% of voters, my slow and careful thinking laboring class, were not so fool as to waste time voting for our next dictator.

    So, Obama got 54% of the votes of those who went to the poles, a small 26% of we the people. So no wonder that during all of the two year election process no politician or media mentioned the words, “laboring class.”

    For we who hard labor have not the intelligence to tell you dear people how to run your government. But after the fact, when you need to know who it was that corrupted the facts, “Were here to help you beautiful you.”

  • John Ellis

    Organization of American States — Three weeks of dead silence
    OAS leadership, like the leadership of Empire USA, has no love for the progressive left agenda now capturing the hearts and minds of the majority in the Americas.

    OAS leadership has no objection to manifesto democracies created by a smoke screen Constitution, such as the one in Honduras created by a military regime in 1982.

    OAS leadership sees nothing wrong with the Honduran Supreme Court being nothing more then a group of politicians holding office for only four years, and hand picked by the very one they are suppose to regulate and impeach if necessary. Surely not an independent third branch of government that could prevent abuse of power.

    OAS leadership does not have a À¢€œRule of Law.À¢€Â For they are mostly capitalists who have only one rule: Those more powerful and intelligent must be allowed to compete freely, and to enrich themselves upon the misery of others openly.

    Beating a dead horse are they who say Honduras has a real Constitution. For the organized will of the people is the highest law in the land, far higher then the Constitution. And any piece of paper stating that the people go to prison if they try to change it – is hiding a manifesto dictatorship, not making visible a Constitutional democracy.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Thank you my dear fellow. Been incredibly busy and looking forward to the idyllic Ilha Grande next month.
    Stay well. [/quote]

    Vinny,my dear lad, hope in your “idyllic ilha Grande”, the weather is not as cold as it is now in our miserable South. Make sure that you bring some thick jacket in order to “enjoy” the horrible weather there.

    BUT…BUT….., changing the subject: What I hear is that the lovely lady in the Picture (in this article) wasn’t too convinced that the U.S. should side up with the despicable character Zelaya. BUT…BUT…., it seems your President (as well as mine) insisted. It seems your President tirou o “C. da Reta”. The end result: We have a crisis on hand!!

    BTW, have you heard from our “Neutral Swiss Observer”? . He must be an ardent supporter of Zelaya. 😉

  • forrest allen brown


    but how about when he gets out of office??? would he buy into it ???

    power has greed grater than money !!!

    and they do not want to let it go

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]VinnyCarioca: Great to hear from you after a long time, Vinny.[/quote]
    Thank you my dear fellow. Been incredibly busy and looking forward to the idyllic Ilha Grande next month.
    Stay well.

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]and it has been brought up in the US house to stop term limits for the president [/quote]
    Those resolutions never even made it out of committees. Bush wanted to end term limits because of the war on terror…that gave a lot of people a fascistic tingle up their collective spines. I’m sure Obama and the American media would NOW love it but the Messiah is not walking on water (defying expectations) and the more Americans learn about his health care and spending programs the more his favorable ratings decline.
    Here in California, I’ve heard that a factor of our budget crisis is that term limits are jettisoning our brilliant state leaders before they get enough experience to make informed decisions on how to mismanage our state’s finances. 😀 😀 😀

  • João da Silva

    [quote]boliva will do it in a few short months [/quote]

    I think that Bolivia has already done it, Forrest. What not many know is that Cristina Kirchner of Argentina was also in that second plane that was trying to land in Honduras (She is also an ardent supporter of Zelaya). As you may recall, CristinaÀ‚´s party got thrashed in the elections last month. It is quite possible that she is fighting to continue her dynasty in Argentina.

    VinnyCarioca: Great to hear from you after a long time, Vinny.

  • forrest allen brown

    damed if we do damed if we dont

    coulmbia did it as they have a very good president .

    chaces did it as he wants to be god , right after castro , boliva will do it in a few short months

    and it has been brought up in the US house to stop term limits for the president .

    as there is a movement a foot to get term limits for members of the house and senet

    so they want a foot in the door

  • VinnyCarioca

    Amorim also spoke of the “obvious” importance of the United States for a solution to the Honduran crisis.
    Yes, it’s obviously important that the United States points out that Zelaya, himself, triggered a constitutional mandate to the Honduran supreme court to have him replaced, by attempting to advance a referendum ( or poll 😉 ) on term limits.
    Perhaps the U.S. should also be important in solving complex equations like 2 2=4 or the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 😀

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Brazil Pans US and Clinton’s Role in Honduras Coup d’Àƒ‰tat Crisis [/quote]

    Finally the “Newsroom” discovered that there was a [i][b]”Constitutionally approved regime change”[/b][/i] in their own backyard, eh? 😉 😀 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    incentive for new coups in Latin America.
    if it is called for by the people than it should only be the people of that country concerns

    chaves and his flowers were caught by suprise the speed that the houndurans acted to keep it happing in there counrty .

    And Obama well his noninterference policy unless big business will suffer is good
    but i beleive once the boys in the state deparment saw the real deal the only thing to do is
    lit houndraus do there own work .

    Park the buses on the run way keeep chaves out .

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