In London Lula Invites World to Be Part of Brazil’s Magic Moment

Lula in London The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said this Thursday, November 5, in London that Brazil should grow 5% next year. He was talking at the opening of seminar "Investing in Brazil," promoted by newspapers Financial Times from the UK and Valor Econômico from Brazil.

The Brazilian leader also assured his audience that Brazil has overcome the international financial crisis, has returned to growth, and is inviting investors to make use of the opportunities offered by Brazil.

To the president, Brazil is living a "silent revolution", translated into a phase of recovery of self-esteem and an "almost magic moment" in its history.

Commenting on Brazil's interest rates, Lula said that he would like them to be a little lower and vowed to fight for this.  He used the occasion to call for a reduction in the basic interest rates, the Selic, which is 8,75% a year nowadays, since in the audience was the president of Brazil's Central Bank, Henrique Meirelles.

Lula invited the British businessmen to rediscover Brazil as a place for investments and stated that is Brazil's time: "We, Brazilians, are like that, we're tired of being the country of the future, of so many promises in the 20th century, and now we don't want to miss any opportunity in the 21st century. I'm convinced the 21st century is Brazil's century."

In order to tell what this evolution is, Lula explained, improvising, the Light for All program (aiming providing electricity to all distant areas) and the creation of the special credit program (through which the government operates in areas that are little attractive to private capital).

Expansion of the supply of energy has greatly boosted the sale of electronic products and also those of industries connected to installations, whereas greater access to credit has allowed for the development of small businesses.

On the other hand, Lula's chief of staff, Dilma Rousseff, guaranteed to those participating in the seminar that Brazil has returned to economic growth and may become the fifth main economy in the world by 2016. In an interview to newspaper Financial Times, the president of Brazil stated that the country should become the fifth main economy on the planet in ten years.

During the seminar in London, which discussed investment in Brazil, Rousseff pointed out that the exploration of oil in the pre-salt layer is one more opportunity for foreign investors "at this successful moment the country is living."

At the same meeting, Finance minister Guido Mantega showed excessive concern with the appreciation of the Brazilian currency, the real, against the dollar. He said that the government wants to avoid "irrational exuberance" aiming to hold back the currency, avoiding a growth bubble.


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  • ch.c.

    To the president, Brazil is living a “silent revolution”,
    Wellll Robbing Hook has certainly not heard his own LOUD and filthy voice…in his HUNDREDS of statements !

    So SILENT revolution ?????

    the only thing I know is that over the last 7 years, since he took the helm, Brazil has
    . the lowest economic growth rate of MERCOSUR !
    – the lowest economic growth rate of BRIC !
    – Near the lowest economic growth rate of ALL South America
    – Near the lowest economic growth rate of ALL World Emerging Nations

    Thus how could He or brazilians caress their navel as much as they do WHEN ALL COMPARATIIVE STATS
    Clearly show that Brazil is BELOW AVERAGE AGAINT ITS PEERS OVER THE LAST 7 YEARS ????

    And let me underline…BELOW AVERAGE against most Asian and even most Africans countries !


    And this despite early in 2007 HE changed to a NEW methodology to have his performance rosier than they were INITIALLY REPORTED FROM 2003 TO 2006 !

    And to the idiot Andrade “Lula is one of us and will work to give the wealth back to the Workers”
    What has he done with all the corruptions practices since 2003 ?
    A little late now, if he wont represent himselÀƒ©f in 2010, to do something !
    What has he done against his good friends SARNEY etc etc CORRUPTED TO THE ROOTS ?
    Wellll……nothing but give them HIS SUPPORT !

    Right…or Not ?
    Tell us Andrade the apparent smart and clever Brazilian !

    had He not promised that during his first presidential term 400’000 MST will be re-settled ?
    Where do we stand after 7 years ?
    Had he not promised that during his first presidential term HE will create 6 millions NEW jobs ?
    Where do we stand…AFTER 7 years ?`

    Sadly true that part of the new jobs creation were IN ALREADY OVERLOADED….BUREAUCRACIES…that Brazil truly excels for.
    Results ? What was/is spent on overloaded bureaucracies could not/cant be spent on more infrastructure which sadly would have created not only more jobs than in bureraucracies but would have benefitted the WHOLE BRAZILIAN SOCIETY, and not only those hired in the additional over bureaucracies !!!!

    Somewhat funny that China has already FAR MORE infrastructures than Brazil…despite having started DECADES AFTER BRAZIL !

    And even more funny when the Chinese President doesnt make as much noise as Robbing Hook and Chineses dont caress their navel as brazilians do !

    what a JOKE….brazilians are !

  • Andrade

    The Workers – will take Brazil back!!
    Lula is one of us and will work to give the wealth back to the Workers. The rich who have looted the money will be locked up or we will take take the money back with taxes.

  • João da Silva

    Augustus Severus
    The only way this gentleman could avoid criticisms is to immediately appoint you as his ASPONE. 😉 😀 😉 🙂



    An inquiring mind wants to know…. When is this near-illiterate, make-believe-to-be-president EVER in Brasilia????
    Undoubtedly the most ABSENT of all Brasilian presidents… EVER!
    Surely, the most ABSENT of all World Leaders… EVER!
    Let alone the most self-centered, moronic, and incompentent…

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