Take Care of Your Druggies and Leave Narco Fight to Us, Brazil’s Lula Tells Obama

Presidents Chavez and Lula The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, sent a message to his American colleague, Barack Obama: South America "does not need US bases" in Colombia to combat narcotics trade. Lula then suggested that Obama look after US drug addicts.

"Dear friend Obama, we don't need US bases in Colombia to combat narcotics trade in South America. We can look after combating narcotics trade inside our borders and you must look after your drugs' consumers. That way we'll have a better world," said the Brazilian leader in direct reference to the Colombia/US accord for the use of Colombian military bases by US forces.

President Lula was addressing the national congress of the PCdoB (Brazilian Communist Party), an ally of his administration.

The Brazilian president has been critical of the Colombia/US treaty from the beginning and said the task of fighting narcotics trade in South America belonged to UNASUR (Union of South American Nations), which includes a South American Defense Council and in a near future in "this framework we are going to organize a council to combat the narcotics trade."

However he was also quick to point out that Brazil, Latin America's largest economy, must not act with a hegemonic spirit in South American affairs.

"Brazil must not behave as if it had hegemony over the region. It must be the main symbol and guarantee of unity inside UNASUR, the eldest member, the member that has the capacity to work for unity, to build bridges, to establish dialogue."

With this purpose in mind he said that one of the main integrating instruments for the region is the Bank of the South, set to finance infrastructure projects in the region, "that is our World Bank."

Lula mentioned as an example of a positive alliance for the region the cooperation policies with Venezuela and underlined the need for Brazil to reduce its trade surplus with several countries of the region to help "with a better balance."

"Venezuela has a trade deficit of five billion dollars with us because it has nothing to sell us and that is why we are helping them to create production lines in food and other light industries. We're opening a joint refinery so they can sell us oil," pointed out Lula.

"The role of Brazil, given its size, is to favor integration and fairness" in the region promoting joint development policies.



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  • usa

    more insults from these tin-pots in south america
    lula the idiot ,,has a nerve telling the u.s.a. that we don,t need bases in colombia!!!!.. lets put it this way ,,we have a right to point the barrel of a gun to drug traffickers operating in colombia and the region ie;venezuela,equador,and the corridor in honduras..and we sure as hell need to keep in eye on that marxist tin-pot monkey in venezuela and his fondness for f.a.r.c. in colombia.. perhaps we can also stem the tide of the illegal criminal trafficking of brazilian nationals to the u.s. via this region ie: dominican republic….lula should be telling his nationals illegally in the u.s. to return to brazil,,the u.s. can,t afford them ….

  • Elson Silva

    Americans are becoming obese, broken, homeless, and jobless.

    Today Americans are 33% obese and should reach to 85% by 2040 if the trend continues according to some studies.

    It is time for Americans to go back home and learn to live in balance with nature protecting from the danger of modern life.

    Going around the world bullying other countries is not going to help avoiding a cliff coming down the line.

    The terror threat is inside supermarkets and a lack of a healthy lifestyle.

    The real enemy of Americans is called fast food/sedentary life.

    Given Americans excessive food and demand them to eat decently and excessive machinery and demanding them to keep fit is something harder than going to moon or building atomic weaponry.

  • Tordilho Negro

    o StalinÀƒ¡cio sÀƒ³ fala merda
    One of highest drug consumption rate in the world is Brazil and this piece of crap came up with that foolish talk…..hahahaha……Lula is really clueless….if I were Obama I’d tell him to suck a cock…

  • naardski

    ch c
    dude, learn to write English. Maybe then people outside Brasil will actually listen to your ranting.

  • asp

    hey ch c , bra
    i just took my lunch break and body surfed some cool waves and checked out the female inner cheek symetry of some really georgous women….

    what the fuck did you do on your lunch break today ?

    look mofo, i know you making more loot than me, but i am living one hell of a life …im fucking poor compared to you , but, living life to the fullest….in brazil

    hey look man, what is with this cutting down the usa and brazil? what is switzerland history ? what did they fight for? they just received jewish gold teeth from the nazis…i mean , was the blood still staining and dripping? some of the guts from the gums? brazil was fighting the nazis in italy..you want to talk about humiliating?

    fuck that ch c

    and while you are at it, call your daughter and tell her you love her…

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]SO RIGHT !
    We have seen their efficiency in Iraq and Afghanistan ! [/quote]

    Look here fella. Ah am trying to sell our fine F-18 s to our friends and you bring in Eye-raq and Afghanistan. Am going to tell ya something. But for the efficiency of our F-18s, we could have never ever brought in the desired regime changes in those countries, thus restoring democracy.

    Having said that,lemme add that I have been reading your comments and you are obviously a commie agent planted in this blog by the Frogs to discredit us as well as our Brazilian buddies. Ya all sell your paper kites to the rich A-rabs while we sell F-18s to interested parties.

    I aint going to take no shit from any commie agent. 🙁

    God bless America

  • asp

    geneva just sucks compared to rio
    what a square peice of shit geneva is compared to rio…

    we actrualy have to listen to your tired as hell bull shit about how wonderful and great geneva is…what the fuck are you talking about you idiot? geneva is a peice of shit compared to rio….

    take those cold ass statistics and shove them up your ass

    im going to rio as much as i can in the next 7 years…fuck geneva and all its statistics

    call your fucking daughter ass hole

  • ch.c.

    And to ZICO, COSTA, USA-fluffy.male, Naardski, ASP
    1) Lula cannot even manage the favelas
    2) Hey Lula, fix Rio, then people might take you seriously!

    Welllll it happens that Robbing Hook manages the Senate and the Congress VERY WELL ! HE PAYS THEM ! Guess how and why.
    And Rio (or elsehwere) is not going to be fixed. OTHERWISE Lula would stopped to be loved !
    Just read the many idiots here who are in favor for either a 3rd term..or President for Life term !

    Well said.
    God has already taken care of America.
    It is already messed up and down wherever you look at.

    USA male ?
    My middle name is BAOBAB ! Interested ?

    Naardski “Lula is getting very cocky… What ignorance.”
    USA.male is already BIG “cocky”. Thus his ID. Not ignorant but idiot ! Quite a difference.
    He is the new USA transgenders : those who did put their brains in their penis….to have the appearance to HAVE IT….bigger !
    And HE is sure to be 1000000 % RIGHT ! So were Americans with their apparent WMDs in Iraq !

    What means WMD ? War for Males Deficients ! So they rushed to be there…of course. And there…they still are !
    In my view they should hire USA.male !

    ASP “let me make it perfectly clear that i admire many things he has done and said.”
    SO TRUE !
    Has he not promised (thus said) that during his first mandate he will settle 400’000 MST ?
    Has he not promised (thus said) that during his first madante he will create 6’000’000 new jobs ?
    Short memory ?
    Well NOW tell us what HE had done EFFECTIVELY ON THESE 2 SUBJECTS !

    FINALLY…. let me be as perfectly clear as you :
    Me too admire to some extend Robbing Hook. He can lie daily, promise daily and never deliver…..AND AND AND Brazilians LOVE HIM ! they just want more of the same !
    Lets face it, Robbing Hook “success” was only due to….EXTERNAL DEMAND !
    Had you put a monkey at the helm of Brazil, the country would have done BETTER !
    Reality is that Brazil did WORSE than 90 % of WORLD EMERGING NATIONS…under YOUR CHOICE OF COMPARATIVE STATS !
    And this during his 7 years presidency !

    sorry….sorry…..you MUST NEVER EVER measure performances against “yourself” but always…AGAINST OTHERS !
    It is not because Brazil runs faster economically than earlier, than others (emerging nations) are not running even faster THAN BRAZIL !
    And that is where ROBBING HOOKS brazilians, because brazilians ALWAYS measure against their earlier years and not against others emerging nations !

    Yessssss BRAZILIANS LOVE TO BE HOOKED or try to HOOK someone !

    Just think about it. If you disagree, please come up WITH COMPARATIVE STATS WITH OTHER EMERGING NATIONS !
    From Mercosur members, from other Latin americans countries, from Asian countries, African countries, India, Russia, Middle East or China !

    Everything else is just plain CRAP !

  • ch.c.

    God bless America that is protected by our fine handcrafted F-18s.
    SO RIGHT !
    We have seen their efficiency in Iraq and Afghanistan !

    America has been HUMILIATED in Vietnam and….SOMALIA !

    What was supposed to be a short term invasion…is now in its 7th and 8th year !
    America is Sooooooo Great…..Soooooo Powerful….So Efficient !
    And their CIA (Central Idiots Agency) renamed now CDA (Central Disinformation Agency)
    had even shown satellite pictures for the WMDs in Iraq ! Short memory ?
    DID YOU FINALLY FIND THESE WMDs SHOWN by your satelites pictures and after having spent HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS US DOLLARS ??????

    Ohhhhh…and this year only the Defense Budget is going to spend another $ 143 billion for Iraq alone.
    And $ 64 billion for Afghanistan…trying to locate Obama ( :D) bin Laden !

    Ohhhhlala !

    Vivaaaaa…..Ohhhhlala-bama !

    Lets face it, America is not going to win its war against these 2 countries.

    Glad for America that Americans elected a Black President !
    Because Blacks cant show a red or pale face…..

    Vivaaaaa…..Ohhhhlala-bama ! Viva Fluffy Society with their hundred millions of…BIBENDUMS !

    With your daily diet of GMO grains, no doubt that in a few years ALL AMERICANS will produce GMO DEFECATIONS !
    Eventually this will become the premium feed for your Chickens at KFC, and fed lot beefs !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • Double-Dot

    written by friend of chc, November 09, 2009
    TRUST OBAMA? [/quote]

    No way Col and ya have a point there. We have outsourced our Presidency to foreigners. Mah buddy Bob Mugabe would agree with ya. Ah want to remind you that even the Frogs have got a President from old commie Czechoslovakia. The commies are coming back to get our asses. Ah think you should elect a Chinese as your next President in keeping with the latest trend. May be the Chinese will sell you their latest Fighters for a fraction of the price charged by the Frogs.

    When you test fly the Frog fighters, remember they have faulty ejection seats. Make sure you keep the cockpit canopy open at all altitude and speed. Ah must admit that it is absolutely safe to sit in the cockpit of those fighters when they are parked in the hangars, with their fuel tanks empty.

    God bless America that is protected by our fine handcrafted F-18s.

    God bless America

  • friend of chc

    Amerika – Once again
    Minding everyone’s business but their own!

    God Mess Amerika,


  • friend of chc



  • USA_Male

    Mr. Lula should mind his own business. The US will and must be there so we can control and destroy those thugs. Mission is simple and can be done.

  • naardski

    What a joke. Lula can’t even manage the favelas, as Zico said. Stray bullets kill more and more people EVERY DAY due to the corruption and incompetence of the Brazilian police & government.

    Lula is getting very cocky… What ignorance.

  • asp

    and what has that got to do with crack cocaine drowning brazil ?
    right on for lula.

    let me make it perfectly clear that i admire many things he has done and said. i dont want to bash him .

    but, its interesting how when addressing no less than the communist party in brazil, he decided to stick his foot in his mouth

    why is it that when the communist party is involved and its supporters or sympathisers, people loose all perspcetive on the reality that is going down

    people can try and say the media is slanted or run by rich people, but, anyone who is denying there isnt a cronic crack cocaine problem in brazil is a serious fool or idiot

    any one who doesnt want to face the truth that chavez is allowing marxist guerillas to cross in his territory and correa in equador also, is seriously deluding themselves from facts that have come out over and over again, as well as its proven that farc got caught with heavy arms that were sold to venezuela

    any one who is denying that farc isnt dealing directly arms and drugs with the mafor drug gangs in rio and sao paulo and two major major drug busts recently in the med section of brazil and the north east and bahia, just wants to hide their head in the sand and not face the serious truth about what is happening in south america and brazil right now

    these arnt up for debate, they are facts

    and chavez is racheting up war talk agian…the truth is, because he is hiding farc and eln in his territory , and selling arms to farc and supporting them, he will be at fault if armed conflict breaks out between him and colombia…

  • Andrade

    Poor people UNITE…
    Our brother Lula has made us proud to be of Brazil. One day we will take back the land and the rich robbers will no longer
    take our land and money.
    The people will unite and take back what is ours.
    Long live Lula and the Party!

  • Zico

    Lula Comedy for Today
    Lula cannot even manage the favelas. He wants to tell the US what to do. Only in the Brazilian press and this website is this guy important. The US doesn’t know who he is, apart from that monkey Obama slapping him on the back during some G-whatever meeting. Hey Lula, fix Rio, then people might take you seriously!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    chaves pulled on his favorite monkeys rope and it spoke
    Yes all the top marxis in the south are affraide if the US puts drones on the bordor
    it will se just how much the government is tyed into druge movements along the bordor ruts .

    brazil should tend to its drug dealers as they shoot down police helocopters and control most of rio and sao paulo .

    get a grip brazil drugs control your government like chaves controls lula

  • asp

    lula has done a lot of good things…….but……..
    in this case,there are serious issues that need to be addressed…

    as long as marxist guerillas are able to take refuge in venezuala and equador, there is a tremendous hypocracy at work . these are proven facts , not up for dabate.colombia has the right to do what it wants about this

    and, how can lula make like there is no major drug problems directly affecting brazil? i cant beleive he is making out like this isnt a reality….we see it on the news almost everyday

    cocaine is running wild in brazil….8 years ago you would never ever hear about the amount of crack cocaine busts down where i live….now it is cronic

    cocaine is flowing into brazil like the amazon river….drug trafic wars over cocaine is decimating the large cities of brazil

  • Luis Carlos Romoli De Oliveira

    That is it, Mr Lula da Silva !
    This is an example of what we could expect from real world leaders of our days, and that is being President Lula Da Silva’s trajectory since long ago.
    Why so many other world leaders -including Mr Obama- pay atention to what Lula says ?
    It is because this is only way to save the planet from the nails of political currents like “the Falcons” of the USA that wants to burn the whole planet in order to keep with their profits…
    In the past recent years, when BolÀƒ­via’s Evo Morales started demanding more than what was previiously agreed in contracts, Mr Lula da Silva caused a tremendous impact in the whole world, specially to their oppositors inside Brazil, stating that Bolivia had the rights for demmanding new rules in their previous contracts with Brazil on LPG. Some political currents inside Brazil (read PSDB) wanted him to immediatly send troops to Bolivia, the real non-sense…
    One day, if these “Falcons” and theis followers don’t explode this planet first, the whole civilization will understand what is behind the words of Mr Lula da SIlva, the so called “illiterate” President of Brazil…

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