Israeli President Beats Ahmadinejad to Brazil to Talk About Iran Threat

Israeli president Shimon Peres Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, is starting today, November 9, a "historic visit" to Brazil and Argentina, the first in decades to both countries for an Israeli head of state. One of the main issues of the agenda will be the so-called "Iranian infiltration" in Latin America.

His visit to Brazil will be just a few days ahead of that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is due to arrive in Brazilian capital Brasí­lia on November 23.

Peres, who was invited by his peers from Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva heads a delegation of forty businessmen who will attempt to re-launch bilateral trade and boost bilateral investments.

"With this visit President Peres will try to strengthen and increase strategic, diplomatic and economic relations with these two Latin American countries of fundamental importance," said the Israeli presidential office in an official release.

Peres has visited Argentina and Brazil on several occasions in the different posts he has held in Israeli governments but this is his first as head of state. It is also the first time in forty years an Israeli president visits Brazil and twenty to Argentina.

According to the program, Peres begins his visit to Brazil on Tuesday until next Saturday and then Argentina from Sunday November 15 till Tuesday. He is scheduled to hold private meetings with Presidents Lula and Kirchner as well as with Foreign Affairs, Economy and Defense ministers plus leaders of Congress and the local Jewish communities.

"In the framework of these meetings President Peres will address Iranian infiltration in the continent," points out the release in direct reference to the close relations established by some Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Bolivia, with the Teheran regime, which for Israel represents its main enemy.

Peres will emphasize the threat that Iran will pose to the world if it is permitted to continue with its nuclear program. Ahmadinejad's frequent calls for Israel's elimination will also factor in the discussions.

Argentina and Brazil boast the two largest Jewish communities in South America – about 300,000 and 16,000, respectively – and each will be addressed by Peres in the course of his visit.

A special memorial service will be held at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in memory of the victims of the March 1992 bomb attack that was subsequently traced to Iran and Hezbollah. The blast, which destroyed the embassy, a nearby school and a Catholic Church, claimed 29 lives. In addition 242 people were wounded.

Two years later, in July 1994, a bomb detonated in front of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires took the lives of 85 people and wounded more than 300. The evidence again pointed to Iran and Hezbollah, but no one was convicted.

The visit to South America has been coordinated between Beit Hanassi, the Israel Export Institute, the Israel Manufacturers Association, the Jewish Agency, the governments of Brazil and Argentina and the Jewish Federations of those countries.

On his return to Israel, Peres will bring with him some 30 new immigrants from Brazil and Argentina.

Iranian president Ahmadinejad's visit at the end of November is aimed at discussing bilateral and international relations and cooperation between Teheran and Brasí­lia at international and regional levels, according to the Farsi News Agency. Originally the visit to Brazil had been scheduled for last May.



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  • Matthias

    To be honest, I’m a little afraid of all these different leaders taking interest in Brazil. Not that I’m xenophobic, but they usually come with lots of baggage.Now they’ll be fighting for our friendship, and whom do you think Brazil will befriend? I think money will speak, and I’m not sure that’s the best option for us. 😥

  • dnbaiacu

    [quote]Fear is contagious and therefore very highly profitable for a few people. So is “terrorism”. [/quote]

    So right! Thus the “War on Terrorism”. And LOTS’ of money can translate to even MORE power and control of the masses.

    [quote]That Army Major who shot dead 13 people was an American born of wealthy Jordanian immigrants. Not an Iraqi,nor an Afghan. Jordan is supposed to be a close ally of the U.S. The same thing with OBL who fought with the Mujahideens against the Soviets and was Saudi born. [/quote]
    Prime example how the real issues up for debate will be “ideas , concepts , faith and beliefs”… Ultimately this is what is under attack when you inject the spiritual element. From a purely secular standpoint.,war is profitable and “beliefs” are increasingly becoming a “security threat” in a world with a volatile and fragile economy. Human emotions won’t stand for this much longer. The oppression is starving people in the Middle East and Americans have extremely low tolerance for pain of any sort. 😮
    [quote]We are indeed honored to receive so much attention from leaders of different faiths. What is their objective? [/quote]
    They are just trying to SURVIVE like everyone else.. Brazil is rich in resources that everyone wants a piece of it. Plus , their insight and foresight on what is going on should’nt be underestimated. Their whole concept is COMPLETELY different their collective society BELEIVES in the Great War to End all Wars. THIS is the biggest threat that Westerners are just beginning to understand. 😮
    You brought up many good points in your 3rd paragraph. And that is why the madness can only be concluded as “other worldly” sponsored. Nothing about what is happening is rational. 😥 😥

  • João da Silva



    A defense agreement between Israel and Brasil to keep the terrorists at bay??

    [quote]Fort Hood was a catalyst for things to come. Giving perfect momentum for xenophobia as they pyschoanalyze the suspects motives and general mentality.[/quote]

    That Army Major who shot dead 13 people was an American born of wealthy Jordanian immigrants. Not an Iraqi,nor an Afghan. Jordan is supposed to be a close ally of the U.S. The same thing with OBL who fought with the Mujahideens against the Soviets and was Saudi born.

    Now we have Shimon Perez and Nelson Jobim wanting to sign a defense agreement to protect us from the “terrorists”. You must know that Brasil has sizable population of both Jewish and Syrian Lebanese descent whose forefathers came a long time ago to this country. These really do not care much about their religious faiths and have coexisted peacefully for generations. Now we find Israel and the entire Middle East taking a lot of interest in Brazil and vying for our “friendship”. 😉 The French wanting to sell Military hardware to us to “protect” our assets. 😛 I wouldn’t be surprised if during his visit to Brasil, the President of Iran wants to sign an agreement with us to export “Islamic Revolution” along with a couple of dozens of “Mullahs” to neutralize the preachings of our Chief Rabbi Henry Sobel. 8)

    We are indeed honored to receive so much attention from leaders of different faiths. What is their objective? Your guess is as good as mine and like you, I would rather remain neutral. ;-). I caught on to the “Game” a long time ago, though. 🙂

    BTW, I used to think by the end of the last century that the 21st would be a peaceful one when the humanity would live in peace and harmony. That was till I was exposed to the [i][b]fear [/b][/i]of Y2K bug. I was super confident that the bug was not going to end the human kind like many fear mongers predicted. You may recall that many made billions of dollars by putting the fear of “Y2K” into peopleÀ‚´s mind.Fear is[i][b] contagious[/b][/i] and therefore very [i][b]highly profitable[/b][/i] for a few people. So is “terrorism”. 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    I doubt we will hear much from anyone about this. The whole concept takes the fun out of analyzing politics. Some of this is just too simple for some wanna be political scientist to accept. 😉 I enjoy a lot of the history many bring to the board. It’s still all in all interesting. But it is even MORE exciting to watch things play out holding the “script” and see just where YOU yourself fit in.
    Fort Hood was a catalyst for things to come. Giving perfect momentum for xenophobia as they pyschoanalyze the suspects motives and general mentality.
    My question is ,, did it take these statements from the Isreali President to bring Brazil awareness to the fact that it is being infiltrated?…. 😮 (not that I am for or against it in any way, just a neutral spectator) . Has Brazils political elite been so blinded by profits not to see or just plainly ignore possible compromising situations to security? Worse,, do they care?????
    I am interested in seeing who the next vice president will be also.. If you have caught on to the “GAME” I am sure you know.
    Maybe this thread will be a catalyst for others to “re-think” about what they “think” is going on. 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Glad you came around so quick.. I was with you on the other thread about Lulas “lack of education” (as if that really mattered)[/quote]

    I couldn’t resist saying a quick hello to you. :D. I saw your two entries in the other thread and knew you would be interested in the exchange of comments between Dr.McCray and me. ;-). We have been always right with our predictions using the “Laranja” theory. 😉

    You are absolutely right about Lula and it hardly matters if he is Sorbonne trained or uneducated. He has “successfully” completed 7/8 th of his mandate without any tumultuous events and starting Jan 1, 2011, we would have new CEO that will be busy doing what she/he is told to do.

    Your comments about the Catholic church and the Pope make sense too. In fact I had predicted after the death of John Paul II that his successor was going to be Cardinal Ratzinger. IMHO,J.P II completed his mission successfully and the current one has another specific mission and it is certainly [i][b]not[/b][/i] to make the Europeans as reborn and God fearing Christians.

    As for the visit of the President of Israel visiting Brasil, it came as a news to me. Combining the “plantation” and “laranja”, theories, now I can predict the name of our next [b][i]Vice-President[/i][/b]. The President? Will know in a few months time. 😉 😀

    Would be interesting if Adrianerik reads this exchange of comments and come out with his words of wisdom. 😀 😉

  • friend of chc

    Brasil Has No Enemies
    That’s our greatest achievement… We welcome our Jewish, Iranian, Arabs, and all the other friends, except the US of A.


  • dnbaiacu

    🙂 Glad you came around so quick.. I was with you on the other thread about Lulas “lack of education” (as if that really mattered) 😀

    The real GAME is touched on with articles like THESE. Real justice and fairness for all is dead. People need to get off that . It’s a lost cause.
    Fort Hood was telling. Very telling. I’m on AT ALL to place all blame on terrorism on muslim, islamic radicals. Alot of it is fabricated and instigated. And the divisions are being fostered and supported by entities por atras.
    The issue is that a war on RELIGION. The one no one thinks can happen or is expecting 😉 (Exactly what happens when you don’t read the script carefully)
    A change in ideaology is the focal point and bases for todays politics. The price the western world will have to pay in exchange for the debts they incurred is “IDEAS”. Ideas the likes of China already have in place.
    Brazil is just being raped for her resources. South America as a whole generally. It’s a continent void of any concretized “ideas”.. Again,, the “plantation effect”.. 😉 People being mostly distracted by the inherent violence.By the end of what is developing it will be no better off than Africa.
    South America is very Catholic ( for all that’s worth) And it’s Pope sponsors the U.N which is against Islamic radicalism.
    Do the math……
    If one focuses more on these and related events , you can understand EVERYTHING that is happening.
    What Catholicism has successfully done is to get people not to really BELIEVE in their so-called faith.. On the flip side Muslims are more apt to die and/or kill for it. 🙁 Both horrible scenarios. Europe is basically agnostic , atheistic, apathetic, financing and masterminding much of this.
    The bigger battle is ideas. This is why what one BELIEVES is so important. For the average Muslim , their “belief” trumps everything ., often logic 🙁
    You can’t truly “battle” with that. Again….
    Do the math.
    Ideas, ideas , ideas. Beliefs , beliefs , beliefs.
    Make sure what you BELIEVE is TRUE 😉
    The “powers that be” are WATCHING……..

  • João da Silva

    [quote]And the Polarization Begins…..
    written by dnbaiacu, November 09, 2009
    Sooooo predictable. And astoundingly so.. This is going to get interesting quick! [/quote]

    I agree with ya about the predictability and Polarization. I wish you could expand on this topic with your customary facts and sense of humor. 😀 😉


  • dnbaiacu

    And the Polarization Begins…..
    Sooooo predictable. And astoundingly so.. This is going to get interesting quick!
    Brazil should prepare for their own “Fort Hood” scenarios be them “fabricated ” or real. 😮

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